Green Chef Coupon Code 2022 : Get $40 Off Your First Order

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Have you always wanted to try a meal prep service but not sure if it’s worth the cost?

Here’s your chance to get a few meals for free!

Using my Green Chef Coupon Code, you can now get $40 off your first order at Green Chef!

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What is Green Chef

Green Chef is an organic meal kit subscription service. They use non-GMO and organic foods to provide you a healthy alternative to ordering in.

This means you no longer have to make meal plans, go grocery shopping, or worry about portioning. Green Chef does it all for you.

There are a lot of meal prep services out there. Green Chef stood out to me because of their use of organic ingredients and their focus on sustainability.

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How does Green Chef Work?

First, sign up with this link.

Then, choose your meal plan type. Green Chef offers omnivore, paleo, vegan, and keto meal plans.

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All the ingredients come pre-portioned, prepped and ready to go. Which means, cooking a healthy meal will take no time at all.

In fact, Green Chef says that most of their easy-to-follow recipes are under 30 minutes.

You can get your meals sent to you on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly schedule. You can even skip a week easily if you’re going to be out of town.

The best part about Green Chef is that it makes it super easy to cook restaurant-quality meals. These meals are sure to impress at stay-in date nights!

Green Chef Coupon Code 

👉 As of 2022, here’s my special Green Chef Promo Code that’ll save you $40 off your first order!



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