My favorite 21 student loan memes that’ll make you laugh

Who doesn’t like a funny student loan meme?

It’s getting close to graduation season and you know what that means: hundreds of Facebook posts from new graduates about how excited they are for “real” life.

The easiest way to send those people into a downward spiral of existential dread is to mention how long they’ll be in student loan debt. So don’t. Or at least, not yet.

But when you do break the news to your friends, put some humor into the message. Use a student loan meme.

The following memes capture exactly how most of us feel throughout the whole student loan lifecycle – from applying for a student loan to finally pay it off.

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Here are 21 Funny Student Loan Memes that Made Me Laugh:

When you realize that it is too bad you didn’t know it back then what you know now.

Why are Memes Important?

One may simply not understand how something like a meme can be so important. Especially in a society we live in, memes have become a part of our cultures.

Within a limited time these grew to a noticeable extent and everyone today loves them. If you take a look at any meme, you can derive a lot more from it.

These have turned into a source that gives us an image of cultural events. Memes are often linked to a moment in time providing unique portraits.

Now, there is no specific, fundamental formula to decide if the meme will be a success. We often see some memes that have been around for years. At the same time, some memes die within hours also.

With the help of memes, one can establish an inside joke. And the best part is the whole Internet becomes a part of it. These have a lot more power than one can decipher.

How Memes Impact Our Lives?

Let’s take a look at memes and the way our lives are under their impact. Every day we come across hundreds of new memes that enhance our online vocabulary.

Then also have a direct effect on our way of communicating. Even though a meme is merely a picture depicting so many meanings. At the same time, it is the most concise message one can convey.


Memes are not bound to a certain culture or language. People around the globe find them humorous. Also, this results in helping people get in touch with the internet community.

These memes make you feel that you also have similar interests like many others out there. Memes bring a sense if relativeness among the internet community.

Irrespective of age or gender people are linked by their common engrossments. Either these are used to vent feelings, emotions about sensitive issues.

Or people use these while elucidating obsession over celebs.


In a world where every person has a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to catch up with others. Not only have we ended up being distant from our friends, colleagues. But this also is the cause of rising stress in almost every other person.

While everyone seems to be down with the workload, memes are the best source to lighten up things. Imagine stressing over exams and seeing a dope meme. Of course, you will feel the sudden urge to laugh out loud.

In the same manner, these memes are what allow us to communicate. Even if we don’t have time to meet or call our friends, a meme can surely hint that you still remember them.

1. We all have a friend that treats student loan money as free money.

student loan meme college freshman

2. When your parents tell you that student loans are easy to pay off.

student loan meme scumbag boomers

3. When you graduate and see how much student loan debt you have.

student loan meme leonardo dicaprio

4. When you’re on a roll with your student loan payments.

student loan meme extra payment

5. That feeling when you realize how long it’s going to take to be debt free.

student loan meme payments everywhere

6. When your dark side is telling you to ignore your debt because of how nice your neighbors new Camaro looks.

pay off debt meme

7. When your friends without student loans give you advice on paying them off.

debt meme mordor

8. How you imagine yourself in 60 years.

student loan meme grandma

9. When you realize your best friend is in even more debt than you.

student loan meme the rock

10. When you’re having a bad day and everything is miserable.

student loan meme grumpy cat

11. Whenever you hear about Chinese hackers on the news.

student loan meme hacked

12. When you still believe that going bankrupt could get you out of your student loan debt.

student loan meme bankruptcy

13. When you learn that you can’t get rid of some of your student loan debt when you go bankrupt.

student loan meme life hack death

14. When you seriously start considering extreme measures.

student loan meme fake death

15. Student loan refunds? Are those still a thing?

student loan meme refund

16. When you’re so close to graduating but can’t pay for your last semester.

student loan meme more loans

17. When you start feeling a little crazy…

student loan meme viking

18.  Sometimes a good job can be a double-edged sword.

debt meme

19.  Hahahahaha. It’s actually tragic, not funny.

student loan meme default

20. When you’re getting close to paying off your student loans

student loan meme chuck norris

21. When you finally make your last student loan payment! This is my favoriate student loan meme. It’s just so wholesome and nothing beats this feeling.

student loan meme pay off debt meme


The fact that within a few minutes, a single meme can circulate worldwide. This has brought forth certain changes and induced people to think in a certain way. 

A single meme can cause us to gather for any sensitive same cause. Hence this trending culture has a major positive impact on our minds, society, and lives.

Hopefully, the student loan memes above made you smile a little bit.

If you’re ready to dive back into learning about your student loans after that little laugh break, here’s some good jumping-off points:

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