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Fitness Side Hustle You Can Start To Do On Your Spare Time

What is a Fitness Side Hustle?

Generally speaking, a side hustle is like an activity you do to get paid apart from your main profession. Personal training as a side is one of the most common examples of this.

However, there are actually a lot of other fitness side hustle options if you think you have a lot of time and versatility.

Read on and find out what options you have if you’ve been thinking about trying outside jobs to make extra money.

How to become a Fitness Trainer?

Let’s talk about being a fitness trainer. First, you need to be knowledgeable about all things that make a person physically fit.

To make a good impression, you must walk the talk – meaning you need to look like you work out yourself. Think of yourself as your own walking marketing tool.

Lastly, you need to get some certification that proves you are proficient in your area of expertise. If you teach martial arts, you should be a licensed instructor. A registration certificate is needed if you have a fitness brand.

Are group sessions your forte? Get referrals from your past clients.

Training as a side hustle from your local gym gig can be lucrative, but only if you’re able to land clients.

Venturing into the Fitness Industry: Becoming a Personal Trainer

Do you think all those fitness influencers on Insta and Tiktok only earn from commissions and royalties? That’s probably just their passive income.

One very possible job they do is being a fitness coach. If they have the skills to turn themselves into a human model, they can probably turn other people into the same perfect specimen. It’s actually a very good marketing scheme.

Imagine seeing someone with your perfect body offering to turn yours into the same for a minimal fee a month. Wouldn’t you want to sign up? They’re already living proof they can.

Entering into the fitness industry is very challenging because there are a lot of people who try in this field. The key to being successful is to get all the basics covered like:

  • You need to have a fit body for your potential clients to trust you
  • You need proper certifications to prove your expertise
  • You should get referrals and recommendations when you can
  • You could set up your own online classes at the start to serve as a sample for your prospects
  • You have to be consistent and not give up

Ways to Make Money as a Fitness Instructor

What happens when I start a fitness career? How can I make money as a personal trainer?

These are questions you will ask yourself at the start. Here are some common ways to earn extra money as a personal fitness instructor.

Fitness Class

The most common way to start in the industry as an instructor is to hold paid classes. They can be as short as 30-minutes sessions or longer like how fitness boot camps.

It is nice if you have training as a group fitness instructor since a lot of exercise-conscious individuals come along with their peers.

Those that can afford to pay for a private session will not have second thoughts about dishing out cash for exclusive service.

Fitness Blog

Another good example of a side hustle you can start today is creating your own blog. This is where your fitness knowledge shines the most even if your body is not beach-ready yet.

You’ll get a good following if you delve into social media platforms that feature your niche. What you need to focus on is providing unique and informative blogs to your audience so that they keep coming back to your site for more advice.

Fitness Products

It’s possible to make your own products even if you are just starting. If you have the cash to spare, you can start with something small by finding a reliable and cheap supplier.

If you don’t have money but think your product idea is the real deal, you can find investors. This requires more thorough preparation, but the end goal will be amazing.

Once your product picks up in the market, that’s long-term passive income for you.

Workout Videos

A side hustle isn’t something you need to put a lot of hours into. If you’ve been holding classes, you can get a good recording camera to record your sessions for your students to revisit online.

Once you get a good reputation in the industry, you can then ask for a subscription or access fee to watch your recorded sessions. It’s a win-win with little effort for a personal training side hustle.

fitness side hustle dog walking

Thinking about Dog Walking as a Side Job?

Ever thought of dog walking as a lucrative fitness side hustle? Think again.

Picture this scenario. You wake up around 5 am in the morning on a typical day with nothing to do until your shift at the gym at 9 am. Compare this to waking up at 5 am walking a dog for about 30 minutes for $25. You now have an extra $25 dollars every morning.

Imagine if you can walk 5 dogs together. That’s $125 dollars in just 30 minutes daily! You’ll be earning minimum wage just by working 30 minutes a day. It won’t even feel like work at all.

