Simple Fast Loans Review | [year] Guide

Simple Fast Loans is a US-based company offering lending services in the United States, with an internationally recognized name.

Simple Fast Loans lending service offers short-term loans, so you can borrow between $200 and $3,000 for a repayment period of 3 to 12 months.

The company offers different types of loans with various interest rates and repayment periods based on the country of residence, so services and lending products may vary from one supported country to another.

Here is our review for Simple Fast Loans so you can make an informed decision if this is the right company to apply for the loan.

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About Simple Fast Loans

Simple Fast Loans is one of the top lending services in the US and beyond and is a recognizable and trusted brand in the United States.

Simple Fast Loans lending services offer a variety of different loans, while offers may vary from one country to the next where the company is operating.

The company offers car title loans, installment loans, and lines of credit. However, not all of these services are available in every supported country.

Simple Fast Loans is fully licensed as a financial service company. The company claims that its focus is placed on customer satisfaction, which is why they offer customer support to all users.

Simple Fast Loans Pros and Cons

To sum up the Simple Fast Loans review, here are some of the pros and cons that define users’ reviews combined with objective insight into the way this company operates and offers lending services.

No set limit for minimum income – there is no minimum income requirements, so you are likely to get a loan regardless of your incomeSimple Fast Loans service is available in a limited number of countries even though this online service has been operating for more than a decade
Loans for bad credit and poor credit ratingNot all services are available in each country supported by Simple Fast Loans
Funding on the same day in case you get approved and your loan is finalized by 11 amThe lack of transparency with fees and APR – the company doesn’t disclose fees or interest rates until the end of the application process
Three types of loans available for users 
Fast processing of loan application 
Minimal documentation required 

Except for personal and financial information that you need to provide through valid documentation like a government-issued ID, for example, the documentation is provided by Simple Fast Loans.

The company certainly justifies the “simple” and “fast” when it comes to handling the lending process.

What kind of loan can I get with Simple Fast Loans?

You can get an installment loan, car title loan, or apply for a line of credit, while you need to note that not all these services may be available via this lending platform in your country of residence.

In case you live in Arizona, you can get a car title loan, while only residents of Tennessee and Alabama can apply for a line of credit. Installment loans are available to residents across 10 US countries.

These are the types of loans you can apply for with Simple Fast Loans:

Installment loans

Installment loans are some of the most common types of personal and commercial loans among lending services.

Installment loans pay out the entire borrowed amount to the borrower, splitting the loan into a fixed number of repayment rates, which are known as installments. You can apply for a personal installment loan with Simple Fast Loans.

Car title loans

If you own a vehicle and the vehicle’s title is in your name, you can apply for a car title loan with Simple Fast Loans.

Car title loans are usually easy to get as the title serves as collateral and this type of loan is secured. However, the number of countries that are supported for this type of loan by Simple Fast loans company is limited to Arizona. 

Line of credit

A line of credit is a type of loan that is charged via your credit card. When you are approved for a line of credit, you get the amount you agreed on with your lender and you can use the money however and whenever you want.

Repayments will be split into monthly or bi-monthly rates with interest that you need to pay regularly even if you may not have spent the entire borrowed amount through a line of credit.

In case you want to apply for a line of credit with Simple Fast Loans, you can apply only if you are a resident of Alabama and Tennessee.

Simple Fast Loans services

Simple Fast Loans offers a great variety of lending services, including installment loans, which is a service that is available in 10 countries in the US.

Installment loans are also among the most popular loan options on this online lending service. Here is the list of services that you can get with Simple Fast Loans:

· Installment loan

· Car title loan

· Line of credit

· Customer support

· Same-day funding

· Loans with bad credit

· Loans with no minimum income

You can get an installment loan, or any other type of loan if you qualify by your state of residency, without a set minimum income. You can be approved for a loan even with bad credit and poor credit ratings.

Is Simple Fast Loans legit?

Simple Fast Loans is a legitimate service and a company registered as a financial business in the United States.

The company is dully licensed and is a legit lending service. Simple Fast Loans is also monitored and rated by the Better Business Bureau US (BBB) and is rated as a B- service due to some issues with customer support and missing loan documentation reported by the service users.

Is it safe to apply for Simple Fast Loans?

As Simple Fast Loans company claims in their FAQ, it is perfectly safe to apply for a loan with this lending service.

