7 Best Portfolio Visualizers of [year] | Complete Review

In this article, we would be discussing the best portfolio visualizer that would be helping you a lot in providing you with well-organized plans and you would surely be loving them.

A portfolio analyzer is the best tool so far that would be helping you with your finances which are of the next level you would surely love. 

Such portfolio analyzers are great as they let you monitor and examine the investments of yours on a bigger level that would help one if that person is an investor.

These tools simply let one with the more easy investment management of the portfolios that can also let you with more efficient usage.

We have listed below the best portfolio organizers of our choice that you will surely be loving so read the complete article to have a better idea about them.


Best Portfolio Visualizers Reviews:

1. Personal Capital:

Personal Capital

This personal capital is so far the best portfolio visualizer that comes up with both PC and smartphone which takes only a few minutes of your while setting it up. 

One can just simply connect bank accounts, investment accounts, and even credit cards too that is pretty much easy.

You will easily be getting access to your personalized dashboards of if once your set up of this portfolio visualizer is completed. 

Dashboards can come in very handy and one can get the most out of them easily because it lets you analyze the performance of your investments easily. 

This can also help you in analyzing the risks and returns of your investments through its number of tools that can help you a lot. 

It also provides you with several different tools that would be helping you a lot and its retirement planner is also great which tells you about the bets and even the worst-case scenarios. 


  • It helps in the calculation of net worth.
  • It helps you assemble investment checks and analyses.
  • It helps you in planning your retirement.
  • It lets you analyze your account fees.
  • It also lets you analyze your asset allocation and review.
  • It also lets you analyze your cash flow including your income and outgoing funds.

2. Morningstar:


Morningstar is also said to be the best portfolio analyzer that allows you both basic and premium plans that you can choose according to your choice. 

One can just simply enter information about their investments without any problem to get insights about their work or financial situations. 

It can help you in building a much stronger reputation and it keeps the track of everything so you can easily analyze everything which will be very helpful. 

Money card is a great portfolio analyzer that comes up with a lot of different tools that will be very useful to you and you might not regret using them as they are all very beneficial. 

This analyzer is packed with a great set of tools that includes screeners that are helpful for stocks and even mutual funds too that you will surely love. 

One can just simply keep track of all of their investments including their cash and even stocks and even the bonds so you can just simply keep everything organized with them. 


  • It comes up with both free and premium versions.
  • It includes stock and fund screeners.
  • It includes an in-depth analysis of the portfolio.
  • It makes it easier to understand the data and the visual representations so far.
  • It allows portfolio tracking including the fund rating, price, and percentage changes.

3. Portfolio Visualizer:

Portfolio Visualizer

Portfolio visualizer is a great tool that helps you to analyze your data and keep a track of everything and it offers you a lot of functionality so you will surely be loving it. 

One can just easily pick and choose the best tools that are completely based on one’s experience which allows a person to achieve what they want to achieve with it. 

Due to this portfolio visualizer’s technical nature, it might be the best tool for you that is very productive so one will surely like it for sure. 

You can just easily backtest the portfolio visualizer of yours even going a few years and it would easily be providing you with all the data. 

It would be helping one a lot as this visualizer will be a much more productive tool if it is provided to the people which are experienced and they can get the most out of it. 


  • It is very ideal for seasoned investors with foreign investments. 
  • It offers different simulations, factors analysis, and timing models.
  • It comes up with 8 different strategies for better optimization.
  • Some different asset classes are available within the software.
  • It comes up with quantitative analysis which makes them a bit technical in their offered advice.

4. SigFig:


SigFig is simply a great portfolio visualizer that is a fully optimized platform that lets you manage the accounts of yours as well as the free portfolio trackers. 

The free tracker of the portfolio is completely free of charge and you will surely love it and you will also be helping one a lot to get what the person wants. 

This portfolio analyzer lets you with the same features that are offered by the other portfolio visualizers but it also lets you with the features that you might not get with some of the other visualizers for sure. 

