Better Day Loans Reviews [year] – Legit, Safe, Scam?

The marketing of credit providers for those who need a little money as quickly as feasible is not lacking.

Sadly, most people realize their target consumers are nearby and use this advantage to charge a very scandalous amount.

You have to know precisely what you are getting into before dealing with any of them. If you need a modest loan and consider Better Day, read this first. 

Better Day Loans is the tribal supplier of “payday loans.” They provide high-interest, short-term credits to “help you rapidly receive the cash you need.”

Their products are installment loans, unlike typical payday loans. The lumpsum payment is paid first, and then over time, the borrower pays out the main interest. In a few weeks, most lenders demand their customers to pay their whole debt on their next payday.


What Do You Need To Know About Better Day Loans?

Better Day Loans

Better Day Loans is a tribal lender run by the Stewarts Point Rancheria’s Kashia Band of Pomo Indians. It is an emergency payment loan specializing in low-credit persons.

If you accept the application, Better Day promises that you may be able to deposit money into your bank account within just 24 hours.

After that, you may begin your application online. However, remember that it may take longer to access your cash, depending on your bank. 

If you need fast money for auto repair, medical bills, or other urgent financial needs, please know this before you apply for the Better Day Loans.

Available For Small Loans:

There are specific lenders with more significant loan limits, for which a minimum of $1,000 or more is required.

On the other hand, better day loans provide installment loans of between $200 and $5,000 to borrow only what you need (Early borrowers are only eligible for up to $1,500). 

Receive Your Funds On The Next Working Day:

Receive Your Funds On The Next Working Day

You don’t have much time to wait for application approvals and the discharge of funds if you face an emergency and want money immediately to meet the cost.

By applying and approving a loan at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday Mountain Time, Better Day Loans generally claims that it will pay your money on the next working day.

However, remember that it may take longer to get your cash depending on your bank.

Very High Rates Of Interest:

Better Day is an alternative to pay-as-you-go loans – costly short-term loans. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a typical two-week payday loan is subject to an APR of about 400 percent.

However, Better Day Loans have APRs, which exceed traditional loans for payments. The APR with a lender’s loan may more than double what you would pay with a payday loan.

As a result, you can spend hundreds or thousands more than you borrowed at the beginning of this exorbitant rate. 

Say you are eligible to receive a 780% APR loan of 500 dollars. You will eventually return a total of $3,904,56 if you are on a semi-monthly payment planning plan, which will make 24 installments of $162,69 each month.

So, in addition to the loan principal, you’ll pay almost $3,400 in financial costs.

To Complete Your Application, You Must Speak To A Representative:

Complete Your Application

You may start your application online with Better Day Loans. However, you must contact a customer service representative on the phone to verify your details before the loan is authorized.

Moreover, it is a further step some lenders have not taken; many personal lenders allow you to apply online and decide without talking to an officer. 

Late Fees:

It is vital to make all due payments on time to obtain a loan from the better day loans. Otherwise, expensive fees may be levied.

For example, if your payment is over two days late, they will charge a late $30 fee to you. And any return due to inadequate money will result in a charge of $30.

Is Better Day Licensed?

Better Day Licensed

Better Day Loans don’t have the authority but don’t require lending from the Californian or federal governments. You are a tribal loaner.

That is, you are a Native American company. In particular, the Stewarts Point Rancheria Kashia Band of Pomo Indians is credited with running the firm.

Since the American authorities recognize them as a sovereign country other than the U.S., the regulations that generally regulate payday lenders do not have to be followed.

As a result, they can charge higher interest rates, bypass licensing restrictions and provide considerably more outstanding loans than the California payday maximum ($300).

Typical Terms:

Typical Terms

Because Better Day loans are a tribal lender, their goods are significantly costlier than other payday lenders.

They are in Santa Rosa, CA, but they do not need to comply with the statute, restricting their tribe immunity to California payment lenders.

“This is a costly type of borrowing, as they say in their disclaimer. Better day loans are designed to help you meet your short-term credit needs and are not designed as a long-term financial solution.”

Here is an overview of your expectations when you take out loans from Better Day: 

  • The principal minimum balance is 200 dollars.
  • The maximum sum for new lenders is $1,500 and for repayment loans $5,000.
  • You should make the first payment after receiving money on the first payday.
  • Usually, every 15 days, further payments.
  • Total terms of reimbursement might be up to 1 year.
  • Creditors may prepay without penalty at any moment.
  • The typical APR rate is 700 – 780%.

Better Day loans on their websites do not reveal the full terms of a refund. However, you retain this information until it applies to borrowers, so it varies both the APR and loan term. 

Online Repo:

Online Repo

Crowdsourcing views about a lender before getting into contracts with them is always a brilliant idea.

