25 Ways To Make Money As A Teenager In [year]

It is time that all teenagers should start thinking about becoming financially responsible in their lives.

You might be wondering how it is possible? Here we are going to tell you. This piece of writing will tell you the ways on how to make money as a teen.

Though we are aware of the child labor laws, as soon as you reach your teenage phase, then it becomes legal for you to earn money.

In this platform, we have collected and chosen a few of the money-making opportunities for you. These options are going to clearly guide you on how to make money as a teen.

So, if you want to become financially independent, then do try out these ways and share your feedback with us:


Why is Teenage Money Important?

Teenage Money

For teenagers, earning money has become an important and critical need of the time. It will be great if you study and work side by side.

Working during your teenage phase makes you learn and understand the importance of financial responsibility.

Furthermore, this approach tells and schools you about the value of money.

This piece of writing on how to make money as a teen, it will clearly convey to you how to budget your money as well.

When you start earning money on your own and become financially independent, then you get the know-how on how to make future purchases and be able to spend and save wisely.

Making money as a teen makes you learn about financial skills like a pro. In addition, you are mentored on how to become an effective saver.

You become more diligent and pro on planning, paying bills and making savings.

Those teenagers who decide to study and work side by side, they manage to foster self-discipline in their personalities.

They eventually become a successful saver and gain financial independence on the highest notes.

This habit of earning from your teenage life, it encourages and boosts the practice of sensible spending.

This respective habit makes it easy for you to distinguish and set apart your needs and wants.

We hope that once you go through the ways on how to make money as a teen, you get a further understanding regarding why earning and making money from teenage life is important for all of us.

Parental Concerns about Your Teenager Making Money:

Now, let us talk about parental concerns about this concept of teenage money-making.

You need to know that there is a specific purpose to tell you the ways and mediums on how to make money as a teen.

These days, parents are inducting and infusing this responsibility into their children. Besides, they want them to understand the importance and significance of money.

It is because of money problems and financial issues that parents want their kids to take this responsibility and start to study and work on a side by side note.

We are now seeing and witnessing an economic slowdown. It is not possible for parents to bear all expenses of their kids.

That is why they are showing this heavy concern that all teenagers should work and become financially independent.

Those families that are facing financial troubles, their kids usually become upset, tensed, and frustrated. To tackle this situation, parents can teach and encourage their kids to work and study simultaneously.

In this way, they can share their parents’ burden by contributing something to the financial category.

In addition, parents should teach their kids to think and act like an entrepreneur. They can motivate and boost them in a way to see life more practically.

Now, you can see and read out the in-detail explanation of how to make money as a teen, so let us jump on to this topic:

How to Make Money as a Teenager (25 Ways)

Below you can see the top 25 ways on making and earning money if you are a teenager, thoroughly check out all of the details that are written below for you:

1- Start Teaching Computer Basics to the Elderly and People Who are Over 60:

Start Teaching Computer Basics

The first option that you can go for on how to make money as a teen, is about teaching this subject of computer science basics to elderly and old folks of yours.

Most importantly, this is an interesting money-making way that you can pursue if you are a teenager.

This is obvious that all those people who are above 50 or 60 years of age, want to learn computer basics. So, do take this option as a part-time job and earn money.

You can come across lots of adults and elderly people who want to get coached on how to use a computer. Feel free to offer and deliver your services to them.

Moreover, apart from teaching computer basics, you can assist these elderly people in other categories as well.

As an example, a large number of old people want help and some assistance in home maintenance jobs.

If they have advertised such a job, then you can apply for it. These basic jobs also include and are packed with options like house cleaning, assisting in shopping.

Hence, this is a simple way how to make money as a teen.

2- Create and Sell Art Pieces of Yours:

Sell Art Pieces of Yours

The next path that you can opt for on how to make money as a teen is about creating and selling art pieces of yours!

If a teenager has got excellent artistic skills, then it is better to utilize this skill by thinking about it from a financial perspective.

It is recommended to start making some catchy and appealing art pieces and then sell them at an art fair.

If your art pieces are dazzling looking, then you ask for a fair price and rate of them and earn handsomely.

Most noteworthy, lots of teenagers are pursuing this profession these days.

This is an exciting piece of activity and you can sell a single piece of art for about 20 dollars each.

Apart from utilizing the option of craft shows and fairs, you can get in touch with websites that sell these art pieces.

