3 Smart Reasons For Using A Loan To Pay Off Credit Cards – Strategies That Works In [year]

Credit cards are indeed a very convenient innovation and an easy way to earn points and miles.

But, if you are not careful,  you could be spending more than you could afford and end up with a big balance that will be difficult to pay back.

However, it gets easy for you to pay off your personal finances as quickly as possible when you have built up balances on a single or more credit card.

In this article, we will be talking about 3 smart reasons for using a loan to pay off credit cards debt.

The strategies that we have discussed in this article will surely work for you, so you don’t need to worry about it.

All you need to do is to read the whole article with complete focus so that you don’t miss some important point. 

Since a personal loan is the most common way that most people choose to pay off their debts, everything we will be talking about in this article will be keeping this in mind.

All the benefits and strategies will merge into it. 

So let’s get started:


Lower Interest Rate

Interest Rate

Lower interest rate is the most prominent advantage of a personal loan over credit cards.

Luckily, in most circumstances, you can easily get a personal loan with an interest rate much below as compared to what you are paying for your credit card.

Considering this idea will help you save a lot of money every month from your balance. 

If you want to compare two loans, then APR ( annual percentage rate) is your best option.

If you are successful in getting a loan at a lower interest rate, then you will be paying less for each dollar you borrow every month.

Moreover, irrespective of your balance, choosing a lower APR will always help you save money if you are moving your balance from one month to another. 

Fewer Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments

If you consolidate your balances, when you have more than one account, it actually helps you by reducing the number of payments you need to keep a check on.

With the help of consolidated balances, you can pay off the debt with just one balance, instead of many payments per month. 

Some clever people go with a 0% transfer offer for their balance to merge their debt, avoid interest costs and pay off their debts before the initial period expires.

Moreover, another advantage of going with a personal loan is that you don’t need to worry if your interest will increase in the future.

Thus, you are completely on the safe side. 

Final Payoff Date for Your Debt

Final Payoff Date for Your Debt

Have you heard of revolving credit?

If not then here is a piece of information for you so that you understand this concept.

Basically, with revolving credit, you are allowed to borrow money up to a certain amount.

So everything you buy something, that specific amount is deducted from your overall credit limit.

Not just that, every time you make a payment, it results in the increase of your credit limit so that you can borrow more in the future. 

So why are we telling you about this? Because credit cards and lines of credit are part of it.

With the help of revolving loans, you can constantly increase your balance and even pay it back.

This is especially helpful for people who pay their balance back off every month in full.

However, this can get you in trouble, if you are not careful with paying off your card in full.

Therefore, when you get the help of a personal loan with growing balance, you get a final pay off to focus on. 

Whenever you make your last payment, it will be paid off in full, if every month you are making a minimum payment.

Therefore, as long as you are careful and pay off your credit card consistently, you don’t need to worry about high-interest rates. 

Be Careful With Your Personal Loan

Personal Loan

As we have discussed the benefits and reasons why you should use a personal loan for paying off your credit card debt. 

Let’s tell you about its restriction because it is good that you are aware of both.

With personal loans, you get into certain limitations because you cannot use them for everything. 

It might be convincing to use personal loans such as credit cards and borrowing things you don’t even need.

A piece of friendly advice to you is that, once you get a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt, make sure that you don’t get into more debt in future. 

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Moreover, you need to remember that personal loans are tracked on your credit card report and affect your credit score.

Therefore, paying minimum balance before the due date can help in improving your credit score.

Late payments, underpayments, and missed payments, they all are not good for you credit. 

Thus, a personal loan can be an ideal way to get out of your debt, if you have a payoff plan instead.

To make sure that you achieve your goal, you have to use your personal loan with care. Moreover, you are bound to save money when you stick to this. 

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards?

Credit Cards

In our opinion, going with a personal loan with lower interest to pay off credit cards is a good idea, if you are facing difficulty to afford credit card payments. 

