DealDash Review: How Does it Work? ([year] Guide)

Today, we are sharing a complete DealDash review and how does DealDash works. You can use it as a website or as a mobile application. It is used for bidding in auctions.

Want to know the kicker in it?

There are many other sites for auction but you will get to know that Deal Dash is the best. The offers and features that it provides makes it better than others.

Let’s get started, Without taking more of your precious time we will first head towards DealDash.


What Is DealDash?

What Is DealDash

DealDash is an auction site for the bidding fee. You can do the shopping and bid on e-commerce auctions using DealDash mobile app. It has a wide range of products on which you can bid.

You can get products in an amazing price range using DealDash. You can even get 99% off on a product. Only one person will get this opportunity in an auction. The whole process of how does DealDash works will be explained further in the review.

It is like other auction websites that make a large amount of money by selling bids. The company makes more money when you bid more. Many people buy bids in the form of packs. DealDash gets a benefit of $5 when you buy bids.

DealDash is the most reviewed website. It has 4.29 stars rating from almost 4,104 reviews. Many customers are satisfied with their purchases from DealDash. For this reason, it occurs in the top 3 auction sites.

Is it Safe and Legit to use DealDash?

The answer is Yes. It is an honest and quite fair auction site. But this site does not give better deals to buy products.

What Sets DealDash Apart:

What Sets DealDash Apart

DealDash is different from other auction sites. It takes a risk by offering a deal to its customers. According to the deal, the people who lose the auction can get their all bids back if they purchase the product.

Customers will not get any discount on that specific product they have to buy at the retail price. If they want to get their bids back without any cost.

While on other auction sites do not give the “Buy It Now and Get ” offer. When one person wins the auction, other people will lose all the money they spend on bids.

Only those people who can purchase the product at full price participate in an auction. So, there is no drawback to DealDash. If you have enough money you can buy a bid to get into an auction.

In case you lose the auction you can get all your bids back without paying any money. You can get bids back by purchasing the product at retail price.

If you bid on other sites there are more chances that you will lose money. This is why knowing how does DealDash works can save you a great deal of money without a doubt.

Only DealDash gives you this feature so that you can save money.

Features of DealDash:

Here are some more features of DealDash that sets it apart from other auction sites.

  • If you are new to DealDash. You can try it for free. DealDash gives a full refund within 90 days when you buy your first product.
  • There is no shipping cost on any product.
  • You get the products from trusted sources.
  • All the products are brand new. You will get the original warranty that the manufacturer gives.
  • Keeps the audience engaged by providing a user-friendly interface. When a user becomes the highest bidder in the auction the bar gets to fill up.
  • DealDash levels up the customer when its progress bar gets filled.
  • With the increase in the level, customer chances also increase to win an auction. Each week there are more chances that they can win an auction.
  • There is a limit to win products. One customer only wins three products in a week. Gamification helps DealDash in engaging their customers.

These are some of the features of DealDash that will allow you to know how does DealDash works and how you can profit from it.

Special Features of DealDash: 

To attract people’s attention towards DealDash offers some cool features.

This gives you an insight into how does DealDash works and how these special features help in gaining more customers.

1- Free Bids:

When you increase your level in DealDash you get free Bids as a reward. Also, after filling up the time meter you receive free bids.

2- Badges:

There are some tasks on DealDash.

These tasks include:

  • Win an auction
  • Mark the second place in the auction
  • Post reviews on the DealDash panel.

You will get recognition after receiving a badge. Also, you will get free bids as a reward.

It will all be possible if you know how does DealDash works and how you can dominate it.

3- Bid Buddy:

It helps you to decide on putting bids to the auction. You can set the bid rate and relax.

With the help of bid buddies, you do not have any need to sit for the auction to get the products.

4- Promotions:

DealDash has great deals for auction. The most useful deal is the 50% off deal.

You can only avail and use this type of deal if you know how does DealDash works.

How DealDash Works?

DealDash has a complete system on which it works. It is better to know how does DealDash works. It gives you an edge to perform better while you are using it. 

You need to know some things so that you can easily buy bids or win on DealDash.

  1. Buy Bids
  2. Place a bid on a specific product
  3. When a bid has placed the countdown for auction is reset to 10 sec
  4. The person wins who bid in last when the clock time is ending.

Any customer can place their bid during the clock countdown. When a person bid for the product countdown starts for only 10 secs.

The clock starts countdown when the person places a big bid. If there is no higher bid then the countdown ends and the last person wins.

Free Bids on DealDash:

You can also get free bids on DealDash. The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to get free bids.

