How Much is 6 Figures? Here’s What 6, 7, 8 and 9 Figures Actually Means!

what is 6 figures?

We’ve all heard something like: “He has a six-figure salary”. If you don’t know what having a 6 figure salary means, don’t worry. You’re not alone. How much is 6 figures?  Well, each digit in a number counts as one “figure.” Therefore, having a 6 figure salary or income means earning between $100,000 and $999,999 … Read more

Zippyloan 2022 Review: Can You Really Get A Personal Loan in 5 Minutes?

ZippyLoan Review

Late on bills? Unexpected expense popped up? Things happen, covid happens, we get it, that’s why we recommend you consider this option. Sometimes you just need some money before your next paycheck. If you follow my advice from other articles and have an emergency fund, this would be the perfect time to use it. However, … Read more

Shoptracker Review: How To Get Paid To Shop On Amazon In 2022


Want to get paid to shop on Amazon? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t? Thanks to free 2-day-shipping with Amazon Prime, you can get pretty much anything your heart desires on your doorstep within a few days. How can you be rewarded for shopping on Amazon? So I stumbled upon this free app called Shoptracker … Read more

Green Chef Coupon Code 2022 : Get $40 Off Your First Order

green chef coupon code header

Have you always wanted to try a meal prep service but not sure if it’s worth the cost? Here’s your chance to get a few meals for free! Using my Green Chef Coupon Code, you can now get $40 off your first order at Green Chef! 👉 Use this link to get $40 off! What is … Read more

Total Money Makeover Review: my review of Dave Ramsey’s book

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Review

The Total Money Makeover, written by Dave Ramsey, is near the top of pretty much all “best personal finance book” lists. And rightfully so. It’s sold over 4 million copies. In this article, I’m going to summarize what The Total Money Makeover is all about and leave you with my review. By the end, you’ll … Read more

My favorite 21 student loan memes that’ll make you laugh

student loan and debt memes

Who doesn’t like a funny student loan meme? It’s getting close to graduation season and you know what that means: hundreds of Facebook posts from new graduates about how excited they are for “real” life. The easiest way to send those people into a downward spiral of existential dread is to mention how long they’ll … Read more

How to Get Free Money: 19 Easy Ways to Get Free Cash FAST!

how to get free money

Who doesn’t like free money? The business world is a competitive place. More and more companies are offering incentives for customers to try them out. Some of them even give you free cash! I’ve made a list of 19 companies that give out free money, so you can take advantage of the opportunities. How to … Read more

12 Ways to Get Free Starbucks Drinks on a Daily Basis

Starbucks Free Drink

Can’t function without your daily dose of caffeine? Me either. However, getting your daily Starbucks fix can be expensive. In fact, many people use Starbucks as an example of a habit you should cut out of your life when budgeting or getting out debt. I wholeheartedly disagree. My daily Starbucks is my guilty pleasure and … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

student loan forgiveness programs

If you have student loans, then I’m sure you agree with me when I say that student loans are a huge burden. Student loan forgiveness and discharge programs offer freedom from the burden of your monthly student loan payment. But it’s not easy to understand what you qualify for and how to apply for student … Read more

How to calculate your income percentile


Are you in the 1% or closer to the 99%? We all like to compare ourselves to other people. It’s unavoidable and happens in every industry, fashion, fitness, and yes, even finances. One of the best ways to find out where you stand financially in comparison to your peers is with your income percentile. Your … Read more