10 FREE Apps that Pay Me To Walk In [year]

Can you believe that there are certain apps that pay you to walk! It is true and here you can check out the evidence of this put forward statement.

If you love walking, then utilize this healthy activity of yours and start earning money. This is a simple and one of the healthiest hobbies that can pay you back in the form of cash.

Furthermore, lots of people have now started using these apps. So, walk every day, and apart from getting healthy, enjoy having cash in your account.

Below you can see the complete details on apps that pay you to walk:


10 of the Best Apps That Pay You to Walk:

Best Apps

We have collected the best 10 options for you. These apps are highly recommended and pay you while you walk.

These apps have come out as a motivating factor for all those people who previously hate to walk.

You can try out these recommended and highly suggested apps that pay you to walk and then share your results and experience with us:

10- Achievement App:

Achievement App

You might be wondering how this Achievement app pays you and helps you in earning money, here you can know that!

This is marked as one of the reliable apps that pay you to walk. First of all, you have to sign up for this app. Make an account on it and get 100 free points on the first go.

Furthermore, you have to continuously make efforts to earn more and more points.

Indulge yourself in healthy activities and this app is going to score you and give your points as well.

Moreover, apart from walking, there are lots of other exciting ways that encourage this app to make and earn money.

You need to explore this app on your own and see how amazing it is. So, do you want to try this one of the most popular apps that pay you to walk, share with us your decision!

As soon as you earn and get 10,000 points, then you can get them in the form of cash and these points make you earn 10 dollars.

You can do different exercises and link those exercises and activities with this app. This is how you score and get points.

We can say that this is a great way to monetize this walking habit of yours. You can again get this understanding that for every 10,000 points, you are going to get 10 dollars.

Most importantly, to reach this target point of 10 dollars, it takes around and about 4 months. It means that you can make approximately 30 dollars yearly by using this Achievement app.

9- Walgreens Balance Rewards App:

Walgreens Balance Rewards App

Want to know the best part of this app, here you go! This is one of the high demand apps that pay you to walk.

In addition, its signing up process is simple and hassle-free. If you are a Walgreens shopper, then we are sure and confident that you must have been the part of their Balance Rewards program.

By using this app, you earn and get points by mere walking. How amazing it is!

Most noteworthy, on each mile you are going to walk, the user is given 20 points. On a per month basis, you can earn around and about 1000 points just by doing the walking.

Besides, these points are then transferred in the cash form. So, when you are going to use such apps that pay you to walk, do let us know.

Keep in mind that for every 1000 points, you get 1 dollar off whenever you are going to purchase and shop from Walgreens.

It is high time to stay active and healthy and using this app is an ideal way to do so. Before you use this app, you need to link and connect a fitness tracker with it.

If you want to earn and get additional points, you can do that by logging your weight measurements and also your blood measurements.

8- Gigwalk App:

Gigwalk App

Then we have this Gigwalk app for you, are you all ready to try it out? It is one of the easy to use apps that pay you to walk.

No doubt, it is one of the highly successful apps so far. If you want to immediately start earning, then this is the right go-to app for all of you.

With the use of this app, you earn and get cash by completing the assigned task. It is the user who decides when he wants to work when he wants to start and how much he wants to walk!

It depends on your task that your earning is going to be decided.

With this subjected and reviewed app, you can make approximately 3 dollars to 100 dollars. The more complex task you complete, the more earnings will come into your account.

Hence, our experts have ranked this as one of the competitive and result-driven apps that pay you to walk. You can know its worth by trying it out right now.

7- StepBet App:

StepBet App

If you have not yet heard about the popularity of this StepBet app, then we can provide you with a few highlights of this money-making app.

It is marked as one of those apps that pay you to walk. The only drawback of this app is that it is encompassed with some risk at its end.

In other words, you make a bet on yourself and it becomes compulsory for you to reach and meet those step goals.

You need to compete heavily with other players. To use this app, you have to sign up first of all.

Make an official account on it and connect any kind of fitness tracker with it. This app is going to calculate and assess all of your step goals and then give you money in return.

If you fail to meet the bet goals, then you do not get any money. The minimum bet amount is 40 dollars and you can go further as well.