No doubt, this is one of the entrepreneurial money-making methods that you can opt for during any teenage phase of your life.

If you contact any website, then they are going to display your art pieces on their website and if someone purchases your designs, then you get money.

This is how to make money as a teen, more details are written-below for you.

3- Turn Out Yourself as an Event Photographer or Christmas Decorator:

Event Photographer

How about becoming an event photographer, this is one of the productive and lucrative ways on how to make money as a teen.

You can start this job by first managing small-scale events and then start to photograph big and large-size events.

Like, you can take professional photographs for family gatherings and also birthday parties and earn money in return.

Besides, lots of teenagers love to become a Christmas decorator. In this job, they are asked to put up or take down these Christmas decorations.

This is how to make money as a teen! This is not a challenging job to do and all teens can perform this job without any hassle.

In this same category, you can plan to become a party DJ. If you have got a music sense, then this is a thrilling job that you can go for.

4- Take Online Surveys or do Video Editing:

Online Surveys

This is an educational job opportunity meant to be designed and made for all teenagers.

Most probably, you are going to find this money-making option a lot more lucrative and easy to do for you.

It is about taking online surveys, this is how to make money as a teen!

Some survey taking websites pay the applicant in the form of rewards and some pay in the form of cash.

If you do not want to work outside, then this is a work from home opportunity for you.

In addition, these rewards given to you upon filling surveys come in gift cards form.

In this category of work from home mode, you can work as a video editor too. If you have proficiency and extensive skills in making and editing videos, then grab this opportunity.

Once you get the experience, then make a professional portfolio of yours and start charging higher.

While filling a survey, you are paid on per survey basis. On the other hand, for a video editing job, you are paid hourly.

Now, you know how to make money as a teen, so which medium you want to choose and work on!

5- Earn Cash by Simply Watching TV and Searching the Web:

Simply Watching TV and Searching the Web

The ways on how to make money as a teen, they are just endless and limitless. One can think of unlimited job options and part-time job opportunities that teenagers can work on.

Related to this category, we can suggest you earn cash and handsome income by simply watching TV.

There are sites and apps that give you cash upon searching on the web or taking surveys.

This is a slow money-making zone but after some time, you can make the best out of it because you get hands-on experience in these categories.

Moreover, you have to make an account on these apps and sites and become a registered user. After that, you become an official applicant and make money at your end.

So, what do you think about this way on how to make money as a teen, share your feedback with us.

6- Start Blogging Immediately:

Start Blogging Immediately

Teenagers love blogging and that is a fact! This is a serious and heavy money-making zone made for teenagers out there.

If your writing and creativity skills are great, then transform them by making and launching a blog.

Most importantly, this is a profitable approach on how to make money as a teen. This is an all-encompassing career that teenagers love pursuing.

Besides, your blog can become successful in less time if its theme is based on some interesting topics.

You can initiate a blog on topics like health and sports, lifestyle, and trends.

All those teenagers who are already running a blog, they believe that this is the best platform that can, later on, be transformed as a full-career option!

It is through opportunities like blogging that you can well realize how to make money as a teen. Below you can catch up with more details.

7- Earn While Doing Online Shopping:

Doing Online Shopping

Can you believe that you can earn some cashback while you do online shopping, yes this is true!

This is a trusted and proven way on how to make money as a teen, so let us have a look at the details of it.

You may come across many websites related to online shopping that gives you cash back whenever you make a purchase from their end.

This is a great and ideal way of making and earning money. To all teenagers, if they or their parents do online shopping, then they should avail of this opportunity.

Besides, these kinds of platforms are free to use and when you make a purchase, then that respective website split and divides the commission with you.

So, enjoy having your shopping time and get cashback too. If you can think of some other similar way on how to make money as a teen, then you can share it with us.

8- Sell Used Clothing by Buying them from Thrift Stores and Garage Sales:

Sell Used Clothing

All of you must have heard about that popular phrase, buy low and sell high!

This same approach is going to be implemented on how to make money as a teen. If you have bought used clothing pieces at your end, then sell them away and earn money.

Most certainly, this buying and selling practice is an age-old practice that is followed by a large number of teenagers.

By doing so, you can make money regularly. Like, you can go to garage sales and also thrift stores and buy used clothing over there.

After that, you can sell those pieces of clothing personally to other people or sell them to any of the consignment stores.