A low-interest debt consolidation loan could mean less owing a month, which can assist you in making loan payments on time.

A lower interest rate will allow more space for you to pay off the credit balance faster.

But remember not only the interest rate you receive but the repayment period offered by the borrowers before using the personal loan to pay off credit card debt.

You may find it more convenient to select a longer repayment period than you had to pay off the initial credit card debt.

However, if a longer repayment term allows you to repay the loan, it will prevent missed payments from affecting the credit to make the decision worthwhile.

Should I Pay Off My Credit Card or Personal Loan First?

Personal Loan

In general, the easiest way to use credit loans is to focus on loans with the lowest interest rates or APRs, as in the credit card process.

For practice, that usually means based on car loans for mortgages and private student loans, for example, because they are more costly than federal student loans.

Moreover, since mortgages tend to be extremely big, long-term loans of up to 30 years, quick repayment of this loan may be very unrealistic compared to the repayment of loans on relatively short terms.

As with credit cards, list your credit balances, APRs, monthly payments and due dates for managing yourself.

You can make additional payments to the loan with the highest interest rate with any extra funds, possibly through increasing your income or reducing expenses. 

You can consider lower interest rates or monthly payments on your loans. By this way, you can give your bills more money to get off debt quicker.

Here are a few options that you have:

  • If you qualify for one, you can refinance your mortgage to a lower interest rate and save it on other higher interest-rate debts. 
  • Getting your student loans refinanced, which is especially clever if you have private loans that are of high interest. Refinancing federal student debt will not guarantee that you are secure: You will lose the opportunity to limit your monthly payment to a portion of your income and you will lose access to potentially useful repayment services.
  • Choose the debt consolidation plan, which allows you to consolidate several debts with a fixed monthly payment into a single personal loan. The interest rate you qualify for must be below the level of your existing debts for debt consolidation to be successful.

Make a budget to ensure that you can keep your loan payments up.

You can use one of the many free budgeting tools available, or you can do this yourself with a standard spreadsheet.

Pay all your bills automatically, either for a small sum or a greater amount if your lender approves.

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How Can I Raise My Credit Score 100 Points Fast?

Here are eight factors that you can consider to raise your credit score 100 points faster:

Get Your Free Credit Report And Scores

Credit Report And Scores

You will have to review your credit report before you start working on your loan.

It is a good idea to review with all three credit departments your FICO ratings.

Your free credit report is available once a year on the respected Government website. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame give free credit scores.

They even have great Android and iPhone applications where you can check your credit scores any time and receive credit alerts whenever your credit file is active.

Recognize The Negative Accounts

Once you have got your credit report, you can see the negative rating of the accounts.

You would have to identify any late payments, collection accounts or any other thing and requests for credit information.

Ensure that your personal details, including address, employer and telephone number, are correct.

Pay Off Your Credit Debt


The amount of your credit card debt compared with the credit limit is your credit utilization ratio.

It is important to maintain this ratio below 15%.

Your credit usage ratio has a massive 30% influence on your FICO (mortgage lenders score model). 

Only your history of payment (30%) affects your overall credit rating more significantly.

If you have a high debt on your credit card, you suffer the majority of your credit rating.

To boost your FICO score, pay your card balances down to 0 or as near as possible to 0  to improve your credit utilization.

Protected Credit Cards

Credit Cards

You need one or two cards to help you boost your credit rating if you don’t have a credit card.

If you do not know where to look, it is very difficult to get a credit card when you have a poor score. 

Compared to an unreliable credit card, a protected credit card works.

The only difference is to pay a deposit equivalent to your credit limit with a secured card.

For instance, you would have to pay a $500 credit limit refundable deposit of $500 to secure the loan if you have a guaranteed credit card. 

The credit card issuer will be able to convert your account into an unsecured card after 6 to 12 months of on-time payments and refund your deposit.

Contact The Collection Service


When you have payment charges for small amounts or balances, you can contact the collection service without having to pay.

Say you want to pay to delete.

