Living Stingy: A Helpful Guide to Frugal Living

Living Stingy

Many individuals believe that being thrifty entails being stingy. To put it another way, they think that being frugal requires a life of deprivation. That couldn’t be further from the truth in reality. It’s all about being resourceful when it comes to living stingy. It’s all about saving money, whether through do-it-yourself techniques, freebies, or … Read more

21 Money Saving Challenges to Try in 2021

money saving challenge

We get that saving money is not something that comes easy to anyone. However, if you want to make some big savings, then nothing helps better than taking on some challenges! Fortunately for you, you are in the perfect place.  Make sure that you go through these money saving challenges as it will allow you … Read more

7 Ways to Double Your Money Fast In 2022

how to double your money

We have heard this term a lot of times that the world is moving so fast. But, some people take this too seriously and start finding shortcuts for making money fast.  There are many ways that you can go to double your money faster. Some of the ways are very risky. But some of the … Read more

Level Money App 2022 Review | Is it Worth It?

level money reviews

Creating a budget and getting a hold of your daily expenditure is not easy to do. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are usually unaware of how much money that they can spend each day. If you are looking to find out the answer to these questions, then the Level Money app … Read more

Lifestyle Creep: What Is It and How to Avoid It? 

lifestyle creep

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra cash? And when it comes for free who won’t like to think of the thousand ways to spend it? Of course, everyone does, think of the last time you receive a bonus for doing overtime in your workplace or think of the last time you was promoted and … Read more

Swell Investing Review: My Experience Using Swell

Swell Investing

Swell investing is a socially responsible platform to invest your money. When you invest in stocks or other mutual funds, you are investing in multiple companies simultaneously to reduce the chances of losing your money. However, you are also investing in companies that you are not really comfortable with. This is why swell is a … Read more

How To Use A CD Ladder Calculator (Ultimate Guide)

CD Ladder Calculator

CD ladders, or mainly well known as Certificates of deposit were introduced to people for a long time and allow users to benefit themselves from higher interest rates by associating them with long-term investments.   Many professional investors are not in favor of these Certificates of deposit, as other multiple saving options benefit them with a … Read more