The company promises to use all the data submitted by users and applicants, securely and with utmost privacy.

All users’ data are stored with privacy and security and used with utter confidentiality. Your information will be shared with chosen third-party security audit services but only to protect and secure the data regularly.  

What states is Simple Fast Loans available in?

Simple Fast Loans lending services are available in a limited number of countries, while not all states in the US can apply for all available services.

Installment loans are offered in 10 US states, while car title loans are offered only to residents of Arizona. Alabama and Tennessee residents can apply for a line of credit.

Installment LoanCar Title LoanLine of Credit
Idaho Tennessee
New Mexico  
South Carolina  

Can I apply for a loan with bad credit?

One of the main advantages of Simple Fast Loans services is that the company offers loans for borrowers with bad credit.

Even if you have a poor credit rating or bad credit, you can still apply and get approved for a loan in case you qualify per other criteria, like the country of residency and being older than 18.

The company also has no set limits for minimum income, so you can easily apply and get approved regardless of your income.

Am I eligible for a loan with Simple Fast Loans?

Simple Fast Loans does not list any specific criteria for applying for a loan, aside from the three basic requirements needed for you to initiate a loan application process. To become eligible to apply for a loan, Simple Fast Loans will ask you to disclose:

· Valid phone number

· ID that proves that you are older than 18

· Proof of residency for states where the service is supported

You may be asked to disclose more personal information as your loan application is being processed. However, the company is not transparent when it comes to disclosing application details and the way loans are approved or declined.

Simple Fast Loans also lacks transparency when it comes to disclosing interest rates. You won’t know the proposed interest rate for the loan you are applying for until your application is approved.

How do I apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan with Simple Fast Loans, you will need to visit the official website of the company where you can easily find an application. Follow these simple steps to learn how you can easily apply for a loan with this lending service.

1. Visit the official website

2. To start your application, you will need to provide your SSN (Social Security Number), the number of your driver’s license, and your date of birth along with your name

3. You will also be asked to provide a valid phone number and your address

4. You will need to enter your employment status and disclose information that includes your bank account and your income

5. Select the purpose of taking a loan

6. Review a disclosure from Simple Fast Loans to get familiarized with the conditions of your application

Once you submit your application, Simple Fast Loans will review your request and let you know whether your loan is approved for the amount you asked for, approved for a lower amount, or declined.

If your request is approved, you will get the necessary documentation to finalize the process. You can expect the process to last for several business days.

Once your application is final and documentation is submitted you can expect the money to be available to you within 24 hours or a couple of business days.

What documentation do I need to apply?

When applying for a loan with Simple Fast Loans, make sure to have all the necessary documentation as you will need to disclose your personal and financial information.

This is the documentation you will need to apply for a loan:

1. Savings account/Proof of checking

2. ID with a photo issued by the government

3. Date of birth and address

4. Social Security Number

The company will provide further documentation for you to fill out once your application is approved and you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the loan.

When can I view my APR with Simple Fast Loans?

Before you get approved for a loan, your application is reviewed before the company sends you the final documentation that should be the last step towards finalizing your lending terms with Simple Fast Loan.

You won’t be able to get an insight into your planned APR until you finalize your application. This is commonly a problem for many applicants as they can’t know more about interest rates until the very last step in the process of approving the loan.

Will borrowing from Simple Fast Loans affect my credit?

In case you take a loan and fail to pay your rates regularly, resulting in late payments, your credit score may be affected and negatively impacted.

However, if you opt for an installment loan, it won’t factor into your credit history as you are taking a personal loan.

Personal loans are a form of installment credit, rather than revolving credit, which is why borrowing from Simple Fast Loans shouldn’t affect your credit score.

However, if you are using a personal loan to pay off revolving credit, your credit score may be affected by this activity.

Why should you get an Installment loan from Simple Fast Loans?

One of the reasons why Simple Fast Loans is a great choice is to get an installment loan as you can get approved even with a bad credit score.

Simple Fast Loans also doesn’t have minimum income requirements, which means that you are more likely to get approved even if your income is lower by general standards.

The only thing that can be affected by your income is the amount you are approved for. Getting an installment rate can be completed promptly with minimum documentation and basic information and personal data.

Your account can get funded within a single business day in case your loan application is approved.