13 Best Budget Planner Books To Master Money Management | [year] Guide

In these troublesome times, where the expenses just keep rising through their ranks, cutting down your expenses and having left with money to save just keeps getting harder and harder.

If you are tired of worrying about where your money goes after your paydays, you may have found the right place to be at. 

This article will help you get on top of your budget providing you with one of the most sensible solutions there are Budget Planner Books!

Through these, you will be more in control and will be able to remember where all your money flies away.


What is a Budget Planner? 

What is a Budget Planner

A budget planning notebook comes off as a must-have tool in keeping in mind, that the economy is on its way downhill.

These books consist of monthly planners, which makes it easier for you to manage your expenses.

It will be easier for you to devise a plan for which, you will be thankful in the long run as it will help your budget plans stay afloat, and your bank balance will start looking good with all the assistance from budget planning books.

Indeed, it is true, That book is a man’s best friend. 

Now, we know, that you must be thinking that it’s just a book, what makes it so special?

Here’s the deal, it is just not a book, it’s the first step towards creating helpful savings plans. 

These budget planners come in different sizes and different colors so you’re not bound to limited choices in the following matter.

You can choose colors and sizes according to your preferences. Having colors and other customizations never hurt as it will attract your mind towards this productive yet difficult habit of saving.

The trend of budget planner books has recently seen to rise in 2020 as many people have been guided towards this productive source of budget planning.

Only, it’s about time that you considered getting one as well and come in reigns of your monthly expenditures and saving more from your paydays.

How do Budget Planners Save Money?

How do Budget Planners Save Money

See, when a person uses a Budget planner book. The budget planning books have pages allotted for a person to note down where they spend their money, what extra expenses they have and what money they are left with.

When these statistics are provided to a person, it becomes easier for them to find out what costs can they cut down and what amount of money will they be left with at the end of the month.

Throughout the analysis, it becomes easier for a person to set targets to reach their goals, and hence, budget planning books end up saving the day. 

This is how a simple little investment in a budget planner book can help you make big steps without doing anything extraordinarily. 

Top 13 Budget Planner Books:

Now, if you are ready to take the first step towards having your expenses and incomes under control, you must take the first step and buy the best budget planner book. 

Here is when the real complexion starts to sit in – which is the best budget planner notebook?

Relax, and don’t be puzzled just yet. We have scoured the internet and we have collected the best 15 budget planner books for you to consider buying.

Make the choice totally on your preferences as a good purchase can go a long way.



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This one sits on top of our list, and rightfully so! This is a complete all-in-one budget planner that selects and shows every essential option there is to show in a Budget Planner list.

It has about 13 pockets so you can keep all your expenditure receipts, bills, and in a safe place.

It has 6 pages for each month which is more spacious than the other options. It also has special seasonal savings goals (ie. Christmas).

With the rise of aesthetics, it has left us all wanting more!

This budget planner comes with its own aesthetics which has a tendency to attract the user towards itself and to provide the user with the motivation they need to climb the mountain of maintaining healthy budgets.

This notebook comes in various color schemes. The features of this book outstand and come with an interactive layout.

Key Features: 

  • Under each month, a payment tracker and space to manage your monthly bills regularly are given.
  • Separate Sections for Savings and Debt Tracking are provided.


  • Spiral notebook with hardback binding.
  • Extra pockets to store receipts and bills.
  • High-Quality Pages used.
  • Separate sections for Holidays and Special days. 


  • The budget book planner is dated, so you can only use it for the year you buy it in.
  • Less than the required space is given for customizing bills and expenses.



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The Clever fox Budget planner checks all the requirements that should be present in an ideal budget planner book.

It comes with a style that is attractive. It is super easy to use, uses full A-5 Size Pages, worksheets and stickers are included, comes with unmarked pages, and has a great customer rating on Amazon (4.6/5)

This is a proud creation of Finance experts. Being from the best, this book includes everything that you need to take on your budgeting journey easier as it makes it simple and effective.

