Bright Lending Review [year]: Read Before You Borrow

There may come a time where you would need financial assistance or call it a financial favor for someone.

That need could really be anything and to overcome your financial hardship you may end up looking for a lender for a loan.

Lately, lenders are easily approachable and they have online presence that make it easy to find out where you stand and how much loan you can get.  

Bright Lending is not like other firms who provide individuals with money, make those people sign contracts with them, mutually come up with repayment plans and get that individual to go away with it.

Instead, Bright lending is a company that comes in handy with exuberant interest rates for individuals.

This is why before signing up to the terms and conditions of bringing lending, people need to make themselves fully aware of what they are getting into.

With that being said, in-depth information about Bring lending is being provided to you below, which includes every highlight of this company along with the pros and cons of whether you should give this company a shot or not.

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What Do You Need to Know About a Bright Lending loan?

Bright Lending loan

Bright lending is a tribal loan company owned by none other than the Fort Belknap Indian community.

This community resides in Montana, and this company is hence federally recognized as the American Indian tribe.

With that being said, Bright lending happens to be an online lender that offers short-term personal loans to people who are in dire need of financial assistance.

You can more classify it further on as short-term installment loans. Though, according to the company’s advertisement, the loan it provides tends to be payday loans, these loans come in handy with high APRs.

What tends to be the only difference between Bright lending and a payday loan is that with Bright lending, you may have to repay your loan in the next ten months; however, with a payday, you would be paying back the money you own within your next payday.

Well, here’s the catch, the more time you took to pay back your bright lending loan, the more interest you would be paying on the money you borrowed.

And eventually, when you sum up the money you would be owing to the bright lending company at the end, would be much higher for the price of what you might pay in payday.

A Closer look at Bright Lending Loans:

closer look at Bright Lending Loans

Here are some details about Bright lending that you need to be aware of before applying for a mini financial loan.

No Credit Checks:

While applying to the company, you need to be super aware that bright lending doesn’t allow its users to perform or ask for a credit report from the major consumer’s credit bureaus like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

However, this Bright lending loan company might use alternative credit reporting agencies and providers to look out for the authenticity of your information.

This draws a person to a higher risk of getting a soft inquiry to receive financial assistance from the company.

Discounts for Automatic Payments:

What counts to be the best part of Bright lending is that if a person signs up for automatic payment to return the money he owes to the company.

As a token of appreciation, the company may provide that person with a discount of about 25 percentage points off on the APR or the loan he took.

Late Payment Fees:

While applying to the Bright lending company, one should be fully aware of the consequences they might have to go through if they don’t pay back the money they owe to the company within a prescribed period.

Here’s the catch that the company follows, if a person’s payment is five days late, then the Bright lending financial aid company would charge him with a fine of about 10 percent of the money he owes. 

For example, a person owes 1000 dollars to the company, and for some reason, he wasn’t able to pay back his owed money on time.

As for late payment fees, he would have to pay back his 1000 dollars, along with the 10 percent of the 1000 dollars, which is around 100 dollars.

With that being said, there also is an insufficient fund fee that a person who owes a loan from the Bright lending company might have to pay to the company.

According to the experts, the cost of this funds fee happens to be around 30 dollars.

Who is a Bright Lending Loan Good for?

Bright Lending Loan1

On a serious note, bright lending loans happen to be very expensive, and only the person who can cope with the high APRs this company comes in handy with should go for it.

For the rest, we would advise you to explore other financing options, or you could ask your family or your friend to help you out in your hard time, and you can promise them to pay their amount on your next pay.

Pros of a Bright Lending Loan:

Some of the benefits of Bright lending loan company are as follows:

  • It’s super easy to apply for the bright lending loan, all you need to do is apply for the loan from the company’s website, and you would submit your application within no time. 
  • The funding provided by the Bright lending company doesn’t consume a lot of time for the user and can quickly be done within one business day. 
  • What counts to be the best feature of bright lending is that while signing up for this way of financial assistance, a  user really won’t have to worry about prepayment penalties at any cost!
  • Another thing about bright lending that people usually love is that while signing up for the automatic payments from the company’s website, a user may get slight discounts on the payments he owes.

Cons of a Bright Lending Loan:

Some of the drawbacks of Bright lending loan company are as follows:

  • People don’t love about this bright lending loan company because the high-interest rate comes in handy with. The interest rate this company charges while lending loans to the people are super expensive and hard to afford by middle-class people.  
  • In addition to this, if you are stuck somewhere in your business and need a big financial amount for yourself to drag your business out from the disaster, then a bright lending loan company might not suit best with your taste. The loan this company provides to the users ranges from three hundred dollars to thousand dollars, which is quite low for big businesses. 
  • One of the greatest reasons people don’t love this company is the insufficient fund fees and late fees it provided to the people who borrow money. 
  • Bright lending loan companies don’t operate all over the US, and hence before applying for the loan to this company’s website, you might have to check that the city you live in is eligible to apply for a loan!

How to Apply with Bright Lending?


The application process to apply for the loan at Bright lending happens to be way too easy.

What’s the best part is that you can complete the entire procedure over the web with ease.

All you need to do is visit the company’s website, look out for the loan application form present on the website, fill that form with the required personnel information of yours, and submit your application.

Within a span of two days, you would be approached by one of the company’s employees.


While wrapping it all up, to make things simpler for you, we provide you with a small recap of what you have read above.

Bright lending happens to be a lender that helps the people by providing them with financial assistance and making it easier for them to cope with their businesses.

The loans, or more called payments you would be receiving from bright lending, would range from somewhat three hundred dollars to around one thousand dollars.

But things don’t end here, as these short emergency loans come in handy with triple-digit APRs and comprise short-term repayment schemes, making bright lending one of the most expensive ways to borrow money.

Hence, a detailed review is being provided to you above that surely covers every detail you need to know about Bright lending.!

We are sure of the fact that the information above would be fruitful to you!