Pay for delete is just what you think  A debit is a way it looks, you pay the amount you owe and you remove the negative account entirely from your credit report. 

Moreover, the name and extension of the person you speak to be must be written down.

You will need letters from the collection service to “pay for delete” in writing to prove that they plan to delete your account fully if you pay the amount agreed upon.

In certain cases, you will pay less than you owe, though others want you to pay fully so they delete it from your history of credit. 

Dispute The Credit Error

Credit Error

You need to keep this in mind that the credit agency is to complete its investigation for 30 days from the date you submitted your dispute application.

If the creditor can not confirm whether the account, late payment, balance or anything you dispute is accurate, the creditor will delete the item. 

This is credit repair. This was also through disputing that we have seen people delete 10-15 accounts in 30-45 days.

Normally, these people had many negative things, which indicates that these accounts are not exceptional.

You can always submit a dispute online or via e-mail, but we would just prefer to call and dispute with a person live.

We used to wonder if the credit offices had an identification system that would recognise and flag complaints by the credit repair firms.

The telephone dispute has always given the best results. ( reported) 

Get LatePayments Removed

LatePayments Removed

If you have a late payment or an account with the genuine creditor, you will realize that a letter of goodwill no longer works.

This is against the arrangement between the Credit Bureau and the creditors that a negative component will be withdrawn as a goodwill gesture or for any other purpose than that.

Alternatively, approach the creditor first and say to them that you think the late payment is false.

You should probably have your credit reporting team review the thing.

You can continue disputing with the three key reporting agencies if that doesn’t work.

In our case, we had four late payments with two different creditors together. In order to delete one,

We contacted the creditor, challenged the other 3 with the credit offices. All four have been dropped, and in a month our credit score is raised by 84 points!

Become An Authorized User

Authorized User

You are allowed to use a credit card account by an approved person. Being an authorized user, you get to use the credit card account.

Authorized users can make transactions with their own name on the card. But, the main account holder is not considered as authorized users.

If the Account goes default, authorized users are responsible. 

The benefits of a positive account with a strong payment history often help authorized users. Make sure that the account you added is well-respected.

There should be no  Late payments, weak balance and the more time it is available, the better.

All the account details will appear on your report until the creditor announces your new status to your account.

Doing this can help you to improve your credit score by many points and people with no FICO score can help them to build credit.

To get added as an authorized user, make sure that you contact the financially responsible people, even better if you know one.

Because going to known one can help you raise your credit score fast. 

Pay Your Bills On Time

None of the above things can help you improve your score if you pay your bills late.

Because your payment history has a big impact on your credit score and where there is a pattern of late payments it will be affected and it stays on your credit report for almost 7 years. 

You should call the creditor immediately if you have missed the payment by one month or more.

Arrange to pay as soon as possible and inquire if the creditor chooses not to report missing payments to the credit office

And if the creditor won’t agree, the ASAP account must be maintained up to date. Every month, an overdue account hurts your score.

The effects of a missed payment will, luckily, decrease over time. Showing more good credit actions after a mistake will help compensate for harm faster.

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How Fast Does Your Credit Score go up After Paying a Debt?

After paying off your credit debt, you need to be patient and wait for a while as it can take several months for you to see an increase in your score.

By the end of the billing period when you paid off your debt, the account will be updated.

Still,  you will need to wait for a while to see your credit score increase.   

You probably would not see a difference in your score if you resolve your debts and request your credit score immediately.

Since the credit reporting companies have not yet accepted the payment.

If reported, you can see a temporary dip in your score because your history has changed.

Wrapping It Up!

When you finally make a decision to pay off your debt, make sure that you are ready for it, this is not an easy one.

Moreover, it can be challenging for you in the beginning. But, you don’t need to panic and focus on your balance.

The strategies we have mentioned can help you to pay off your debt. We hoped that you have properly read each and everything.

Having said that, we come to the end of our article about 3 smart reasons for using a loan to pay off credit cards. 

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