Is Chaseso Scam? A Guide

Chaseso is one of the women’s major brands. Moreover, they have brought their success to the internet these days.

So you may find the latest patterns, trends, and styles from your website when you buy. If you’re a vendor, you’re happy to know that your firm has much to spread. 

You must have heard about since they have advertised all over the internet. However, you must read the customers’ reviews to know about it.

The company is offering a wide variety of products to shop from. However, the products are either not getting shipped or are just a way to earn money from people by scamming. 

So, whatever the issue is, we will talk about it in great detail to make sure that you don’t get scammed. 

Here, it’s worth reading the Chaseso reviews, so you know what type of company it is. Moreover, you will see if it’s spending your money or not. 

This article will provide you all the details that you need to know before purchasing Chaseso.


What is Chaseso?


More than four decades ago, the business began out as a shoe manufacturer and grew into a recognized international shoemaker.

Due to their distinctive, creative design and inventive business tactics, they have developed their reputation.

You’ll notice that Chaseso’s most female shoes are comfy and elegant.

They are also available in different colors and sizes. 

With so many possibilities, you can indeed not find anything else in Chaseo’s shoes. There are numerous options.

This shoe business concentrates on providing durable, comfy, and trendy quality footwear.

You must be careful not to compromise the pricing of your items in these respects.

They strive hard to strike a balance between elegance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Is Chaseso a Scam?

It’s a beautiful brand, Chaseso. The company has assured about the high quality of its shoes’ longevity and the comfort it offers.

The internet is the ideal place to visit if you want to receive the most significant discounts online.

Over the years, Chase has built its name and is now one of the market’s leading brands.

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Chaseso Reviews By Customers:

Reviews By Customers

Customer # 01:

One customer reported that chaseso is a scam company with prices too reasonable to believe.

Moreover, they had to open up a case with PayPal to get their money refunded. 

Furthermore, the phone number was not in service, and they never answered their emails. Consequently, it took over a month to get their money back.

Finally, however, the company stated that it is from overseas and the person collecting your money is Latoya Benford.

Customer # 02:

Now, Another customer said that they ordered their package over two weeks ago.

So, the website says that the item ships fast. However, the company has no option for expedited delivery. 

Therefore, they are waiting for the item to be delivered to them.

However, the customer has a tracking number, but it just says that USPIS is waiting for the thing. Moreover, it’s been saying that for weeks.

Furthermore, it was a summer item, and summer may be over by the time it gets to them. Therefore, the customer is very disappointed and wants their money back. 

Customer # 03:

Now, Another customer ordered a bike for $69.99, and it has been shipped.

However, they got their tracking number and are currently waiting for it to get there.

Now, this customer has decided to give them a chance, and they will soon update once they receive their order.

Customer # 04:

Yet, Another customer said that they wish they checked the reviews first. They bought an 88-key digital keyboard for an admittedly low price.

Moreover, they have already paid for it and are now worried about their money.

However, the company told them that they would get their package in a week. But there is no sign of shipping according to the tracking system.

Moreover, the customer wrote approximately three emails and never got an email back. However, the company guarantees that they reply within 24 hours. But since it has been three days, the customer has lost hope. 

Now, the customer also got a fake phone number. However, it has an extra digit which indicates that it is unreachable and you will never get a callback.

Now, the only option this customer has is to write to Paypal and ask to get their money back.

The customer regards this as wasting time and energy, and honestly, I can’t blame them.

The customer us extremely upset and disappointed for not going online to check reviews first.

Customer # 05:

Another customer got scammed like everyone else. Now, they bought a high-end, name-brand BMX bike for a steal. So, the absolute value was how they took their cash.

Moreover, they never sent a receipt to the customer. However, they got a receipt from PayPal with a tracking number. 

But they sent the bike to another part of the country to an address in Florida. However, the customer is in California.

So, the customer has decided to wait for a few weeks like everyone else and request a refund from PayPal.

So the customer has advised that the website is a scam, so don’t buy anything from them.

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My Take On Chaseso:


You may get your Chaseso shoes from the convenience of your own home, as the business started producing online shoes.

Moreover, you don’t have to travel to the stores any more trouble and waste of time.

Furthermore, you don’t have too much to spend on gas or car parks.

When you want to buy shoes, you can browse online and look for a suitable pair of Chaseso shoes to match your budget.

In addition, the firm offers various online discount packages that save you much more.

Chaseso is also adept at not making any profit from the selling of its items. The poor receive all the profits.

The brand has no direct investors and is therefore subject to very minimal overhead costs. Moreover, it is why more individuals buy and take advantage of this brand online.

This Chaseso review would assist you in making a better choice. 

Good luck!