It comes with 12 months of undated pages that are made like financial sheets, extra pages that are dedicated to helping you to set goals, budgeting, financial tracking, and doing a monthly review.

The Clever Fox Budget Planner has included pockets for you to store your bills and receipts.

It also has a quick start manual to get you settled in quickly and up to 86 Budget themed stickers which will keep you motivated to keep up with your budget goals and help you pay off any debts.

With extra pockets present, you’ll be able to keep your money organized, and also help you put a leash on your spendings.

It will also help you in saving more, budgeting, debt payments, bills, and tracking expenses from a singular place! 

Key Features: 

  • The section provided for Setting and achieving Monthly Goals.
  • A section dedicated to reminding you of the Due bills and payments. 
  • Spending Plans for the month.


  • Updated Pages! 
  • Comes with included Worksheets and trackers.
  • Various colors to choose from when purchasing.


  • Not a great option for people who have multiple sources of income as there is a limited number of spaces for recording factors such as debt, income, etc.



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The list would have felt incomplete had we left this one out!

This book is one of the best budget planner books available in the market present right now. This budget planner book has a beautiful design with a multi-color background.

Every book of this comes with a motivational quote that keeps the fire of pushing forward inside a person alive.

The quote written on the  Book’s cover is “the best way to get things done is to begin” – Motivational Indeed! This book is a well-known one in the world full of budgeters.

The planner comes with ideal size and doesn’t have much weight either which makes it easier to carry.

If you want an ideal planner, yet decent then look no further, as we have found you the perfect fit!  The pages used by the manufacturer are of high quality.

It has a design that looks classy and stylish; sleek if you will. It also comes with a lot of color options to choose from.

There are a lot of different kinds of patterns present much like the choice of different colors, allowing users to take a step forward in the direction of customization. The Rating on Amazon is a Solid 4.5/5! 

Key Features: 

  • Up to 80 pages dedicated for you to set your budget and goals.
  • Spreads as long as 12 months.
  • Built-in Pockets present to store receipts and bills. 


  • Works great for people who are setting foot in the world of budgeting. 
  • Includes trackers & Monthly Worksheets. 
  • Pocket dedicated to keeping loose stickers and papers. 


  • Not enough place to record all the monthly transactions & debts. 
  • No space is provided for a comparison between actual costs vs expected costs. 
  • May Come off as too basic to some users – lacks style. 



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Being the predecessor of Clever Fox Budget Book, 1st Edition, this one comes with huge differences that are noticeable by a lot.

Clever Fox is an ingenious manufacturer when it comes to designing budget books that will help you set a clear perspective of budgeting goals.

Apart from being a budget planner book, this book also happens to be a financial planner.

It has all the amazing features from the previous Clever Fox Budget Book but it offers a lot more than that with a smaller size that is easier to carry with you.

The layout of this book is unique from its previous version, noticeably due to the difference between their Sizes.

This version comes with extra tracker pages in the back and the budget categories have been made out a little different than the one released earlier.

The Clever box budget Book has a rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon.

Key Features: 

  • Spending plans provided for each expense category
  • The smaller size gives more points to portability
  • Environment friendly which makes it a preferred choice over any other options. 


  • Many color options to choose from
  • Updated pages 
  • Includes Worksheets and trackers. 


  • No space is provided for giving a month’s summary. 
  • For people who prefer bigger notebooks, this isn’t the one for them as it is very compact in size.



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A complete budget planner book with all the necessary features that a Budget Planning Book must have!

This book, along with great customization options, comprises A5 Pages and contains undated pages of the whole 12 months.

It gives you an additional area to write down your monthly and financial goals, as well as bills that are due and the payments that are due as well so they don’t catch you off guard.

The cover of this book is made of faux leather with very intriguing artwork and high-quality pages used with the intent to make the person feel very comfortable. 