Such features are so far way too much help to you and you might not regret buying them in which they include reports, synchronization of accounts, dashboards, and even some other features too. 

Simply, this visualizer can just easily link to any accounts that you will surely love as they include IRA, advisor account, 401(K), and even the advisor accounts too. 

This is a great fact that is easily compatible with 80 different brokerages that can be connected and downloaded to a single view easily. 

This analyzer will let you uncover the hidden fees and any of the risks regarding the management with it including the issues which may let you with exposure. 


  • It lets you determine the right balance of both stocks and bonds.
  • It lets you easily analyze the diversification within the investments of yours.
  • It easily matches the volatility with the profile of your risk tolerance.
  • It easily lets you find out the funds which are putting your portfolio out of balance.

5. Quicken:

Quicken is also a great portfolio visualizer that is based on windows and it helps you a lot as it lets you with three great versions. 

Its versions are the best as they include Deluxe, Home, Starter, Premier, and business that comes up with different functionalities and features and you would surely love them. 

There are also some of their best versions out there in the market that includes the three of them which can be used with mac including Premier, Starter, and Deluxe. 

The most basic version of such a portfolio visualizer is known as the Starter version that comes up with the most basic features of such visualizers. 

It can let you easily connect the management functionality which lets you easily connect you to the bank and the credit card accounts. 

This visualizer helps you a lot and it even lets you just simply create all the budgets and then track each of your spendings which will be keeping everything organized. 

There is a deluxe version that adds to the basics of your tracking of loans that would be very much handy for you so you would be up to date. 

You can even use the morningstar x-ray tool that is simply the best one available in the market that will let you with better management. 

One can just simply compare their returns and the options that would be providing you with the best portfolio performance so far that you would surely be loving. 

The other additional features of them let you with easy tracking and the other tax reports that would be the best one. 


  • It comes up with different available versions.
  • It lets you with the evaluation of investment with the x-ray of a morning star.
  • It lets you with the comparison of the average market.
  • It lets you with the tracking that is based on cost.
  • It lets you with easy functionality of reporting.

6. Mint:


Mint is so far the best portfolio visualizer that one can easily use to get the most benefits out of it and you will surely love them because of its great features. 

It comes up with the best management of your investments so far and its analysis tool is easily available online that will work the best for you. 

This visualizer is mostly geared towards the users that are new to the business of investing and they do not have much idea about it so it just helps them out. 

It is a very simple tool with great features that helps them to easily manage their finances that would come in very handy for sure. 

This is an all-rounder financial tool that is simple and offers you the budget tools that one can easily use to get benefits out of it. 

It can easily connect to the most financial institutes that are mostly based in the US and they would be providing you with a better view of finances in an organized way. 

This can not only be updated manually but it also updates automatically so you can have the proper idea and track of everything you want without any mess. 

It can let you with easy tips and you can just simply analyze your data by offering proper recommendations that can come in very handy to you. 

By using this visualizer, you would be understanding the financial situation of yours at any of the moments you want and you would be able to keep a track of it. 

Mini also lets one with both Android and iOS apps that easily access the data on their own which is quite an easier way for sure. 

This also lets you just simply adopt many different technologies and make it the safest and secure way to get benefits out of it. 


  • It is easily accessible through an online portal or even phone apps.
  • It comes up with security mechanisms in place.
  • It lets one easily gear towards the new investors.
  • It is the best combination of financial tools.
  • It makes easy recommendations that are based on one’s data and goals.

7. Investment Account Manager:

Investment Account Manager

The investment account manager is also one of the best portfolio visualizer that comes up with experience of more than 30 years

This visualizer is the best one available in the market that can easily be used by both the new investors and the old ones with experience as they are also known for how much capable this visualizer is. 

It is a great tool as it comes up with a completely sophisticated tool that is yet easily accessible interface which would be very much helpful to one for sure. 

