Digit or Acorns – Which Savings App is Right for You?

We have lots of money-saving apps these days but to shortlist the best one; it is a difficult task for all of us.

Here we have chosen the best two money savings apps for you and we have also provided you with their comparison.

So, check out this Digit vs Acorns comparison and let us know which app meets your expectations. Furthermore, we have mentioned a complete review of them.

Moreover, you can have a look at their benefits, pros, and cons.

It is high time to make a conscious and responsible effort and start to save money wisely.

From these below-mentioned details of Digit vs Acorns comparison, you will get an idea which app excel and beat the other one:


Digit Review:

Digit Review

You might be wondering what the main function is performed by this Digit app, here you can know about that.

Most importantly, automating your savings, this is one of the major and primary functions that is performed by this app.

This Digit vs Acorns guide is going to tell how this subjected and respective app works!

This app basically and generally look into your spending habits and then determine how much is the total ideal amount that you can set aside for yourself in the form of savings.

Furthermore, these savings are put and placed right in the Digit savings fund. Moreover, this app does not need any input or contribution from your side.

It process and carries out these algorithms and calculations on its own. This app analyzes and assesses your money-spending practices and gives its input.

It thoroughly and keenly observes your spending habits. Hence, if you are interested in opting for this savings habit, then it is time to kickstart this routine of yours.

As explained in this Digit vs Acorns guide, this is a useful app and helps you in reaching and fulfilling your savings goals.

The Working Mechanism of Digit:

You need to understand that the Digit app is available and comes in the form of a savings account app.

In addition, it is FDIC insured and you are free to keep your savings in it up to the limit of 250,000 dollars.

It comes with no investment risk. Besides, its account setting up process is pretty much easy and quick to follow.

This app all works on logic as explained and illustrated in this Digit vs Acorns guide. This app decides and determines on its own how much you can save and spend daily.

If you make a regular income and pay for regular expenses, then this app is suitable and ideal for you.

Most importantly, it is in this FDIC insured savings account that your money is kept safe and secured. Even more, your money is not going to be lost if you have kept them in the Digit app account.

If you do not feel like investing in any market and wants to save as well. Then try using Digit app.

Upon becoming a member of this Digit money-saving app, the first 100 days are going to be free of cost. And after that, you are going to be charged with 2.99 dollars monthly.

Below you can see more of the details on this Digit vs Acorns money-saving app comparison.

Acorns Review:

Acorns Review

Now, let us have a look at the details of Acorns money-saving app review.

This Digit vs Acorns comparison gives you this understanding that Acorns is both marked as a savings app and also an investing app. It works and runs itself on the financial adviser platform.

Once you start using this app, then you are going to notice and experience that no conscious and hard efforts are demanded from the applicant side.

With the help of it, you can invest and pour your money in diverse and extensive numbers of the stock portfolio.

By using your mobile phone, you can easily connect this Acorns app right with your bank account and even with your credit card.

Most certainly, this is the kind of app that fully and properly tracks your spending habits and practices.

As soon as your dedicated savings account will start to grow and improve, then this spending will be moved into your investment account.

This app works on this rule that the more you are going to spend, the more you can save and be able to invest.

This Digit vs Acorns guide is clearly stating this fact and the important stat that Acorns app is now managing to attract millennials. 

The Working Mechanism of Acorns:

This app is made and designed for a broader set of audience range as explained and illustrated in this Digit vs Acorns guide.

As this app is an investment, there is a risk that you may lose your money if you invest in stocks and bonds.

Their monthly fee is 1 dollar for all those account holders who have fewer than 5000 dollars in their account.

On the other hand, if your account amount is over 5000 dollars, then you are charged with a 0.25% rate annually.

Now, this below-mentioned explanation on Digit vs Acorns is going to tell you which money-saving app is better and more appropriate for you.

Which App is Better?

Below you can see a few of the critically important points and these points will tell you who is the winner and emerged victoriously in which of the categories:

Which One is Better at Making Automated Savings?

First of all, we are going to assess in this Digit vs Acorns comparison which of them are better in making automated savings?

To make use of this digit app, you have to link this respective app with any of your checking accounts or with your debit card.

And when you get connected with this app, then it will be going to monitor and keep an eye on all of your spending activities.

As soon as this app sees and find out an opportunity to make some savings, then it takes cash from your account and set it aside in your savings fund.

This Digit vs Acorns guide tells us that it is right after each three to five days that this saving processing is carried out.

While connecting with the Acorns app, you can either use your credit card or debit card. As an example, if you have bought a lunch pack that costs 7.50 dollars but your card deducts 9 dollars.

Then this 0.50 dollars amount is put into your Acorns saving account.

We can say that both of these apps are better and work appropriately when it comes to savings.

Which One is Better in Terms of Features and Benefits?

Below you can see which app possesses a more extensive number of features and benefits in it.

This Digit vs Acorns guide is going to give you a clear idea:

Digit App Features:

Digit App Features


Firstly, we are going to discuss the aspect of security. We have seen that the Digit app is far more secure to use as compared to Acorns.

This Digit vs Acorns comparison conveys this important fact that the Digit app has more top-notch security features in it.

Most importantly, this Digit app is encompassed by a maximum number of state of the art encryption features and measures in it.

It gives the kind of security and protection likewise the military department makes use of.

Hence, the Digit app is comparatively secure to use as compared to Acorns. Furthermore, this app tends to hold all of your personal information safely and soundly.

It holds and secures your bank detailed information. Even more, your funds and money are going to remain secure in this app.