Key Features: 

  • Comes with a Monthly calendar with a set budget. 
  • Comes with multiple different trackers such as those of income and debt. Added Monthly Budget review that helps you track the progress of your goals. 
  • Additional separately provided spreadsheets to help you manage your monthly bills. 


  • Comes with Updated Pages 
  • Includes Worksheets and Trackers
  • Comes with a long-range of 109 stickers.
  • Blank spaces for personalized budget categories
  • Many different color options
  • Extra inclusive pockets to store bills and receipts
  • Easy to use 
  • Lightweight 
  • Simple to use which makes it a great choice for beginners


  • Not enough space to record your debt trackers.



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Why buy a year-long budget book when it can last two years?

This one comes with Undated pages for as long as the period of 24 months.

It Comes With Monthly Columns that allows you to keep your statistics in check.

Apart from having 6 different color options, It has a leather binding, which gives the book a luxurious feeling.

It also has a calendar page so you can mark an important date.

It comes with complimentary 3 cash envelopes, a custom pen, and 2 sticker sheets to make the budgeting interesting. 

Key Features: 

  • Can be used for as long as up to 2 years. 
  • Allows you to track your income, savings, debt, and expenses – monthly columns provided 
  • Attracting Leather Binding book  


  • An included calendar page to give you a quick outlook 
  • Comes in 6 various colors. 
  • 2 sticker sheets, a custom pen, and 3 cash envelopes to give you ultimate personalization options 


  • Not very good quality of paper used. May not bear extra pressure from a pen. 

7- Bill Payments Tracker

Bill Payments Tracker

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This Budget planner is a solid option if you want to ascend into the world of budgeting.

This one comes with updated pages, which includes tracking pages and worksheets.

At the gap of every 10 pages, there is an inspirational quote to keep the person motivated.
Key features: 

A section dedicated to comparing actual income against projected income.

Blank calendar formatted pages for writing daily expenses and important notes.

Included Quotes with a 10 pages gap to keep the user motivated


  • Updated pages 
  • Included tracking pages and worksheets. 


  • A few pages may come misprinted.

 8- Budget Planner by Lamare

Budget Planner by Lamare

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This attractive notebook comes with a lot of must-have budget options that make budgeting fun for everyone and also allows you to see and achieve your goals. 

Key Features: 

  • Comes with graphs and columns to make it easy to track day to day expenses, debt, and savings. 
  • Motivational quotes to keep the person going 
  • Visual Fill-in circles provided to keep you motivated and gives space to track your progress. 


  • Undated 
  • The spiral notebook which is preferred as it makes navigation through the book easier 
  • High-Quality paper used 


  • Is rather simple and lacks style
  • Lacks inner pockets and pen holders. 



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The attractive cover design at the opening of the book gives off relaxing vibes.

This budget planner book comes with monthly pages to keep your progress at the end of every month. 

Key Features:

  • Very Cost-Effective 
  • Comes with pre-included monthly worksheets 
  • Lightweight Design 


  • Very cost-effective. 
  • Undated
  • Includes a Monthly worksheet to provide you a clear picture of progress.


  • Not a viable option for someone with a lot of expenses.
  • Not a great quality paper used. 

10- Busy Bee Financial Tracker

Busy Bee Financial Tracker

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One of the best options when it comes to Budget Books;

This book comes with a monthly calendar so you can mark important dates and events.

Adequate space is also provided to give you a monthly tracking of your position.

There is more than enough space for you to make custom budget categories.

The stickers are included to elevate the overall experience of Budgeting.

