Rocket Dollar Review [year] : Is It Worth The Set-Up Fee?

Retirement saving is one of the fundamental foundations of healthy financial management for people. It should be at the top of every individual’s priorities, regardless of age.

But it is often missed because it is regarded as too difficult or out of vision, although it is so essential. Rocket Dollar is a platform mainly intended to tackle this problem.

The objective is to make it easier for individuals to invest in self-directed retirement accounts (SDIRAs).

Let’s get to know what makes this investing platform unique and how it may help you reach your long-term financial objectives.

This financial platform may invest in non-traditional assets, such as private equity, peer loans, immovables, cryptocurrencies, and valuable metals.

Rocket Dollar is a fantastic way for your portfolio to diversify. You may still build your portfolio with Rocket Dollar through investment in non-traditional capital, even if you have an employer-sponsored scheme in place.

Rocket Dollar was established in 2018 with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It aims to enable you to handle your economies more effectively and access other assets easily. This asset is typically not included in the plan provided by the company.

Consequently, Rocket Dollar provides investors with a more prominent option than other investment companies that generally exclude such investment assets. It offers traditional assets, such as bonds and equities, as well as several innovative investment choices.

You may make investments by debit cards, via cable, or by writing the check to Rocket Dollar. So as you use your checkbook to handle your bank account, you can also manage your portfolio.


What is Rocket Dollar?

Rocket Dollar

In 2018, Rocket Dollar was founded. It is a low-cost and user-friendly platform for self-managed investors. It began to provide investors an easy method to include alternative assets into their pension portfolios. Otherwise, to allow the conventional narratives of the IRA the freedom.

Rocket Dollar is a self-directed IRA account provider that simplifies pension schemes and unlocks a wider investing world.

Rocket Dollar offers you alternative assets such as ETFs FX, crypto-currencies, mutual funds, and more to enhance your retirement savings.

The exciting thing about service providers such as the Rocket Dollar is that it enables investors to exploit the trends and potential of assets and industries such as immovables, precious metals, commodities, startups, franchises, and more.

Thus, retirement planners might exceed traditional IRA account restrictions and include more significant risks in their portfolios.

For individuals who have begun to prepare for retirement in advance and have 20 or 30 years of the horizon, platforms such as Rocket Dollar are a perfect alternative.

On the other side, SDIRAs may not be very helpful for retired people who wish to make lower but more stable and consistent returns for more cautious investments.

How Does Rocket Dollar Work?

Rocket Dollar Work

The development, management, and investment of SDIRAs are a little more complex than conventional IRA accounts.

Therefore, you need to find the resources to help you throughout the entire project and provide optimum pension saving chances for a reputable service provider.

The site sets up an investment account for you when you join up for Rocket Dollar. The limited liability corporation (LLC) can create your retirement account on your behalf, depending on your country of residence.

Establishing an LLC is the go-to method for Rocket Dollar since it offers greater freedom and opportunity for account holders.

The procedure is automated, and not more than 10 minutes are required. You can transfer or donate dollars on the active Rocket Dollar account with a check, debit card, or wire transfer from your bank account after you have an active Rocket Dollar account.

A retirement account is not subject to minimum deposit restrictions.

You can contact customer support if you have problems when trying to establish an account. They are aware and constantly ready to aid during the whole procedure, giving step-by-step instructions.

You will have access to several alternative investments and non-traditional assets after you finance your account.

Thanks to Rocket Dollar and its cooperation with significant investment service providers, they are delivered to you.

It offers access to various products, such as consumer products & inventories, cryptocurrencies, investments at the early stage, agriculture, energy, precious metals, real estate, private equity, and many more.

Rocket Dollar Review – Accounts:

Rocket Dollar Review - Accounts

Rocket dollar provides two types of IRA (SDIRAs) and 401(k) plans. SDIRAs are self-direct. Investors are therefore able not to rely on a list of predefined assets or the exposure to a single purchase but are thus able to customize their portfolios.

Those seeking suitable retirement plans can invest in any kind of assets that the IRS permits with Rocket Dollar IRA or solo accounts.

Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (SDIRAs)

SDIRA solutions from Rocket Dollar contribute to overcoming the limitations of conventional tax-delayed savings accounts by exposing you to other asset classes.

Consider them to be Roth and the Traditional IRAs more strong and enhanced. Investors may save themselves with a self-directed IRA in a tax-delayed account to save for retirement while diversifying their portfolios with different assets simultaneously.

The trustee or custodian is responsible for managing all purchases in the account.

Anyone with taxable US income or an old pension account has the account available. However, the individual must be younger than 70 and 1⁄2 to contribute to the new IRA account.

Self-Directed Solo 401(k)

For those with self-employment income, this sort of account is a suitable choice. The significant contribution levels, availability of investment alternatives, and customizable periods make Rocket Dollar‘s products distinctive.

If you want to make maximum use of your pension portfolio, the best choice is a self-directed single account 401(k). You may donate up to $57,000 yearly with Rocket Dollar and invest in any IRS-enabled asset.

It also provides you a security net, enabling you to loan your bank account for up to $50,000 and repay the loan over time. Only self-reported 401(k)s are only available to non-full-time self-employed persons.

Bear in mind that it could take 2 to 4 weeks to open one on Rocket Dollar if this is the appropriate account for you.

Rocket Dollar Review – Innovations:

Rocket Dollar Review - Innovations

Rocket dollars uplifts industry development since it enables investing in unconventional assets easier, cheaper, and more efficient for such consumers.

Rocket dollar now makes self-conducted IRAs readily available. Hundreds of miles no longer have to go to expensive conferences and pay vast sums of money for alternative investment.

You may invest in these asset classes with Rocket Dollar if you have a thorough understanding of them. You may benefit from your know-how and financial perspectives on community companies, startups, property, valuable metals, cryptocurrencies, and other categories.

Rocket Dollar Review – Rocket Dollar Fee:

Rocket Dollar Review

Finally, we came to the prices and charges – the core of our evaluation of Rocket Dollar. Two plans – Core and Gold – are available from the platform.

The “Core” Plan includes an enrollment fee of 360 dollars and costs 15 dollars a month. It covers everything you need, such as an LLC opening, online documents storage, email support, etc.

The “Gold” plan includes anything from the “Core” and provides a premium service like accelerated transfers, priority assistance, actual debit card, LLC, etc.

Moreover, it costs $600 and costs $30 a month for registration.

While the monthly rates are not too expensive, the problem is that you have to pay them no matter how well your retirement money and account are. The expenditures are continuous, so ensure that your account is ready to start paying to the timing and setup.

Rocket Dollar offers a reimbursement policy that enables all users not entirely pleased with the service to request reimbursement within 30 days after payment of the original account creation charge. The refund amounts to 100%.

Rocket Dollar shall incur no asset or transaction charge.

Rocket Dollar Review Pros and Cons

Without concentrating on the investing platform’s advantages and inconveniences, our Rocket Dollar review would not be comprehensive. There are several different suppliers, such as Rocket Dollar. It’s not always easy to locate the best one. So, who should you choose?

We have developed a summary of Rocket Dollar‘s benefits and weaknesses to assist you in understanding how they flow to other specialized suppliers.


  • Easy-to-use platform with an outstanding connection
  • Fast onboarding and registration
  • Low charge structure for more extensive portfolios
  • 401(k) assistance for self-directed
  • An extensive “learning” center providing content for education.


  • Very fresh and less established than other specialized firms.
  • Initial high $300-$600 installation charge.
  • For beginners, the self-directed part might be a bit complex.

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Rocket Dollar Review – Summary

We can end our analysis of Rocket Dollar because the platform is one of the finest suppliers in the sector. If you want to build an extensive portfolio of SDIRAs, it’s advisable to deal with Rocket Dollar.

It offers you control, flexibility, and access through its network of partners to numerous alternative investments.

You may get a refund immediately to your bank account if you don’t find the platform beneficial or if the cost is too high.

However, it might be wiser to seek elsewhere if you have a smaller portfolio and cannot explain the cost of a service.

There are alternative investing sites, as competitive but considerably cheaper, including MySolo401kFinancial. One of the rocket dollar’s competitors is MySolo401kFinancial.