Forthright Surveys – A Scam or a Legit Way to Make Money

Many individuals have a lot of fun conducting paid surveys, and you may make some additional cash. However, your investigation is worthwhile because many of these sites are frauds.

In this review, I will address the subject (it is a fraud) and explain who you are, what you may anticipate, and what you are doing if you register.

Almost everyone may subscribe to websites for surveys and start to make money. So you may earn money by taking home surveys irrespective of your talents or education.

There are so many survey sites that it might be challenging to determine which one deserves your time and which one you should miss.

Forthright surveys are one survey site you might have heard of.

What is Forthright?


Forthright Surveys is an online market research firm that honors and expresses the people’s views that do online surveys.

Easy enough, doesn’t it seem? Just reply to few questions and make money?

However, specific surveys are less trustworthy, and Forthright is sadly suffering from many of the same problems as other paid surveys, which I’ll get into shortly.

You might recall a business named innoPoll if you’re familiar with internet surveys and did them for a time. Typically they have obtained excellent feedback from the most prominent inspection firm. They were renamed Forthright surveys in July 2017.

Some say they were the superior firm before the branding, having read a lot of Forthright evaluations.

Forthright operates and is located in New York City by Bovitz Inc.

How Do You Handle It?

Forthright surveys works like most online surveying firms with customers that would want your comments and thoughts. Surveys are being prepared, e-mailed, and first sent – first-served – are accessible.

It’s free to sign up for Forthright and more straightforward than others. Just enter your e-mail for survey invites and keep a watch on your inbox.

For Whom Is Forthright?

Paying surveys seldom pay more than a few dollars. Thus, Forthright surveys is for those who have a lot of time and only need enough money to meet a payment, purchase many coffees or pay for gasoline.

For whom is it not?

Some “professional” survey participants join up for hundreds of websites to answer questions over their days. But they nevertheless have only limited earning potential.

If you dislike your work or are concerned about the future economy and are searching for something serious that offers a comprehensive income, Forthright surveys won’t be with you.

The advantage of internet money is that you use the web. You may make something once and receive payment for it again and again. Passive revenue earned.

Getting paid surveys income offers you zero leverage. Only once will you be compensated.

I can’t speak for everybody, but most individuals (including myself) would like to generate passive revenue.

Is Forthright a Scam?

Forthright a Scam

No, it sure is not a hoax. 

That said, two annoying problems exist with paid survey businesses that some survey makers often accept, while others seem like a flat-out fraud, a purposeful attempt to steal your time and views.

1. You Are Not Eligible:

The most significant problem with Forthright surveys (and other paid survey firms) is eligibility.

You’ll get a notice saying you don’t qualify (but it’s AFTER that you’ve answered questions from the survey), for example, when you fill out a study on a particular subject or brand.

And if the survey was finished or not, those who do not qualify are unpaid.

It’s typically because of this if people label Forthright surveys a scam.

But you may look it up in two ways.

From the standpoint of Forthright, a reliable research firm is responsible for providing its customers with accurate (and relevant) data.

Therefore questions about surveys are generally prepared for self-screening, meaning that they not only gather the information they need but also identify the suitable individuals to do their study.

But the correct demographic doesn’t fit everybody. For instance, anybody may “claim” that he is a parent and complete a survey for his relatives, but he dissolves the information if he is lying to gain a little money.

So, at the start of an inquiry, everyone is generally dishonest or doesn’t fit the customer’s goal.

It can be very commonly 30 minutes or more. So, if you don’t qualify, then there are high chances of you not getting paid. It’s pretty likely.

As above, Many surveyors recognize it, and it is considered part of the process.

Others believe that it is a planned strategic approach to defraud and pay off.

2. Full Quota:

Another related problem is that surveys first come and serve first. A customer can buy 100 surveys, but it could be filled by 200 persons if the call goes.

They pay the first hundred, and the rest gets a notification indicating the quota is complete. Once this occurs to someone a few times, it’s simple to see why they’re cheating and calling it a fraud.

Those criticisms are valid and again typical with most investigative sites.

They could not like it to people who spend a lot of time doing surveys. However, as a fact, they embrace it. That way, they get money.

How Much Do You Get For Forthright?


I’ll turn into a more optimistic outlook to lighten the mood

Instead of talking about the regrettable commonalities with most survey businesses, Forthright surveys has some excellent distinctions I’m going to talk about.

Forthright is no longer responsible for the customary ‘points’ and minimum payments.

When you do a survey, they send $3 a survey to your PayPal account. Once you finish the survey, then $3.00 will be sent. Just so simple. 

You don’t have to wait for weeks or even months to reach a minimum threshold.

Depending upon the length and urgency of the survey, payouts range from $1.00 to $5.00.

Forthright also gives a bonus for loyalty. Furthermore, Forthright surveys pays you $2.00 for every three surveys that you complete.