So, download and use such apps that pay you to walk and earn money easily.

6- Bitwalk App:

Bitwalk App

The next recommendation we have for you attached to this list of apps that pay you to walk, it is this Bitwalk app.

For the information, this app was previously and initially known with the name of Bitwalking. By walking, you can make and earn money on it.

This one is a fitness app and gives you money in return if you perform fitness activities. Furthermore, you get a higher payout from this app if you walk a lot regularly and consistently.

Right now, this app has now entered into its rebranding phase. You can wait for its official launch.

But you can for sure sign up on this app and get ready.

More of the reviews on apps that pay you to walk is given below for you.

5- Sweatcoin App:

Sweatcoin App

This is another interesting app that you can use! No doubt, this is one of the unique apps that pay you to walk, below you can see the respective details of it.

You can only earn money from this app if you walk outside. In addition, if you are using a treadmill or walking in your house, then no money will be given to you.

If you take and manage to make 1000 outdoor steps, then this app is going to reward you with 0.95 sweat coins.

These coins are available in the form of crypto-currencies like you may have heard about Bitcoins.

You can then use these points to redeem any of the awards that are present in this respective app.

Besides, it is one of those apps that offer free membership to users. If you are currently using the free version of this subjected app, then you can upgrade it as well.

Upon making a free membership, you are going to earn and officially get 5 sweat coins each day for 5000 steps.

On the other hand, for the upgraded version, you can keep on getting 10 sweat cons each day upon making 10,000 steps.

Lastly, it is one of the legit apps that pay you to walk.

4- Healthy Wage App:

Healthy Wage App

Now, we are going to review this Healthy Wage app. The best part about this app is that you can earn money upon losing weight, how cool it is!

This is a fitness app and helps you in earning money that can go all up to 10,000 dollars. Moreover, you have to set your challenges and goals on this app.

It is one of those high in demand apps that pay you to walk and you can believe in this statement upon trying it.

So far, this app has helped out lots of people both becoming financially stable and also physically active.

Count this app as a motivating factor and use it instantly. If you use such apps that pay you to walk, then you can even share your feedback about them with us over here.

3- Charity Miles App:

Charity Miles app

This app works on a somewhat different kind of concept.

To put this statement in another way, it is one of those apps that pay you to walk and then you give that money to your favorite charitable organizations.

Most probably, you are going to find this app extremely useful because it works and operates on such a noble and generous idea.

Most importantly, the members of this app have managed to earn approximately 2.5 million dollars. And this whole amount is given to different charities.

Members of this respective app earn money by biking, running, and also walking. There are 42 charitable organizations registered in this app.

It is up to you who are going to decide on which charity you want to work and earn money.

Furthermore, this one of the reputed apps that pay you to walk measures and calculates your distance and then donates that money amount to the charitable organization that you have chosen for a donation.

Even more, this app has 8 sponsors who are carrying out this noble cause.

Hence, earn money by running and cycling and donate that money then!  

2- Carrot Rewards App:

Carrot Rewards App

This app is a Canadian app! Note down that it was launched and introduced in British Columbia during the time of 2015.

The new phase of this app is known with the name of Carrot Rewards 2.0 and it is still in its launching stage.

It is one of those apps that pay you to walk that are first going to analyze your performance in the first week and then make goals and set challenges for you.

When your step goals are determined and finalized, then you can fully utilize this app to start earning and receiving points.

Once you meet and fulfill your step-up challenges, then you win points in return them.

You can also be the part of their step together challenges where you challenge your friend to hit and meet these step goals together.

Most importantly, you are going to see a few of the health surveys in this app. You can answer and reply back to those surveys and earn points in return.

This app gives you drop points, scene points. Upon winning scene points, you get a chance to watch free movies.

Then you can earn petro points and airline miles. As an example, if you get successful in earning 3000 scene points, then that is all equal to four to give movie tickets.

Lastly, it is marked and identified as one of the easy to use apps that pay you to walk. 

1- MayMyFitness App:

MayMyFitness App

The last suggestion of this list of apps that pay you to walk, we have this MapMyFitness app.

If you make an effort to walk, then you get money or points from this app. You get rewards while you walk and run.

