15 Best Money Making Apps in [year]

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Earning money is essential for everyone. This is why everyone is in the race of finding new sources of earning money easily.

Want to know the best part of this review?

In this review, you will get to know all the details regarding the best apps that you can find in the market.

The most important factor that makes these apps so precious is their capability to help you earn money. You can now earn a large sum of money easily using these apps.

So, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your time we will take you to the information on the 15 best money making apps in [year].


Best Money Making Apps in [year]

Money Making Apps

In the era of [year], it is important to dominate the digital world and earn money through it. Multiple apps in the whole market can help you in achieving that goal.

If you know what those apps are and how to use them then you can easily earn a lot of money from them.

Here is a list of all the important and useful apps that play an important role in providing users with accurate assistance.

These apps can help you earn a good sum of money if you learn to use them accurately.

There is a reason why these apps are known to be the best money making apps in [year].

1- Ibotta:


Ibotta is known as the best Money Making apps. It gives you the facility of free signup. In this app, you got cashback when you shop both offline and online.

You can shop for everything you want. You can also add an Ibotta extension in your browser to earn more cash back by linking all your accounts.

You can get your payment in two ways: Paypal and gift card. After winning more than 25$, you can withdraw it after transferring into any account.

It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money.

2- Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie

It is considered to be the most reliable and useful Money Making apps. After completing your work, you can this app to earn.

First, you have to make an account because with signup you will not be able to use the app.

The signup process will take less than one minute and it is free. In this app, you take a survey of different brands as an Influencer.

Your comments are completely anonymous. It will help brands to create good stuff. You can take many surveys and this app will never ask you for any payment.

Without spending any money you can earn money every day by sharing your thoughts. You can withdraw your money when you earn more than 10$.

To withdraw the amount you transfer the earned money in your Paypal account or Amazon gift card.

It’s the only drawback is that only the people of the US, Canada, the Uk, and Australia can use this app.

You can’t take any benefit from this Money Making apps if you don’t live in these areas.

3- Swagbucks:


Swagbucks provide you the facility to earn money by online surveys and shopping. By surveying multiple brands and companies you can earn money.

There are simple questions in every survey and your answers are anonymous. Each survey can take up to 5 minutes or less.

It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money. You just need to know how to use it properly for your advantage.

You might be wondering…

In How Many Surveys Can You Participate?

Here’s the deal!

By using Swagbucks you take more than ten thousand paid surveys in one day. Every survey will pay you differently. There is a survey from which you can earn 35$.

You can also watch a video to earn money. Due to its many benefits, it is considered a good app among other Money Making apps.

4- Wikibuy:


Tired of hunting down online coupon codes only to see them fail at checkout? Even if you manage to find one that works, how do you know it’s the best code to save you the most money?

Enter Wikibuy. Wikibuy is a free browser add-on that instantly drops crowd-sourced coupon and promo codes into your cart across thousands of sites, automatically. It will even test coupon codes and automatically apply the best code available.

In addition, Wikibuy will notify you if an item is available cheaper elsewhere before you checkout on Amazon, Target, Home Depot or Best Buy.

As a bonus, you can also earn loyalty credits at certain sites like Amazon and Walmart.com. These loyalty credits can then be redeemed for gift cards.

For example, at the time of writing this, Wikibuy was offering $40 in loyal credits if you switch to AT&T internet and TV. I canceled my current internet service provider which was $89.99/month to AT&T for $49.99/month. Plus, I received a $200 visa gift card from AT&T in addition to the $40 in loyalty credits from Wikibuy.

Everyone knows that new customers always get the best deals. That’s because people don’t like going through the hassle of making the switch. But this literally saved me $40/month plus I got money upfront. It was a no brainer.

Get Wikibuy for free now and start saving some serious cash.

5- Fundrise:


Fundrise is one of the Money Making apps that are used for real estate investing. It is better than conventional investment.

You don’t have any need to take care of your property and rental expenses. Fundrise allows you to invest in crowdfunding.

It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money. It means a group of people can invest the same piece of land and get equal profit.

It’s investments start with 500$. This amount is minimum than the traditional real estate investment. You can get 8-11% of the profit on investments.

