Pronto Insurance Review [year]

One of the reliable insurance companies we have in front of you is this Pronto Insurance! From this web page, you can check out the complete review of it.

You can note down that this company is known for selling coverage in areas like Texas and also in Florida and California.

They offer and serve a large number of insurance products.

Pronto Insurance offers auto insurance schemes and also homeowner insurance schemes. Popular and renowned policies are offered by this company.

In addition, this company serves primarily and basically to the Latino communities.

They have a separate line of customer service support meant for the Spanish community.

All about Pronto Insurance:

We have already told you that this company is known for offering an ideal range of insurance services. You will get multi-policy discounts if you apply to their insurance schemes.

Like, if you are going to bundle up their insurance policies, then you will be able to earn a discount. For making claims, that process is also super simple and quick to follow.

Their processes and operations are smartphone-enabled. It means that the customer will not face any difficulty while making any claim.

This insurance company is present and located in over 300 locations. You can check out the details of their 300 retail locations as they are present in the USA.

This respective insurance company makes sure to protect the needs of their clients. It is because of lots of reasons that this insurance company might be the right fit for you.

They have made and designed their insurance schemes in the best and professional manner.

You can get in touch with their adviser and seek more assistance from them.

This company has lots of knowledgeable and experienced advisers at their end, consult them and choose the suitable insurance scheme category.

Upon getting in touch with this insurance company, you will get personalized solutions and free of cost no-obligation quotes.

Moreover, Pronto Insurance is a reliable and quite competitive insurance and financial service provider. It is located and based out of South Texas. 

This company laid down its foundation in the time of 1997, and they have always shown commitment in giving high-value insurance products to their customers.

You will get high-value financial services from this company and that too at the competitive pricing.

They offer excellent customer service and manage to maintain their stronghold in the industry of insurance.

In addition, this company markets itself with the help of captive agencies, and also independent agents.

They advertise their operations with the assistance of franchise locations.

It was in the year 2005 that Pronto General Agency, LTD laid down its foundation for the sake of giving better and improved customer service to their clients.

The primary purpose of this general agency is to facilitate their customers more and more.

You can check out Pronto’s agencies across the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo. They are also located in Corpus Christi, San Antonio as well as Houston.

Hence, the whole aim and mission of Pronto Insurance are to keep on giving effective and ideal insurance solutions to their clients throughout Texas.


Pronto Car Insurance:

Pronto Car Insurance

First of all, we will talk about the Pronto car insurance scheme. You might be wondering what this respective scheme is all about, here you can check out the details.

If you count yourself as one of the high-risk drivers, then you should become part of Pronto Insurance.

In addition, this company is popular enough in selling standard coverage under this scheme.

You can apply for this insurance if you are living in Texas and none of the residents can apply for this coverage. A total number of three packages get to be linked with this car insurance.

One of the options is available for non-owners and one option is even available for SR-22.

You can avail and become part of their Mexico insurance if you often travel between the premises of Mexico.

Types of Coverage Offered By Pronto Car Insurance:

Car Insurance

You need to know how many types of coverage are offered by Pronto car insurance; here you can see the details.

If you want to apply and register for this auto insurance policy, then it is up to the drivers which of the three packages they want to pick up!

These three packages offer and serve varying levels of coverage.

In this Pronto Insurance category related to the auto sector, we have the first package that is named as an essential package.

This respective package includes both the bodily injury aspects and property damage coverage aspects. You can pick personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist coverage.

Moving to the comprehensive package details, it entails liability coverage. It even includes the elements of collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Moreover, you can customize this respective category if you think there is a need.

The last package is this alternative package that entails and comprises non-owners liability insurance.

Discounts Offered in Pronto Car Insurance:

To all those people who want to apply for Pronto Insurance-linked with the auto coverage category, there are certain discounts that they will be offered.

You can avail of their multi-car discount where you can insure multiple vehicles at a cheaper rate.

On the other hand, you can apply for their renewal discount where you will be given a smaller discount every single year.

Pronto Home Insurance:

The next popular insurance and coverage category offered by Pronto Insurance is this home insurance.

This insurance service is so far available on the premises of California and Texas.

In addition, it is a 12-month policy that comes and includes the standard coverage services.

Most noteworthy, this company only insures those homes that are priced at 250,000 dollars or less than that.

Types of Coverage Offered by Pronto Home Insurance:

Coverage Offered

There are a few of the coverage options that are offered by the Pronto home insurance category.

Below you can see the details and let us know your queries as well:

The basic coverage option offered by Pronto Insurance includes and comprises personal property and dwelling.

In addition, your structures and medical payments will get insured too.

If choosing their hurricane, hail, and wind coverage, then you have to fulfill and complete all of their mortgage requirements.

Some people like to choose and pick up the dwelling replacement cost coverage and in this category, the company will build up your home if it gets destroyed by any uncertain circumstances.

Furthermore, in this residential glass coverage, your glasses will get repaired and might be able to get replaced as well by this respective Pronto Insurance Company.

The pet liability coverage pays for all kinds of damage experienced by your pet dog or pet cat.

In the additional living expenses coverage, you will be paid for lodging as well as food bills.

In the debris removal coverage, the client will be paid to remove debris.

Then in the temporary repairs coverage, this company will cover the cost of your house gets temporarily damaged.

On opting for the trees, shrubs, and also plants and lawn coverage, this Pronto Insurance Company will pay for all sorts of landscaping services.

Discounts Offered by Pronto Insurance:

In this home insurance category, none of the discounts are offered.

Why Should You Choose Pronto Insurance?


Undoubtedly, this is a great and one of the well-reputed insurance companies. If you are seeking auto or home insurance, then you should avail of the services offered by Pronto.

In addition, their services are exclusively meant and dedicated to the Latino community, and also for the Spanish speakers.

If you have picked up their homeowners insurance, then you will be able to enjoy robust endorsements.

Pronto Insurance Ratings:

Note down that this respective company is not rated right by J.D. Power or it is not rated by AM Best.

All in all, it has received an average rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars completely and wholly based on 10 customer reviews.

Additional Policies:


Apart from trying out their auto and home insurance, you can have their insurance policies linked to the niches of motorcycle insurance and RV insurance.

Moreover, you can have their Boat insurance and Watercraft insurance.

Or you can have their Renters insurance and Mobile home insurance. Some like to go for Condo insurance, Mexico insurance, and also Commercial insurance

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions:

How to get a quote from Pronto?

If you want to get the quote from Pronto Insurance Company, then you have to make use of an online quote tool.

You can even get in touch with their customer service and knowledge about their price quotes.

How to register and file a claim with Pronto?

To file a claim with Pronto Insurance, you can do this process online.

Submit your name as well as contact information on the official website of this insurance company and file your claim.


We think that you have received enough details on Pronto Insurance. If you have tried out their insurance services, then you can share with us your feedback.

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