9- Go for Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Job:

Pet Sitting

There are two simple options for you to start earning money the minute you enter your teenage phase.

It is this pet sitting job or dog walking job. This is a trouble-free and less hectic way how to make money as a teen.

It is observed that teenagers routinely opt for this job because they find it pretty easy and simple to take care of someone else’s pets.

Like, if the pet owner has gone for a vacation or business meeting and is looking for a service to take care of his pet, then you can apply for such a job.

Moreover, in this dog walking job, you are required to take that pet dog every day for a walk.

If you choose to do such jobs, then it may become your regular income.

10- Earn Money by Preparing the Garage for Sale:

Those teenagers who have a clear idea of how to prepare and set the garage site for sale, then they should try doing this kind of job.

In this job, all work is involved and required starting from renovating and remodeling to fully preparing the garage zone for sale.

Most importantly, this is a time-consuming job, so if you are dedicated to doing it, only then you should go for it.

Such jobs and opportunities are usually open during the time of spring and fall times. In these times, garage sales have become more regular and frequent.

Now, you know and have an idea of how to make money as a teen.

11- Apply for a Babysitting Job:

Babysitting Job

For teenagers, we have another job option and money-making medium for you. You can pursue this babysitting job and earn sufficiently.

This job is paid on an hourly basis; this is how to make money as a teen. Moreover, this is not a typical part-time job and encompasses lots of flexibility.

Besides, to be on this job, it is important that you love kids and have no problems and issues with them.

To look and hunt for such jobs, you can advertise in your neighborhood that you are ready to become a babysitter.

12- Working as a Session Music Teacher:

Session Music Teacher

Most probably, all teenagers are going to find this job a lot more exciting for them. It is about working as session musicians.

Like, if you know how to perfectly and ideally play a musical instrument, then you can land and handover these skills of yours and earn money in return.

Furthermore, you can start giving music lessons. This is how to make money as a teen.

You can start working on this job as a music teacher. Kids love to learn music, so this market can become your target audience.

This is a real opportunity that you should not all miss. What you can do is to start approaching kids who want to learn music and earn money in return.

13- Become a Camp Counselor:

Become a Camp Counselor

The next suggestion we have for you on how to make money as a teen is about becoming a camp counselor.

In this respective and specific job, teenagers just have to make temporary arrangements. This job opens during summer months.

Besides, teenagers are made to work for younger kids.

We all know that this is a traditional-looking job but it can pay you sufficiently as well. If you feel like opting for this freelance work during the summers, then go give it a try.

You can work on the basis of hours and enjoy having the aspect of flexibility that is part of this job.

14- Opt for Tutoring:

Opt for Tutoring

Every teenager loves to teach and it will be great if you practically opt for this profession during this teenage phase of your life.

If you are struggling with the ways on how to make money as a teen, then feel free to become a tutor.

You can teach any academic subject in which you are extremely specialized enough.

Most importantly, subjects like that mathematics, science, and English, they are in heavy demand these days.

So, it is better to become a tutor in these subjects. You can charge on per hour basis.

Apart from that, you can become a language tutor as well. This is a specific sort of tutoring job and it is only made for teenagers who are specialized.

As large numbers of immigrants are seen these days, so target this big market and start to earn on becoming a language tutor!

15- Become a Pool Lifeguard or Skate Guard:

Pool Lifeguard

Do you want to become a guard? If yes, then we have two job options for you.

A teenager can either become a pool lifeguard or decides to become a skate guard. This is how to make money as a teen.

This job of becoming a pool lifeguard, comes in the form of a seasonal opportunity. This specific job is pretty common during the summer months.

On the other hand, the job as a skate guard, this one is a wintertime opportunity for you. If you are an above-average skater, then do apply for this and get qualified for it.

16- Start Working in an Amusement Park or Movie theatre:

Movie theatre

These days, lots of amusement parks and movie theaters, they are hiring and made to work a large number of teenagers.

They are offering paid job options to you. If you think that you are naturally fit and active, then do apply in such job avenues.

While working in these categories, you get other fringe benefits as well. Like you get season passes.

Even more, working in a movie theatre, it is accompanied with lots of perks. Apart from getting paid, you can watch movies free of cost.

So, this is an ideal way on how to make money as a teen, you can try applying for such jobs right now.