Key Features: 

  • Space provided to give a monthly outline
  • Yearly Goals and Action Plans are given with a lot of spare space to make custom changes.
  • Space provided to review and set monthly goals 
  • Monthly calendars are provided so you can mark important dates and events. 
  • Space provided so you can take notes on a daily basis 


  • Includes Sticker tabs for every month
  • Comes with 3 envelopes and 4 sticker sheets
  • Cost-effective so purchasing this won’t put a strain on your budget. 
  • Lightweight which makes it easier to travel with. 
  • Undated 


  • Thin Paper may not withstand extra pressures. 
  • No dividers given between months – keep flipping 

11- Busy Family Bill Organizer

Busy Family Bill Organizer

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For those who are looking into family planning and budgets, this is the right choice.

This big book comes with 12 included pockets to keep your bills and receipts in one place.

There are enough blank spaces for you to note your daily expenses.

There are charts provided which will give you a better outlook of your budgeting scenario.

The book comes with a solid hardcover binding to go through tough situations and still say the same.

The Manufacturer has also added three complimentary cash envelopes.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 12 included pockets to keep bills and receipts
  • Blank spaces provided to note daily expenses and mark important things.
  • Charts provided to help you track your monthly progress. 


  • The hardcover binding used to bear tough conditions. 
  • Blank Calendar Monthly Planner
  • Included Inner Pockets to keep receipts and bills for each month 


  • Not enough extra space provided to mark your budget categories. 

12- Diforo Finance Budget Organizer

Diforo Finance Budget Organizer

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A viable option for those who want customization with high quality.

The papers used in this book are high quality and comes with as many as 119 colorful stickers – wow! 

Key Features: 

  • In-depth monthly graphs to keep track of savings and spendings. 
  • Monthly expense tracker so you can monitorize your progress continuously. 
  • 119 colorful planning stickers.


  • High-Quality papers used 


  • Notebook size is compact; not the ideal choice for a few users. 



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This smarter version of its ancestor comes with compact size but doesn’t compromise the quality of the product at the expense of its size.

It comes off as a complete budgeting book for people who are looking for a different option or people who are wAnting to begin their adventures into the world of budgeting. 

Key Features: 

  • Magnet mechanism used to keep the diary closed. 
  • Monthly calendars. 
  • Extra space to record daily expenses


  • Compact Size; which makes it easier to carry around
  • Hardcover binding to withstand any accidental situations 
  • A magnetic seal provides safety to your data. 


  • Compact size; not the best option if you are looking for a full-sized option.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Budget Planner?

What to look for when purchasing a budget planner

So Yes, by now we have established that budget planner books might be the little nudge you require just before having to go all the way on a successful path of reaching your economic goals.


It is best for you to buy a budget planner book that doesn’t come with pre-written dates and month names so you can use it anytime around the year.

Let’s say if you decide that you need to start your budget plans right away, but now that we’re well into December.

Now, if you have to purchase two books, that’s just going to hold your budget hostage at the cost of spending more. But, suppose if the book is updated, you could just straight away. Problem solved! 

Good Reviews:

Believe us when we say this when shopping online, it is a prerequisite to check the reviews of the product as it usually is describing their experience with the product, with the seller, and any issue that the product may contain itself.

Always check the reviews before making the choice as it will help you determine whether the product will fit your needs or you just saved yourself from regret and a mistake.

Looks & Style: This one comes off more as a personal choice, but we think that having a look and style is rather an important matter when it comes to budget planner books.

We prefer looks and style as having looks and being stylish motivates a person and a motivated person is more likely to do both; follow the budget plans, and use the budget planner book.

Worksheet & Trackers: The organized and viable budget planner books come with sophisticated and classified headers and reminders.

Having organized headings and prompts make it easier for one to create and manage their budgets, keep their expenses noted, and review their total savings and helping them to cut down the extravaganza costs.


There are many people right now that are tired of standing to lose so much and have no track of where all of their hard-earned money is going.

With one of these best budget planner books, It’s safe to say that a person can easily take one step forward and get in control of their ever-increasing expenses. 

This list of budget planner books is our dedicated effort to help you start getting control of one thing in your life.

It will make it easier for you to walk on this tough path as it will allow you to track your progress and give an idea of how far along you are on your path to winning.