How To Earn Money Taking Surveys On Prolific | [year] Guide

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Nowadays, the gateways to earning money are wide open. However, it’s no secret that most of the time, people are unaware of them.

Now, one of the best ways to make money online is to take surveys. This may not be your favorite way, but taking surveys can bring in some good money!

And as a matter of fact, many people prefer them. Why? Well, for one, they are easy to do, and you also have the ability to do them from your phone.

Moreover, unlike many other jobs, there is no need for experience in order to complete surveys.

Suffice it to say that taking surveys can be one of the best ways to earn money and happens to be a great side hustle.

Now that we have established that Surveys are a perfect side hustle, you must also look for a reliable platform for them.

Luckily, we have done all the heavy lifting for you!

One of the best survey websites that we have found out about is the Prolific Survey! Some people also refer to it as Prolific Academic.

Throughout this read, we are going to be discussing Prolific Survey in detail.

So, without further ado, let’s get going!

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What is Prolific?


Although we have given a highlight of what Prolific basically is, we feel like there is a lot more space to tell more!

Prolific Survey, otherwise known as Prolific Academic, happens to be a name given to a company based in the UK.

The said company works by connecting researchers with the participants that meet the criteria of the researcher’s demographics.

Prolific has also been gaining some attention from some for-profit.

However, for its central part, Prolific Survey helps researchers conduct their research so that they can complete their research.

This may sound unbelievable, but two friends actually founded prolific.

One of them was studying for Ph.D. at that time, and she was personally struggling to find people that would help her with her case studies in terms of research.

Seeing this, they saw the gap, and they found the perfect solution in the shape of the Prolific Survey.

Compared to the time it was released, the Prolific survey is reasonably famous and has run over 8000 Case studies.

The participants of the Prolific Survey receive incentives in form of cash and the researchers get the necessary data that they require to conclude their research. 

How Much Can You Make on Prolific?

Make on Prolific

It is possible that this question has crossed your mind.

Here’s your answer!

How much money you make with Prolific Surveys is going to depend on how many surveys you take.

However, how much you make will also be determined by your luck.

With Prolific Survey, first, you will need to sign on to the website and check for the surveys that you can avail.

The prolific Survey will not mail you when the surveys are available.

Considering that, you will need to stay active on Prolific Survey to ensure that you get a chance to make money by signing up by available surveys.

Most of the surveys will mention how much money will they be paying before you sign up to do them.

This gives you the option to decide whether you want to do them or not.

However, the thing that we find the most convincing about Prolific Survey is the fact that they set the rate at $6.50 /hour.

This is the minimum rate per hour for conducting surveys on their platform.

Having said that, we think it’s safe to say that surveys taken with Prolific Survey are definitely worth your time.

Now, the best way to make money on Prolific Survey is to take surveys more often and be regular on the website.

And a good way of getting around to make this possible is to download the browser extension of Prolific Survey.

In the past, Prolific Survey rewarded you money for referring other people to the website.

In that period, if you get someone to join a prolific survey through your referral, you are going to gain 10% of their first cash out on the website.

If you refer a researcher, then you are going to get 10% of the value of their first study between you and the researcher.

However, make sure that you have to answer the questions correctly.

It is possible that they are going to ask you questions to ensure that you have read the instructions properly.

The reason behind this is that they want to make sure that you are truly interested.

If you get answers wrong, you are likely to get kicked off from the survey for not paying attention.

In some cases, it is also possible for you to receive a bonus fee from the researcher.

Some people have received bonuses just for saying thank you!

How Does Prolific Survey Work?

Prolific Survey Work

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Prolific Survey happens to be rather simplistic easy to use.

However, its functionality differs for researchers and participants.

Let’s see the functionality for a researcher on Prolific Survey First.

To begin with, it is essential that you have your survey hosted on some other platform.

These Platforms can be Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Gorilla, Typeform, etc.

After this step is done, the researchers can add the link to the Prolific Survey.

After they add the link, they will be able to search the demographic screeners to further narrow their target audience.

As for the next step, they can finish setting up the survey and collect the responses.

After these steps are completed, the users gain the ability to accept or reject responses from Prolific Survey.

Now, let’s talk about Prolific Survey for Participants.

If you are looking for ways to make money by taking surveys on Prolific Survey, the whole process is very straightforward.

All the users need to do is signup, confirm the provided email, and answer some screening questions.

Once you have done all of it, you will have the option to take surveys and make money on Prolific Survey.

How Can You Join Prolific?

If you understand how the Prolific Survey works and you want to take the step of Joining the Prolific Survey, then this is the place for you.