Fundrise is some of those Money Making apps that make real estate investing better than the traditional one.

6- Truebill:


Truebill is one of the free Money Making apps. Truebill helps you to reduce your bill payments.

When you install the app it will link with your all accounts. It gives the best plans to save money.

For Example:

If you want to buy a car, it will find you lower car insurance rates. In case, if you forget to unsubscribe some of your old accounts, it will unsubscribe them.

It also makes a budget for you according to your expenses. Truebill also has a premium version but you can also save money using the free version.

7- Dosh:


Dosh rewards you for your online purchases and when you book a hotel. It is a Money Making app in form of rewards.

Dosh is linked with many hotels, restaurants, and stores. To gain customers they work with retailers.

When you have at least 15$ in your dosh account, you can transfer it to Paypal.

Also, you can make a free profile in Dosh. It keeps all your data. Link your credit card with Dosh to get benefits from it. It will provide you full security to keep your data safe.

It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money. You just need to know how to use it properly for your advantage.

8- InboxDollars:


InboxDollars works with trusted brands. You can review all their brands through a survey. It has many customers and all are happy with its services.

According to research, InboxDollars paid 500$ to its customers. InboxDollars provides many ways to earn money.

You can earn points from online shopping, videos, and surveys. It is the most beneficial Money Making app as it rewards you in many ways.

You can win many rewards such as cash, a gift card of the favorite store, and a prepaid visa card.

9- Trim:


This Money Making app works as your assistant. It will keep the detail of your every transaction.

First, you need to make a Trim account and give access to your credit card. It gives you the security to save your credit card details. It keeps you aware of your all financial details.

Now: you will be able to make a better budget to spend your money in a better way. It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money.

Having remarkable and free assistance with yourself all the time can help you with a great deal.

10- M1Finance:


M1Finance is a Money Making app using investments. It allows making investments in the market. You can buy or sell your shares.

You can make your investment account with a portfolio. Your portfolio must show your financing skills. It will help you in selling stocks in the market.

M1Finance offers different preset investment accounts. You can choose according to your need. You can make also make automatic deposits to your account.

11- Instacart:


Instacart Money Making app is only used for groceries shopping. It provides benefits to both supplier and buyer.

If you buy anything from online stores you will get a reward. But there are more benefits for the supplier.

If you receive the order on your Instacart account you will get paid according to:

  • Size of your order
  • How much distance you cover to deliver the order.

You can almost earn 15$ per hour by using the Instacart Money Making app.

It is one of the most useful apps that can help you generate a good sum of money.

12- I-Say:


You can earn money through online contests and surveys. Ipsos runs this app. To earn rewards in a short time, you can take part in multiple surveys.

I-Say Money Making app provides you different options to use your rewards. It associates with Starbucks and Amazon.

So, if you want to get your favorite store gift cards then there are only two options. Also, you can convert your reward into cash using Paypal.

You can only use your reward when you reach a certain limit.

13- Mistplay:


Mistplay is one of the remarkable Money Making apps that are different from many other apps. It is a fun app. You can earn money by playing games.

There is a specific list of games in this app. No other game can be added. There are also more features in Mistplay.

You can join a club to make new friends and share your scores. In only gift cards, you can convert your rewards.

Mistplay only gives you Google Play and Amazon gift cards. You can’t make money from your rewards.

14- TaskRabbit:


Unlike other Money Making apps, TaskRabbit uses your skills. In this app, you make your profile with all your skills.

You set rates for the jobs that you offer to people. Set normal rates to sell your services to increase traffic on your profile.

Try to write skills you good at. Better services you provide more money you will earn. You only need to know how to use this app accurately for your advantage. 

15- Acorns:


Acorns is another one of the Money Making apps through investments. Once you made the account, it will find your hidden money and invest it.

In Acorns, you can invest money in many ways. More than 300 companies are associated with Acorns.

When you purchase from Acorns that is one of the Money Making apps you will get cash into your account.

The cost of return depends upon the plan you choose for the investment. It’s better to start with small investment plans than select bigger plans.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you still have any doubts in your mind regarding the best apps to earn money then there is no need to worry about it.

You can ask us anything and we will help you in every possible way.

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