However, you can remove the sketchy characters. The result is that the better day loans do not have the best reputation online, like most tribal and traditional payday lenders.

The Better Business Bureau is the most excellent location to get genuine evaluations for any lender. They are the most renowned and dependable source of information about the confidence of a company.

Unfortunately, looking at the profile of Better Day Loan, many have experienced the creditor negatively. 

BBB does not accredit them, and consistent reports are available:

  • Lack of communication and client assistance.
  • Excessive rates and borrowing costs.
  • Disappointing or false practices.

On 12/19/2019, the BBB launched a Better Day Loans file. Twenty-four formal complaints have been filed with BBB since then, as well as 34 consumer reviews. For these reviews, the average rating is 1.12/5.

In particular, because the BBB started its file at the end of 2019, the firm looks to be relatively young. Moreover, it implies that many additional references are not available elsewhere online.

However, as their image in the BBB is nearly uniformly bad, other consumer reports are unlikely to differ.


People don’t often resort to payment lenders until they require quick cash. Although we don’t advocate working with Better Day, these folks potentially have certain advantages.

Better Day Loans provide:

  • A fast and straightforward application online.
  • Even with weak credit, accessible loans.
  • Funding is only a single day of work.
  • Direct debit discounts on repayment.
  • The opportunity to prepaid with no penalty at any moment.

Regarding the issues that they offer, they are unfortunately pale. 


At this time, nobody should be surprised by the disadvantages of working with Better Day loans.

They have many of the same disadvantages as conventional and other tribal lenders, such as:

  • Too high rates of interest.
  • Late payment extra charges, inadequate money, and refunded item charges.
  • There is no clarity on the cost of a loan until it is too late.
  • Lack of communication and client assistance.

They are not available in areas of the USA as well, but in fact, they may be a pro because presumably, the people who reside there benefit.

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Additional Information About Personal Loan From Better Day Loans:

Now, I’m going to provide you additional detail regarding Better Day.

Better Day loans include several optional installments – you may select for weekly, bimonthly, or semi-monthly payments when taking out a loan.

First-time borrowers are limited – the highest you may borrow is $1500 if you are a First Customer. Customers returning can borrow up to $5,000.

You must qualify for a loan at least 21 times. — You have to be at least 21, have a job or other regular income source, and have a valid bank account to qualify for a loan from Better Day loans.

Not accessible in all states—Better Day does not provide loans to people living in all countries. You will not be qualified for a loan.

You will have to seek another lender if you live in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Southern Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, or West Virginia.

No advance charges – early payment of your loan is an intelligent means of saving money. With Better Day Loans, without a pre-payment penalty, you may always pay off your loan.

Should I Receive An Installment Loan From Better Day?


The high interest rate makes it exceedingly expensive to take a loan from Better Day Loans—which is something you may only take into account if you have no other options to cope with an emergency.

If you have a vehicle repair or medical bill or any emergency, consider these alternatives before applying for a loan from Better Day Loans.

Use A Credit Card:

While credit card prices may be costly, APRs are usually significantly lower than with Better Day loans or payday lenders. You are eligible for credit cards meant for people with terrible credit, even with credit less than spectacular.

Create A Payment Scheme:

If you have medical bills, you may establish the payment scheme at some physician offices and hospitals and divide the amount into smaller monthly installments.

Asking For An Advance Payroll:

If you are working, try requesting an advance payroll from your employer to receive some of the following salaries in advance.

Ask For Assistance:

If you are in a close position, requesting a modest loan from friends or family might be a cheaper way of paying for unexpected costs.

Moreover, if you do not have the options and decide to take a loan from Better Day Loans, establish a budget and repayment plan, which will ensure that you will make all of the payments on time.

Furthermore, make additional payments to get rid of the loan early to decrease financing charges.

How To Apply?

How To Apply

You can start the application procedure online without any complications.

However, Better Day has no option to pre-qualify, so there’s no way to determine if you are eligible for a loan and what interest rate you will have to pay without a complete application and a problematic credit search.

When you apply, Better Day Loans will urge you to provide your name, address, number of social security, income, and contact information for your employer. Your bank account number and routing number also must be entered.

After completing an online application, your information will be verified on the phone by a Customer Service Officer.

The loan can be paid in one or two business days if authorized, but your bank is the precise date.

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We’d have to say no for people who don’t need to know all the facts and want to respond yes or no about whether Better Day Loans are a decent alternative.

A quick and easy credit service provider will contact and will be in contact frequently.

Better day Loans are just too costly. For example, a borrower with a $500 loan will pay almost $3,400 in funding charges under their typical scheme. 

Moreover, it is an APR of 780%, over double the legal limit for California’s non-tribal lenders.

Even if you have poor credit and you need a loan badly, move your company somewhere else, if it is possible.

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