Budgeting For Beginners | How To Start Budgeting In [year]

We have shared some great and useful guide plan with you that is about budgeting for beginners.

So, are you ready to have a look at this guide? If you do not have a clear idea concerning how to make a budget, then jump on this guide.

These days, it is important for you to make a solid budget plan for yourself. Only then your financial situation will be in a safe zone.

This guide will tell you how to make and create a personalized budget for yourself. All your queries are considered over here.

Furthermore, it is by budgeting that you will be able to develop the very right and correct spending habits of yours.

Budget planning will give you an idea of how much to spend and save and how to set aside money in emergency times.

So, let us all get started now!

Here all beginners should come now and see how can they make the first budget for themselves.

This is not a complicated and tough thing to do. You need to understand a few of the basics.

Plus, this guide will make you understand which budgeting mistakes to avoid and which budgeting planning tips to opt for.

You can now have a look at the details now:


Where do I start with my budget?


If you are thinking where you should start off with your budget planning process, then here we will tell you.

Get a paper and pen for yourself or you can grab a keyboard. You need to make a rough draft first of all.

In other words, you have to make a rough sketch of your first budget planning phase.

You can input and pen down these numbers either on a piece of paper or on the keyboard, the choice is totally and wholly up to you.

Basically, to start off with this process, first of all, you have to define all of your financial categories.

You have to include all your expenses in this list. Make sure that you do not forget anything.

You are free to make as much detailed budget as you want.


Furthermore, you can go on making categories like that of bills, fees, instalments and groceries.

In this budget, you have to include your entertainment and shopping spending too

So, once you have made detailed categories, now is the time to fix your spending limit.

You need to pre-decide how much you will spend on each of these categories.

The purpose and goal of making a budget are to make sure not to exceed your spending limits and we expect the same thing from you.

Moreover, it is right there in your budget you need to make a room for your unexpected and unwelcomed expenses.

In this category, you are going to save and set aside some money that is dedicated to your unexpected expenses

Decide how much to save

How Much to Save

How can you well decide how much savings you need to make in a single month!

We have provided you with you an accurate and precise explanation over here.

There is a golden rule of thumb and it tells you to save 20% out from your entire income.

Like, from your 100% income, you can spend 80% and save 20%. This is the basic rule of thumb that all of you have to go for.

There is this popular rule named and titled a 50/30/20 rule. We are sure all of you have heard about it.

50% is dedicated to essentials spending, 30% is dedicated to discretionary spending, and 20 per cent is meant for your savings.

How Much to Save

For the information, this rule of 50/30/20, it was devised and originated by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

She came up with this rule when was working and serving as a bankruptcy professor.

If you fail to follow this rule regarding how much to save, then only keep one thing in your mind!

You can save as much as you trouble-free and comfortably can. It is not essential that you have to follow this 20% rule.

If you can save up to 30%, then it is great and super best for you.

Your whole and the entire goal should be to get a reasonable balance right between your current spending and future savings.

Saving up to 10% can be your absolute goal and saving up to 20% can be your absolute goal.

Remain in a comfortable zone and then decide how much can you save!

You have to reasonably as well as comfortably save and do not immerse yourself in the panic zone.

You can only save more if you will plan and pre-decide not to spend more.

So, always make a simple budget plan for yourself and remain yourself restricted while spending.

Opt for a 10% savings target and then, later on, you can increase the target. Avoid spending more than 90%.


In addition, you should not ever and ever go on the extreme level while spending.

Before spending, you need to have a look at your current budget and income line and pending expenses line of yours.

It is generally seen and noticed that expenses do not arise and bring financial problems.

It is always overspending that deteriorate and damage your financial health.

If you will overspend, then your financial health will become weak. Avoiding too much hoteling, avoid buying too many clothes.

Remain stick to your basic needs. There is no need to spend too much on your house furnishing needs.

Hence, by keeping in mind all these factors, this is how you mainly decide how much to save.

You only have to identify these problematic zones and areas and look for ways to save more.

This is an easy way to manage your money and finances. As a shortcut, you do not have to track your expenses.

Instead, you have to track your overspending nature.

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Determine why you want a budget

Why You Want a Budget

You might be wondering why you want a budget, here we have penned down justified reasons for you.