Even if you are excluded from an investigation (or receive the fearful “quota full” notification), unpaid surveys still count towards a loyalty incentive.

However, there are some concerns that this is not always the case and the third-party surveys provided or called ‘partner’ surveys by Forthright are linked to this.

Additional Ways to Make Money:

Forthright surveys provides the odd product test and video survey too, but only individuals who take their surveys could remark and evaluate.

Therefore, these changes probably do not come often, and I wouldn’t expect to receive an invitation.

Most firms promise different ways of gaining money merely as an incentive to have people join, but they seldom supply them.

For sure, I cannot claim that the same goes for Forthright surveys, but I can’t find anybody else to do anything but surveys online.

Forthright Reviews And Complaints:

Forthright Reviews

It is not unexpected that the opinions are a mix of good and evil. Many remarks are mutually contradictory; however, the experience and perception of every person are different.

I’m going through what people say, but you must assess Forthright surveys on your basis at the end of the day (if you join).

The favorable observations are:

In comparison to other survey firms, their questionnaires are quick and uncomplicated.

There are no points, no minimum payment. People enjoy that and immediately get their amount. 

Also popular is the $2.00 loyalty program.

People discuss the complaints

I have mentioned these problems previously regarding disqualification without pay (or a lot of time pass answering inquiries and receiving a ‘quota full’ notice).

Some customers feel that the occasional compensation is “beaten,” so they will continue to come back with further studies (which are not payable) and suspect that Forthright surveys is still paid but keeps all the money.

Poor help to customers, or no support at all in certain situations.

What I Like:

  • The loyalty incentive is unique among sites that you survey, and when it works as it should, the deceit of being rejected can be alleviated.
  • I enjoy there are no points or little reward, like other members. I like that.
  • After each survey, they pay the payments immediately.

What I Don’t Like:

  • There are too many third-party polls and not enough original Forthright surveys. Moreover, it seems to be many problems as more third-party (partner) surveys have started to send out.
  • There is no recommendation scheme and no means to get money to suggest others.
  • Payouts are minimal and have no passive revenue potential (a few dollars at best).

Is Forthright Surveys Worth It?

Forthright Surveys

No Survey Limit Is Available.

You may do as many surveys as you want on the website every day. That’s fantastic since it indicates that the income possibilities here are not limited.

You Can Collect Your Income At Any Moment:

I wouldn’t say I like it when there is a highly high retirement restriction on locations. I mean that even earning $20 before you can payout might be challenging with surveys because you get a few cents or dollars for every survey most of the time.

And some sites have even higher withdrawal limitations — in some cases, $30 or $50.

However, this is not the case with Forthright Surveys.

You can always withdraw your income. The withdrawal limit is not available.

Many Alternatives For Payment Are Available:

The amount of payment choices it gives is another fantastic feature of the site.

You may get your income via PayPal. I always appreciate when PayPal is available on sites because the actual money you can use is always a nice thing, as good as donated cards.

And it is nice to know that some cards are also accessible if you want to receive some gift cards.

Get Incentives For Your Site Surveys:

You will receive loyalty bonuses with your surveys while not being eligible for partner surveys (more on that below). For every three surveys you complete or try, you receive a 2$ loyalty incentive.

So it still counts towards the $2 motivation, even though they reject you for some reason.



Only five reviews were available in the firm. There is, therefore, not an especially large population or enough population to reach a firm agreement on Forthright Surveys.

Forthright Surveys had 2.8 out of five stars, an “average” rating.

Most users complained that they did not have enough surveys accessible, for which one user said:

“Probably the only site I have filtered out from each survey somehow.”

Offers Better Business:

I could not locate a profile for the Forthright surveys in the business office. But for Bovitz, Inc., the company which is doing Forthright Surveys, I discovered a profile. They got a BBB C- rating to Bovitz, Inc. Customers assessed Bovitz, Inc. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

These figures, however, do not relate specifically to the Forthright Surveys, but the company is running the site. But it shows you at least how the parent company is.

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Final Thoughts!

You can avoid the difficulties of complaining if you can skip the “partner” surveys (and perform solely Forthright surveys).

Additionally, a particular person is Forthright (or any paid survey site). There’s not a lot you make, and it isn’t an effective use of your time if you want to replace your work income.

However, surveys may be enjoyable to start if you have struggled to generate money online. The compensation is far too little for me, but I can spend your time in worse ways.

In general, Forthright Surveys appears to be somewhat legitimate.

However, many partner polls on the site appear to be challenging for consumers to qualify.

So. It’s not going to make you probably a tonne of cash. There are other profitable sites, such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Univox, and Qmee. I think you can utilize it.

Both sites include surveys and several prizes, such as money through PayPal and donation vouchers. Qmee pay immediately, and Swagbucks may withdraw your income, depending on the sort of award you pick for a little more than $1 to $5.

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