17- Become a Personal Assistant:

Personal Assistant

These personal assistant jobs are commonly applied by teenagers. There are lots of seniors out there who are in need of assistants, so why not apply for such jobs?

As an example, if there is a senior lawyer working in your neighborhood and he is looking for an assistant these days, then do volunteer for this job.

This is a pretty suitable and appropriate way on how to make money as a teen.

To become a personal assistant for any job category, you should have excellent organizational and administrative skills.

By doing such jobs, you get excellent and great training for your full-time upcoming jobs.

 18- Make YouTube Videos:

Make YouTube Videos

This is a popular platform that is heavily opted and made to work by teenagers.

Working on a YouTube platform guarantees to give you a steady and smooth income. Furthermore, this platform is easy to use.

Just create videos, upload them on YouTube, and earn money. Your pay is based on total watch hour time.

This is how to make money as a teen and you are paid through Google AdSense.

19- Wash Cars and Earn Handsomely:

Wash Cars

Do you know that many teenagers have started to make money by washing cars, this is absolutely true!

You can contact any car washing service and start working over there as a part-time worker.

On a single car wash, you are given a few dollars and that will be enough and sufficient for you. This is how to make money as a teen.

Moreover, you can make house calls and ask them whether they need a car washing service or not.

20- Work on Upwork and Fiverr:

Work on Upwork

Moving to more of the ways on how to make money as a teen, it is recommended to start working on Fiverr and Upwork platforms.

If you know how to perform the tasks of graphic designing, voice-overs or you know how to handle social media projects, then work on these platforms.

These jobs can be done by sitting from home and you can perform them comfortably as their timings are flexible.

21- Earn by Moving and Shifting Furniture If You Own a Vehicle:

Moving and Shifting Furniture

For all those teenagers who have an extra vehicle in their homes, it is advised to utilize it appropriately.

We have one great suggestion for you. You can avail that vehicle for moving furniture of someone else and get money for this shifting job.

This is how to make money as a teen!

In addition, this job is called and termed light hauling. For a single haul, you can charge a fair price of it.

Even more, for loading and unloading jobs, an hourly fee is charged.

22- Become a Yard Maintainer:

Become a Yard Maintainer

You can show interest in becoming a yard maintainer. This is the best way that we have recommended to you on how to make money as a teen.

This yard maintenance job is highly opted for by teenagers. In addition, you are required to cut lawns, rake leaves, and also trim hedges.

This is a regular job and you can either perform this job on a residential scale or on a commercial scale.

This job gives you a lot of experience and you can, later on, become a professional landscaper.

23- Start Doing a Job in Retail or in a Grocery Store:

Start Doing a Job

Moving to one of the last pieces of discussion on how to make money as a teen, you can work in retail.

If working in retail, then this is a similar job likewise you are working in any restaurant. Besides, this job gives you a guaranteed and maximum hourly wage.

You can work like a cash register. Or you are asked and required to keep the shelves all stocked up.

On the other hand, working in a grocery store, this job is more related to dealing with the customer.

You can work and serve as a grocery bagger or grocery cashier. No doubt, for all teenagers, this is a reliable and easy way to earn money.

24- Work by Cleaning and Painting House Interiors:

Work by Cleaning

If you love cleaning as well as painting house interiors, then it is time for you to work in the field of property management.

This is a big shout out-call to all teenagers. By working as a house interior cleaner or painter, you can well know and realize how to make money as a teen.

You cannot alone do this job, so it is better to make a team and start working on this job opportunity.

25- Earn by Playing Games:

Playing Games

This is a reality that one can earn by playing games. This is an entertaining way how to make money as a teen, check out the details of it.

There are certain apps that pay you if you play games on their app sites. So, if you have got a good phone, then utilize it and make money from it.

Most noteworthy, you should stay away from using scam apps. Such apps do not give you cash or reward and in return take money from you by a scam.


So, what’s the bottom line? All of these are easy ways that tell teenagers how to make money as a teen. 

We know that the job market is becoming tough day by day.

So, if you want to become competitive and financially independent right from your teenage phase, then pursue these options and start making money.

Teenagers are free to do part-time jobs, summer jobs, and weekend jobs. By working from this teenage life, they learn how to grow as a stronger person.

It is time to grab these job opportunities and help out your parents to share the financial burden as well.

You can share your feedback on how to make money as a teen and let us know how important it is to become financially independent, especially during the teenage phase.

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