How to Make $700 Fast [8 LEGIT Ways]

Are you sick and tired of the standard 9-5 and looking for side hustles to make some money fast? Well, you are in the right place as we have got you covered! 

We understand that the regular monthly paydays don’t cut it and your expenses outrank your incomes by a mile or you just earn enough to barely cover your expenses.

When looking for ways to earn up to 700 dollars fast, you can use these tricks and methods to be on top of your financial status. 

These are the 8 Legitimate ways of making $700 dollars quickly: 


1. Make Enormous Profits From Teaching With VIPKid: 

Teaching With VIPKid

Tutoring has been one of the best ways a person can earn these days. 

An average person spends 16 years of their life as they pass through the educational system just to get a degree.

Well, one way you could earn a lot is by tutoring weak students as you help them pass through the Student phase.  

Learning English comes off as a necessity in Asian countries, apart from their own national language.

The Platform VIPKid is a platform based by its owners for people to help teach English to students based in China. This website pays the people who will tutor the children in China. 

This method comes off as rather convenient as you are going to be teaching right out of your house. Here’s the best part: You can even work on your own Terms!

The hourly average earning rate on this website is about 14 Dollars to 18 Dollars. 

This platform is also commendable for paying the tutors extra incentives to keep them happy and motivated. Of course.

The incentives are dependent on a few factors such as how many hours the tutor is spending tutoring the kids.

Now, isn’t that fun? All you have to do is teach English and you earn handsomely for it! And you wont have to put in much work either as well as you can quickly earn the set goals! 

2. Make Money While Doing Entertaining Stuffie:

Money While Doing Entertaining Stuffie

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that pay users for their input.

These websites will pay their users for completing a lot of different tasks such as Playing online games, shopping online for anything.

watching online videos, completing online surveys, completing online offers, Surfing the internet per usual, and many easier to do things. 

When you earn from such websites, they send the earnings made from completed multiple tasks right to your PayPal Account.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a PayPal account, as there are a lot of other services that are supported by such sites. This factor alone is enough to free you of the worry that this is a sham. 

Few of these sites pay their users rather quickly. As a matter of fact, Qmee pays you on the same day!

Unlike a lot of different online websites, these websites also don’t have a bare minimum required by a lot of other earning websites. 

Of course, these sites don’t pay as much as the other options on this list, but these tasks are rather simple and take no time incomplete.

A few of the platforms that you can use to turn to these earning activities are mentioned below: 

3. Earn Quick Money by Delivering Food for Services Like DoorDash:

Earn Quick Money by Delivering Food for Services Like DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service that pays it’s riders a pay of up to $10 per delivery. 

In a food delivery service, a person is able to make money by delivering food to people’s houses. 

This service allows its users to work on their own terms. This will allow you to fit deliveries into your schedule.

A person when delivering with DoorDash earns a base pay that ranges from $2 to $10 for each delivery that they will be completing. 

There are certain factors that will determine whether how much a person is going to earn as the base pay.

These factors include the timings in which the delivery is completed, the distance of the delivery. 

For orders that you need to travel a long distance for, you will be paid more than the closer distance deliveries. 

DoorDash is also condemnable for giving out promotional offers that allow the person to earn more tips and money, hence quickly earning more than 700 dollars

4. Make Money by Babysitting:

Make Money by Babysitting

In America and other parts of the world, babysitters often make good pay.

For anyone that can make a good understanding with the kids and loves to be the one to deal with those little angels, this is the best way of earning money quickly and fast. 

This is also a good way of earning as you can work according to the time that you have available. Due to this factor, this job fits easily into a person’s schedule. 

We recommend using the following websites for finding babysitting gigs, or you can find a few households requiring babysitters in your neighborhood

When working as a babysitter, a person can make money ranging from somewhere between 7 Dollars to 16 Dollars per hour, allowing you to easily achieve the target of earning 700 dollars quickly. 

Some of these websites even pay the person right into their bank accounts, which allow them to save time. Nevertheless, Babysitting is one of the convenient ways a person can make 700 dollars easy.

5. Deliver Food With Postmates for Some Quick Cash ($25 Dollars Plus an Hour!):

As this is a food delivery service, PostMates is one of the best Delivery services for people that want to earn more than 700 dollars quickly. 

This platform pays its deliverers up to $25 dollars for each delivery, in some cases, even more!  

All you need to do is work for 28 hours to reach the target of 700 dollars!

Apart from the high paying factor, one of the important things about Postmates that stands out that it pays the people it works with rather quickly. 

You can work as per your convenience with PostMates which is what makes this Platform a great side hustle for anyone that wants to do more than the standard nine to five.

6. Earn Within Short Periods Working as a Freelancer:

When working as a freelancing writer, a person can easily reach the mark of 700 dollars within just a week! 

But, here’s the thing: Freelancing isn’t as easy as it seems. For being a freelancing writer, you would have to know how to write well.

Apart from being a freelancing writer, there are also a lot of things that a person can do as a freelancer that doesn’t require them to have special skills or qualifications.

As we are talking about Freelancing writer, these are the tasks that a freelancer can do to make the 700 dollar figure easily: 

  • Blog Posts 
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Resumes
  • Social Media
  •  Meta Descriptions 

For freelance writers, the writers are paid at different rates, such as: 

  • Rate Per Word 
  • Rate per hour 
  • Rate Per Article. 

The payment method is different and depends on the client that has hired you to work for them. 

You can also write to private clients. They usually have their own websites or business and require content writers. 

7. Makeup to a Hefty $1000 Dollars as a Petsitter With Rover Within a Month!!

Hefty $1000 Dollars as a Petsitter With Rover

Even for kids looking to earn 700 dollars fast, this is a great solid option!! Many pets are rather comfortable with the kids and the kids and both the grownups can benefit from this service. 

A person can earn up to 1000 dollars within a month with Rover!! 

This is a website where people can find pet-sitters and work for pet-sitting. For taking care of people’s pets, a person will be paid. If being an animal lover is one of your many traits, then this is the job for you! 

A person can work on their terms whenever they want to which makes it a great choice. 

8. Earn up to $25 an Hour as a Virtual Assistant:

If you are looking to earn money from the comfort of your home, then try working as a virtual assistant! 

The job description of a virtual assistant is [retty much the same as the job description of an assistant. The only key difference is that you are going to be working online! 

The average hourly pay rate of virtual assistants differs from $10 dollars to $27 hours. But the average is $15. At this rate, you will be able to clear the 700 dollars goal within mere weeks! 


There are a lot of different ways to make more than 700 dollars quickly. Now, It is highly likely that a method won’t work for you but will work for someone else. 

Nevertheless, out of so many methods, we tried and found these eight methods to be the quickest ways to earn up to $700 dollars quickly. 

If you have more Tips to earn $700 dollars quickly, then share them with us as your tip might also help someone else as well!