Have you tried Online Personal Training? Teaching Fitness Digitally

One way to make money on the side as a fitness trainer is by recording fitness Youtube videos. The platform is free and you get to reach millions of people around the world. We are now in the digital age. Why not take advantage?

Of course, there are some important things to prepare before you go into an online personal training side hustle.

  • You need good filming equipment to make sure your videos are clear.
  • You need to have some basic video editing skills to personalize your videos and make them more interesting.
  • You will need a proper studio to record your sessions.
  • You also need to get fit to the best of your abilities. Admittingly, there are hundreds of attractive fitness Youtubers online. How do you offer better value? First, be on par physically. And then, get ahead by providing effective and useful fitness advice.
  • You need to get expert digital marketing advice to make your online presence more noticeable.

10 Fitness Business Side Hustles To Make Extra Income

Here are ten great side hustle examples you can try:

  1. Dog Walking
  2. Paid online classes
  3. Exclusive fitness sessions
  4. Modeling side gig
  5. Product/Service Endorsement
  6. Selling own fitness stock photos
  7. Creating a Youtube Channel
  8. One-on-one fitness instruction
  9. Walk/Run Group
  10. Meal Preparation

Top Profitable Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Now

Starting a profitable side hustle depends on your skills and luck. Say for example the most lucrative side hustle out there – Youtube. You can have the best videos and concepts, but you need to be discovered by people first.

In other words, you need to be trending. In order for that to happen, someone with good reach should take notice of you and spread the word. After that stroke of luck, you’ll be on your way to reaching more and more people on the web.

The best side hustles to earn extra income are all online. First, it is cost-effective. The less you spend, the more profit you get. Gettings clients online are also easy because you get the chance of reaching out to millions of people.

Compare that to a few hundred on your street and your chances will surely go up. Thus if you start an online exercise subscription service, you get more prospects to share your fitness knowledge.

Start earning today by reaching out to fitness products. If you’re confident you can improve their marketing through modeling or giving industry advice, then take your chance.

Becoming a fitness instructor is just the foundation. You can do a digital fitness course and promote any product you like. You may get paid royalties or commissions depending on your agreement.

fitness side hustle

Top Fitness Side Hustles in Popular Fitness Niches


No fitness plan is complete without the proper diet. Thus, serious people pay a lot to the people behind their daily meals. If you are good at meal prep and planning diets based on targets, this is the perfect job for you.

You can also do food delivery service for a restaurant popular with health-conscious individuals. Better yet, you can start your own healthy restaurant or food service.

Senior Fitness Training

There are a lot of considerations involved when you train people high up in age. It’s a different world because you need to drop the typical fitness stigma – do more when you start feeling it in the body.

With veterans and retirees, you need to be careful not to overexert their fragile bodies. However, you also need to make sure they maintain the muscles they need to move better. It’s one of the fitness industry’s highly-paid services.

Body Sculpting

Many fitness enthusiasts just try to reach a target weight. The most serious bunch have an ideal body in mind. This means they are willing to pay top dollar and work extra hours to get that dream shape.

One of the best side jobs in the fitness market is personalized lifestyle consultancy. You do this by providing tailor-fit advice related to fitness to your select clients. Due to the demands of the job, most people in this career only cater to less than 5 clients at a time.

Some even get hired full-time by just one person. Think of popular celebrities and personalities who have their own exclusive personal trainer.


In conclusion, starting a fitness side hustle is a great way to make money in your spare time, while also staying active and healthy. You don’t need much to get started; just some motivation, an idea of what you want to do, and the confidence to put yourself out there.

With a bit of hard work and dedication, you can soon start making some extra income from your own fitness business. From teaching classes to offering virtual sessions, the possibilities are endless.

Start making money with personal training sessions. A great fitness side hustle should make you start earning money doing what you love. Start one by using this article as a guide. Good luck!

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