It is highly critical for you to make a budget plan for your personal and home-based needs.

This way, you can predict and forecast your financial situation.

Most importantly, it is seen that only a few of the individuals make it a habit of making a budget plan.

They follow strict budget guidelines. That is why their financial situation remains in a safe zone.

This decision of yours regarding making a budget plan, it will always be useful for you and will give you lots of financial benefits.

financial benefits

It is reported by the budgeters that they experience a minimum number of financial worries as they make a budget on a monthly basis.

They hardly struggle with any of their finances as their budget planning managing to keep them in a safe mode.

Most people have this common question right there pondering in their heads that why they should make a budget!

Below we have listed down a few of the details for you. And these details will tell you why making budget planning is critical for you.

Through this planning, you tend to clarify your financial goals. You make wise and sensible of all financial decisions.

So, you need to go for this planning, in this way, you can look for ways to save more and more.

By making this budget plan, you will learn as to how to avoid overspending habit of yours.

If you are married and you end up fighting with your partner because on petty and small financial problematic areas, then start going on making a thorough budget plan!

Trust us, you and your partner will not ever going to fight on the money.

In addition, it is by budgeting that your financial goals and money related decisions will become clear and sensible.

You will get an understanding of your financial values as well. It is generally seen that people keep on spending and they avoid saving.

They fail to get an idea of why overspending is contagious for their financial health and how saving is useful for their financial health.

financial health

By making a budget plan, you will always get this realization that overspending is a bad thing to do.

Besides, you are always in need of a proper and simple budget planning because you do not want to see yourself in a debt-filled zone.

If you are in debt and you want to come out from it, then make a budget.

This kind of wise and sensible planning will become you a debt-free person.

Lastly, your financial health is going to stay and remain on track and all of your short-term and long-term goals will be fulfilled.

You have to very much motivated enough while making a budget for your personal needs.

In other words, you have to be psychologically motivated.

If your heart and mind are not ready to make a budget and to save money, then you cannot become a successful and wise budgeter.

So, bring that level of motivation and handle your money and expenses wisely.

It is proved and studied that your financial goals are likely to be fulfilled and get success if you make a habit of making a budget plan.

According to the experts, opting for budgeting, you will be motivated to save more and more.


This investment will be marked as an emotional investment from your side.

The relation between budget planning and savings go hand in hand. Savings give you a lot of financial freedom and independence.

They give you immense flexibility as well as a wide number of choices in your life. A proper financial and budget planner lives a happy life.

With a budget, he or she well knows he has enough money and savings at his end.

A budget planner lives a stress-free life. He easily and seamlessly covers all of his regular living expenses.

Budgeting motivates you to make savings and this thing increases and boost financial security in you.

It encourages you to save for the rainy and emergency days.  Thus, by budgeting, you will start loving this concept of saving more and more.

You will always see and picture yourself in the financial security mode.

Budget planning allows you to reach and meet your financial goals. It makes your life happier and easier.

So, if you do not want to see yourself in a financial emergency situation, then go for budget planning practice. 

And you will see how great this routine is!

You can share with us your own viewpoint as well regarding why you want a budget and why there is a need to do so!

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How do You Create a Budget Plan?

Create a Budget Plan

Creating a budget plan, it is a simple thing to do. First of all, you have to explore your spending habits.

This is how you can make a realistic budget. You need to know about your spending routine.

You can make this budget plan either in a spreadsheet or in a notebook.

You can do this planning by taking the help and assistance of an app.

If you are using a spreadsheet, then make sure you pen down all your purchases and expenses.

This is a handy approach and simple solution while making a budget plan if you are using spreadsheets.

In addition, you can use different apps for this job.

With the help of this app, you can conveniently track all of your bank account spending and also your credit card spending zones. 

With these apps, you can link all of your bank accounts. In your budget plan, you have to include every single irregular expense of yours.

It is on a day-to-day basis that you have to keep on updating your budget plan.

In this category of irregular expenses, there might come things like that of holiday times and birthday times.

You may have to buy gifts for Christmas and gift-giving holidays.


Moreover, you may have to pay for annual car inspections or for annual vacation times.