All you have to do is go to their website and create an account.

However, we must tell you that you will need to verify your email and provide your phone number.

Providing this information is necessary before you can start taking surveys.

Prolific Survey Requirements:

Prolific Survey Requirements

There are not as such requirements for Doing surveys with Prolific Survey.

Having Said That, Prolific Survey is only available to you if you are located in any of the Following Countries:

AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, CL, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IL, IS, IT, JP, KR, LU, LV, MX, NL, NO, NZ, PL, PT, SE, SI, or the US.

As for the age requirement, there aren’t any specific criteria mentioned.

Moreover, as already mentioned above, you will also have to make sure that you have provided your email address and phone number.

Every study on this website will want specific participants depending on the research requirements.

Considering that, it is highly possible that a survey will not be available to everyone.

You will only get the surveys that are suitable for you.

Prolific Academic Payment Information:

To discuss the payment information regarding Prolific Survey, We are only going to be talking about it from the perspective of someone based in the United States.

We don’t know whether there are different payment methods or thresholds for people located in a different country so it may not align for you.

Payment Threshold:

Payment Threshold

The bare minimum of the cash-out amount on the Prolific Survey is 5 GBP.

The reason behind the currency being GBP is due to Prolific Survey being a UK-Based company.

They pay out the money in their local currency.

Nevertheless, the money can easily be converted to USD through your PayPal Account.

Payment Methods:

The preferred method for sending payments for Prolific Survey is through Paypal.

Now, if you still are wondering how Payments work on Prolific Survey, then hold on a little bit as we describe in more detail.

Other than PayPal, Prolific Survey prefers Circle as well. However, this method only works for the people that live in either the US or UK.

Cashouts will be charged Circle’s 1% including 10 pence as a fee.

However, if you want to minimize the fees, then you will have to wait until you have at least about 20 UK Pounds in your account.

So, Once your account receives the bare minimum amount of 5 UK Pounds, you will be eligible to request a cash out through a PayPal Account.

So, in order to work with Prolific Survey, it is highly essential for you to have a PayPal account.

Now, PayPal payments get processed on some specific days. Having said that, it is important to mention that PayPal payments get processed every Tuesday and Friday in the afternoons.

They follow GMT time!

Moreover,  you have to complete 4 cashouts to the same PayPal account.

Once that is done, you will qualify to make instant cashouts.

Having Instant Cashouts means that you will not have to wait for PayPal to follow the timeline of Tuesday or Friday in order to get the money you have earned by completing surveys.

However, you can only cash out once in a whole day.

Who Uses Prolific?

A prolific Survey is used by both Participants and Researchers.

Moreover, just about anyone can sign up with Prolific Survey.

However, the condition is that they must have an email address, phone, and belong to one of the countries mentioned in the eligible countries.

Is Prolific Legit?

Prolific Legit

To give you a simple and a summarized answer, Prolific Survey is totally Legitimate.

As mentioned in this article above, Prolific Survey happens to be a site that has been exclusively set up for the sole purpose of helping people conduct research studies.

These research studies later get used by University.

However, they also reward participants of the survey with a small cash fee for dedicating their help and time to the study.

We have found Prolific Survey to be upfront.

The reason behind it is simple. Prolific Survey upfront tells the participant how much money will they be getting once they have completed the survey long before they sign up.

Moreover, the participants also receive access to information about the person who is running the survey.

It also allows the participants to be able to see what the research is going to be used for. 

Prolific Pros & Cons:

The best thing to realize whether something is worth it or not is to consider its pros and cons. In order to help you figure out whether Prolific Survey is a good fit for you, we have weighed the Pros and Cons against each other.

We are sure that this will allow you to make the ultimate choice:


  • When you use Prolific Surveys, as a participant, you can expect at least the earning of  $6.50 for each hour.
  • Moreover, Prolific Survey is rather easy to use.
  • It can be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • You may be thinking that since it pays, the surveys on this website are going to be rather dumb.
  • However, that is farther from the truth.
  • With Prolific Survey, Topics are rather interesting and they keep occupied.
  • The Answers to surveys get approved within 48 hours of their completion.
  • This means that you can get paid rather quickly.


  • The prolific Survey has rather limited availability.
  • Prolific Survey is only Available in Some EU countries, the USA, and Canada. 

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Here is a complete review of how to earn money by taking surveys on Prolific Survey.

Prolific Survey happens to be one of the best platforms in the game.

It allows you to earn a good sum of money without having to do much.

We would say that make this totally worth it!