Feel free to do any exercise and earn lots of rewards and points on this fitness money-making app.

Upon using this app, you are going to come across many competitions and challenges. So, meet those challenges and earn points right away.

You need to know that this app does not give you cash rewards. 

The only way to use it is to connect and link with a fitness tracker so that your progress can be tracked easily by this app.

So, quite attractive and healthy options in the form of apps that pay you to walk are given to you, choose any of these apps, and enjoy.

Other Ways to Make Money Walking:

There are lots of other ways that help you in making some money. As you have got enough information on apps that pay you to walk, below you can see more of the options:

You can use this Fit Potato app for making money. This is a fitness app and while you walk and run, you get money in return for this respective activity.

Then we have this recommended Earth Miles app for you. This one is also a well-designed app and it gives you points when you walk or run. 

For 1 km of walking, you get 1 Earth Mile and for 1 km of cycling, you get 3 Earth Miles. On the other hand, for 1 km of running, you get and earn 5 Earth miles.

Moreover, the PK coin app helps you make money on a mere walking routine of yours. Note down that this is an iOS app and it gives you cash in the form of virtual coins.

You can use this Runtopia app as well that focuses its attention on making you healthier and helps you earn a little amount of money too.

You can use this app free version or the premium version of it. Whatever sports coins you are going to get, they will be redeemed for you for buying products and other memberships.

Moving to more of the options and apps that pay you to walk, you can have this Walk with the Lympo app.

You get rewarded for running and meeting walking challenges. Furthermore, it rewards you with real cash and money.

More Ways and Options to Make Money Walking:

We have many more and further exciting details for you regarding apps that pay you to walk, so keep tuned and in touch with us.

We can keep on giving you maximum motivation concerning why it is important for you to walk and run.

And the best part is that with the regular use of these apps and upon meeting their set challenges, you get lots of exclusive rewards.

You can try out using these passive income apps for your convenience. These apps help you in making money in less time.

We have further selected the best recommendations for you. These apps are tried and tested and help you in earning points and sufficient money at your end.

Most of these apps are accompanied by your pet dog walking routines, so let us all check out how these apps run and work:

Rover App:

Rover App

Like, we have this Rover app for you. As you may have heard the concept of using apps that pay you to walk, this app pays you walking dogs.

With the use of this Rover app, you are going to be paid around and approximately 20 dollars for walking with your pet dogs.

Moreover, this is a great app if you have a pet dog and love to go on a walk with it.

If you prefer this app to your friends and family, then you get money as well. Hence, that is the great aspect of this Rover app.

So, start using this app, and if you are 100% satisfied with its results, then refer it to your buddy and earn money by making this referral.

Wag Walker App:

Wag Walker App

In addition, you can for sure try out this Wag Walker app for your ease. No doubt, this is an amazing instant result-driven app that you can avail right now.

It pays you while you walk and run with your dogs. So, if you have pet dogs, then it is high time to utilize this one of the best apps.

While you and your pet dog will walk, then points are going to come into your app account.

We know that there is no risk in walking and running and the enjoyment gets double when you walk and run with your pet dog.

You can use this Wag Walker app, link it with some reliable and proper fitness tracker, and start earning.

If you still do not know how to use this app, then we can further guide you.

Postmates App:

Postmates App

How about using this Postmates app! This helps assist and aids you in earning a decent amount of money.

This app works in the way that you deliver items and products to the concerned customers and then you get money in return for your performed service.

On this app, you are going to see a large number of departments’ stores that offer such jobs. You need to tap and hit on those and become a delivery person.

If you used this Postmates app, then convey to us your experience with it.

We have lots more details for you linked to apps that pay you to walk, so keep tuned over here.


Now you know which are those apps that pay you to walk! It is time to make little money by walking.

Start using these apps regularly and you are not going to feel tired while you walk and run because you are getting money, rewards, and points in return of them.

We highly recommend you download these apps that pay you to walk. If you have more questions on them, then do ask from us.

We have just reviewed a few of the apps for our readers and there is much more to be discussed with you,

So wait for the time when we are going to review and give our extensive feedback on other money-making walking apps.