So, this Digit vs Acorns guide explains that the Digit app is the winner in this category.

Earn Savings Bonuses:

It is this Digit app that gives you savings bonuses if you are going to use this app for consecutive three months, how amazing it is!

By looking at the details of this Digit vs Acorns comparison, you can see that such a feature is not present in the Acorns app.

This bonus comes automatically into your account and you also get these annualized savings bonus right at the rate of 1%.

Now, you can well see which app is the winner in giving bonuses and according to this Digit vs Acorns explanation, we have Digit app turned out to be a winner.

Compatible for iPhone and also Android:

The last aspect that makes this Digit app a promising and catchy money-saving app!

It is that this app is compatible and available for both of these iPhone and Android devices.

It is for this main reason that this Digit vs Acorns comparison has made and declared Digit app a clear winner in this category.

Acorns Features:

Acorns Features

Round-up Multiplier Feature:

We all know that this money-saving got launched in 2014 and since then it has created so much hype and excitement among its users.

Using this app is a better option for you because it has useful features in it as mentioned in this Digit vs Acorns guide.

It consists of a round-up multiplier feature in it. Through this feature, this app can round up the total cost for each of the purchases that you made.

This app further multiplies all of the amounts that eventually and sooner go into your savings account and investment account.

It is for this exclusive reason Acorns app is more desirable for you and this same verdict is also given in this Digit vs Acorns comparison.

Checking Account Feature:

Moving to more of the details of this Digit vs Acorns in-detail comparison, we like to tell you that the Acorns app is composed and injected with a checking account too.

This account comes and is accompanied by a debit card. While connecting and linking this debit card right with your Acorns account, then you are allowed to utilize that account for investing purposes.

Furthermore, this is a great feature that is not pretty much seen in other money-saving apps.

Even more, this app is the official partner of lots of brands. Like we have Apple and Samsung and to Walmart and Hilton.

Other Popular Money-Saving Apps:

Apart from using Digit and Acorns, we have some other options for you available in the form of a money-saving app.

Meanwhile, you explore this guide on Digit vs Acorns, below you can see their alternatives:



Firstly, we have this Chime app for you. Note down that this app is marked as an iOS mobile banking app.

This same app is identified and categorized as an Android mobile banking app as well. Besides, this app is included with a spending account.

You get a debit card along with it. This app is FDIC insured and takes care of your funds and money in a secure way.

With the use of the Chime app, you can have a look at your transactions immediately and can track your spendings all in one go.

Clarity Money App:

Clarity Money App

Then we have this clarity money app for our readers. It is one of the exclusive and highly opted apps these days.

Most importantly, this app shows you a clear difference in terms of wise spending and wasteful spending.

In addition, it is free to use and tells you about the smart and creative ways to negotiate your bills.

Qapital App:

Qapital App

How about using this Qapital app! This app is great to be used by beginners.

You can learn a lot from this app and it devises the smartest ways for you to save money.

Furthermore, it gives you some of the productive lessons regarding goal-setting.

Through the use of this app, you can learn how small amounts can help you in making big savings.

Mint App:

Mint App

This Mint app not only helps you in doing savings it tells you how to make a proper budget.

It guides you on maximizing your savings in the best way.

Walla.by App:

Walla.by App

This Walla. by the app is a kind of app that allows you to think intelligently and creatively that how you can make more and more savings.

This one is a mobile device app. It carries a browser extension and is available in the form of a website too.

It tells you the right ways of using credit cards.

Honey App:

Honey App

The honey app works in the form of a browser extension. Moreover, it can run and operate on all kinds of devices.

This app coaches and schools you on how to spend less whenever you are shopping online.

Viggle App:

Viggle App

This is one of the clever money-saving apps. 

It functions and runs by allowing the user to watch a show and in return, he or she earns points.

You can then use these points at places like that of Starbucks to get a cup of coffee instead of spending 5 dollars.

You Need a Budget App:

The last money-saving app option we have for you is this you need a Budget app.

It comprises an easy to use budget interface and schools you important it is to make savings.

So, once you read the guide on this Digit vs Acorns comparison and list of other money-saving apps, you can share with us which app interests you a lot!

Digit vs Acorns Summary:

Moving to the last part, here you can check out our final verdict.

Starting from Digit, this is a great app that helps and assists you in making these automated savings. No special and heavy effort is needed from your side.

You get an annualized savings bonus upon using Digit and this is one of the biggest perks offered by it.

This Digit vs Acorns guide tells us that the monthly fees of the Digit app are just 2.99 dollars monthly which is pretty much affordable.

Coming to the Acorns app, this is far more budget-friendly than the Digit app.

It only charges a dollar monthly and that is an extremely cheap and cost-friendly bargain that you can go for.

This app gives you a free checking account along with the provision of an investment account.

For small-scale investors and also for newbie beginners, Acorns is an ideal app for them. It helps out all non-savers in the best possible manner.

So, what are you thinking now after reading out the guide and in-detail comparison on Digit vs Acorns? Share with us your final decision.

You can let us know about your feedback on who is the winner according to you!

We are almost sure and confident that you will agree with our reasoning and justification.


We can say that both of these apps are excellent and amazing money-saving apps for you.

They are packed with many useful features and infused with a little number of downsides. If you have not saved a single penny in your life, then now is the right time to do.

Get complete guidance from this Digit vs Acorns explanation and decide which app you want to use and start on your saving journey.

If we are going to come across more useful money-saving app options, we are going to inform and review them for you.

Keep connected with us as more useful and authentic comparison guides are coming up.