This software by simpler means is the one that comes up with dedicated services to the management of investment and the analysis too. 

It is also a fact that you won’t be finding any of the features that include budgeting and even debt management but can still help you a lot. 

There is no limit to portfolios in this software which means that you can add many as you want and you won’t be facing any problems too. 


  • It is suitable for different kinds of investors.
  • It easily tracks a large number of financial assets.
  • It comes up with strong reporting features.
  • It comes up with both individual and professional versions.
  • It comes up with the experience of 30 years.

What Is A Portfolio Analyzer?

Portfolio Analyzer

A portfolio analyzer is the one that allows you to measure the profits that are gained by the different types of investments from different perspectives that use several different methods. 

Such types of calculations are mainly based on the structures of the portfolio in the portfolio hierarchy that is helpful to a lot of people. 

One can just simply use different types of characteristics to define the tree-like structure that would be much helpful to you that you will surely love. 

One can just easily organize their portfolio’s flexibility which would be helpful to them in the different levels of aggregation so they can easily calculate the key figures’ return rate. 

You can also just simply display your results for each node with its great reporting functions that would be much handy for you and you would have defined them in the portfolio hierarchy. 

One can just simply drill down the data that is stored at every single transaction without facing any problems. 

If one wants to analyze their data by using different perspectives such as dealer, internal controller, or even the marketing employee, you can just simply define the multiple portfolio hierarchies

This is simply a great way to open and one can easily use such of the different portfolio hierarchies in your analyses of yours without any problem. 

The portfolio analyzer can create many different versions of the portfolio hierarchy and the calculations of their rates in the return and even the benchmarks too. 

This can just simply enable you to historize the calculations and figures that were made at any time in the past and reproduce them without any problem.

Why Do You Need One?

Without a portfolio analyzer, you won’t be able to keep everything of yours organized and everything would be messy enough which won’t be acceptable at all. 

Some might be thinking that what a portfolio helps you with?

So the answer is that a portfolio helps you organize each and everything of yours and manage them in a manner. 

Build Your Trust with A Professional Portfolio:

You can build up your analyzer so that you can just easily show the company your previous work so that they will easily recognize your skills.

If you are even just simply running a simple business so you would need to have a portfolio to analyze all your work including your earnings and spendings.

One can just make up a simple portfolio that can do wonders for you and it would be presenting your work in a well-organized way that you’ll surely love.

The portfolio will be consisting of all of your work and you will be able to provide the company with all your experience with which they can judge your skills easily.

Be A Professional:

Yes, this is not mandatory if you are going for a part-time job so you will not need a portfolio but it will provide you with a more professional identity so far.

You will be showing off your skills by using your portfolio and it would easily impress your clients or your colleagues.

This can make a great difference as if you would be showing your portfolio to your clients that would be providing a great impression as they will also be able to see your achievements through them. 

Such portfolios also help as they would be showing your clients how you have worked previously and what type of projects you have dealt with in the past. 

One can just simply keep an account of their activity and work more professionally by using such portfolios so it can organize each work of yours


If one is needed to find the best portfolio visualizer that would be much helpful in keeping all the records and it would be much helpful in keeping everything organized. 

The portfolio analyzer comes a long way that would be helping you much in providing you with a bigger picture and they are the best platforms to do so. 

Many of the portfolio visualizers come up with free versions that would be letting you with a lot of features that you might not regret buying. 

The premium versions of such visualizers come up with a lot of great features that you will surely love and they would be letting your portfolio grow much better. 

One can get the not out of them and they let a lot of great features of the software which would be letting you top grow the financial standing yours. 

This is a fact that investing has never been easy and it takes a lot of time in getting a good experience in investing money so one without experience mostly cannot get the most out of it. 

Most of the investors usually have their portfolios that would be letting them easily perform differently and it also helps in understanding your performance well. 

If one needs to know more about them or is having some issues about understanding them so one is just needed to comment below. 

We would be loving to guide them and clear out their confusion without any problems.