There might be coming ahead of professional and educational dues or instalment of insurance premiums.

For this budget planning process, you have to do a clear identification of your financial goals.

Make sure that you do keep on achieving all of your short-range and also long-range financial goals.

Your goals should be to save for your retirement time.

Furthermore, you need to plan in a way so that build up an emergency fund on your side.

This budget planning will keep you in a position to save some suitable amount to buy a new house.

You can easily save your college fees. In addition, you can seamless save for your vacation times.

Then there is another important thing that you have to keep in mind, it is to determine and ensure how much you want to save from this budget planning routine.

Once you decide and pre-plan your financial goals, then you will get an idea of how much to spend and save.

The more you are going to be specific and clear in your financial goals, the more it will be easy for you to get an idea of how much to save.

Before you finalize your budget planning process, you need to get feedback from your other house members as well.

What you can do is to conduct and process a household meeting.


If you are living alone in your house, then there is no need to go for this consultation process.

But if you are living with your family, then include them in this discussion phase.

Tell them this is how you are going to prepare for a budget on a monthly basis.

Now, comes the important part. You need to pre-decide as well what kind and type of budget planning you want to go for. 

Once you are done with your preliminary work, then you have to stick yourself with one kind of budget mode.

There are a few primary and basic options that are available to you. You can have a zero-based budget.

In this approach, you are going to operate yourself on income minus outflow approach.

This is a restrictive budget approach and it is not suitable for all kinds of home-owners.

Besides, if you are opting for 50-30-20 budget approach, then here you are going to allocate 50% of income to your basic needs.

30% is adjusted and fixed for your wants and 20% will be dedicated toward savings.

What Is a Simple Budget Plan?

Simple Budget Plan

If you are looking for a simple budget plan, then it is advised to go for a 50/30/20 budget.

This is the best thing that you can do to gear up your financial position.

As you might have well understood with this approach that 50% of your income will be spent on necessities.

This includes your basic stuff. Moreover, these necessities include your bills and fees, instalments and grocery bills.

Most certainly, you have to make sure that you do not spend more than 30% on any of your wants.

And then 20% will be solely and exclusively dedicated to your savings!

These savings will help you to pay your debt. This is the kind of simple budget planning that you should pursue you.

And then, in the long run, you can add up more calculated stuff in your budget preparation routine.

With the follow up of this routine and all these mentioned guidelines, you will be able to make your debt a manageable debt.

There will create a room for your savings and you will be able to retire and live the rest of your life comfortably.

While you have immersed yourself in this phase of budget planning, then you have to avoid some of the common mistakes.

You need to enter in this process as a perfectionist. Do not make this process as an imperfect process for you.

There might be a chance that this budget planning will not work for you in the initial months, do not get demotivated and discouraged.

You will for sure get suitable experience in the initial months and be able to get useful benefits from your budget planning routine.

Most importantly, there is no need to make unrealistic expectations from this process.

If these expectations will not meet, then you will become frustrated. Besides, your overall budgeting has to be based on the gross income approach.

Consider entering all of the big changes in your budget plan.

Finally, you need to review and assess your budget planning every single month.

This way, you will know where you are going right and where you are going wrong.

This review will help you in making needed adjustments. Moreover, you can further improve your budget preparation phase by doing,

This review will tell you whether you have overspent or not.


This is how all beginner level budgeters out there can get on start with their budgeting practice.

So, if you are budgeting for the very first time, then make sure you keep in mind all of these important tips.

Furthermore, you do not have to get panic while you make a budget for first time. This is an easy and simple job to do.

 If you manage to become a successful budgeter, then we guarantee you that you will likely not be facing any financial worries.

The above-mentioned guide is all about giving you a solid and well-balanced financial piece of advice.

Instead of becoming heavy spenders, you need to become savers now. This is possible if you start budgeting from today onwards.

Moreover, upon making a budget, you will be able to get a roadmap as to how you are going to spend your hard-earned kind of income.

Even more, through budgeting, you will be in a position to realize about your spending limits.

It is high time that all of you start to spend and save your money in a responsible manner.

So, opt for this guide plan. If you have more questions on budgeting, ask us and keep in touch with us,