  1. Go to the Facebook page of DealDash. You will see offers and product promotions that DealDash updates on regular basis.
  2. Write your complete Bio
  3. People who bid high can get free bids easily
  4. You can exchange your winning products into bids if you do not want them.
  5. Avail “Buy It Now” offer to get your bids back that you lost in an auction.

Cancelation Process on DealDash:

If for some reason you want back your bid you can cancel DealDash.

  • On the top of the page click Settings.
  • Click the Payments option.
  • Click on the Manage pre-approved payment option.
  • Then click on Cancel.

Bids are purchased in the form of a bid pack. This pack contains a minimum of 100 bids. It is better to buy a bid pack before the auction starts. 

DealDash provides many offers to make it easy for you to buy bids. You can buy a bid for almost 60 cents.

So if you know the right ways of how does DealDash works, you can perform better and win big.

1. Purchase Bids:

In general, bids are credits that customers purchase to take part in an auction. A single bid cost you 60 cents.

But you can buy it at a low price when DealDash makes a discount on it. If you buy a bid at a discount rate then it will only cost you 12 cents.

There are multiple sizes of bid packs. Users can buy it according to his wish. Each bid is used to buy a specific product in an auction.

2. Place Bid on products:

DealDash set the price of the auction product to $0. The price of a product increases when a user places a bid on it. The product price increases by 1 cent for every bid.

The final price of the item depends upon the number of bids that are placed on it. This amount is usually much smaller than its retail price.

If somehow you lose the auction even after using most of your bids. Then there is no need to worry. You can recover your all bids without paying a single amount to the DealDash.

To get back your bids, you have to buy that specific product at its retail price.

When you buy the product you automatically get all the bids back in your account.

It is the only way to get your bid’s money back.

How Does DealDash Make Money?

How Does DealDash Make Money

DealDash makes money from the following sources.

They are listed as follows:

  • Bids that customer buy
  • The “Buy it Now” offer
  • The investor funding

The most revenue generated by the “Buy it Now” offer. When people buy a product at retail price to save their bids. Users can buy a bid at a discount rate of 12 cents and a full rate of 60 cents.

Revenue is also generated when users place more bids on a single bid. More bids mean a higher price. DealDash makes revenue when the product is sold at the maximum amount.

Also, DealDash gets an affiliate commission. On every sale that is made on the DealDash site, it gets paid from the brand.

DealDash constantly made offers to engage its users. It helps DealDash to earn more from large traffic.

There are almost 15 million people that use DealDash to buy products in the auction.

Also, it is noticed that DealDash made a revenue of $2 million from investors.

This is why you need to learn how does DealDash works so that you will also be able to earn more money through DealDash.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods11

There is no sales tax on the products that you buy from DealDash. It always offers every type of payment method to provide you ease.

The whole process gets much easier for users who know how does DealDash works.

Complaints Toward DealDash:

DealDash is used by many people all around the globe. But in 2017 it faced a controversy. Some people claim that DealDash sells products in the name of a good brand.

It claims that in “Buy It Now” DealDash increases the amount of price that is greater than the actual price. If you search for the same product on Amazon you will see much lower prices. 

Moreover, it is said that DealDash shows products from such brands that do not even exist in reality. It is easy for others to short their bid time.

DealDash only offers 10 secs to place a new bid. You have to spend many bids to get a single product. Sometimes you spend more bids on a product that is available in the market at a low price.

Sometimes you get a system locked up with an error that stops you from placing a new bid. During this time other customers place bids and you automatically lose the auction.

Because of its many user’s auctions, it takes a lot of time to end. This process is tiring that you want to leave it. When the auction ends you receive an email, which says that this product has been sold.


it’s your choice. You can get your bids back by purchasing the product at retail price or just leave it. It’s a difficult choice.

If you spend fewer bids then just bear the loss of some bids instead of purchasing that product. Because buying a product will cost you more.

DealDash is the best auction website. It sets a $0 price for the auction products. It can be set to the low as well as high from its retail price.

Only people that like biding come to these sites. If you lose the auction you can refund your bids.

This is the best facility that no other website offers. By purchasing that product on which you bid. You can get all your bids back that you can use in other auctions.

DealDash keeps it fair for all its customers to win the auction. One user can only win three products in a week.

But, some people find DealDash as a scam. They think that it sells poor quality products. DealDash shows those brand names that do not even exist. It is better to know how does DealDash works.

These are the allegations that were put in 2017. It is now in 3rd place on auction websites.

There is also a DealDash panel where you can post your review and get a reply from the team within 24 hours. You can clear your queries there.