Survey Voices Review | Is It A Scam? [year] Ultimate Review

When it comes to earning from home, taking online surveys in return for money feels like a great option.

Since there are a lot of options available, it is nearly impossible to single out the highest paying website. 

Survey Voices is one of the survey websites that collect different paid survey opportunities on the internet.

Signing up with Survey voice costs nothing and you are going to be connected with sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie imminently. 

However, there are some things that you should better know better about before starting with Survey voices.

This is a complete review of Survey Voices.


What is “Survey Voices”?

Survey Voices

Survey voices is an online paid survey collector. This means that “survey voices” don’t make their own surveys, but it connects the signed-up users with the websites that have paid surveys available.

As you may have established from the text above, Survey voices do not have its own surveys that you can take to make money online.

Survey Voices basically will connect you with survey sites that will pay you for conducting a survey online. 

Once the users sign up with Survey voices, they are going to see survey opportunities on the website of survey voices.

When the users will click on the link of the provided survey from survey voices, they are going to be redirected to another site where they will be able to take the survey. 

According to the information on their website, Survey voice aims to single out shammy and low-paying websites that allow the users to be able to avail themselves only the opportunities that pay them rightfully. 

A lot of websites when it comes to taking a survey, are not safe and can end up compromising the user’s safety.

A lot of users end up getting their computer infected through something that they download through a survey website. 

A lot of people also avoid taking the surveys online as they come across the platforms that usually pay you scraps in return for the efforts you are going to be making.

Survey voices is a platform that realizes all of that stuff and tries its best to bring forth only the best options available for you.

This also makes sure that you are paid for your time and effort. 

How Does Survey Voices Work?

1 Re-Writing article.

The operation of Survey voices is very straightforward. However, this platform is only available for you to use if you are above the age of 18. 

There is not much for the users to do. All the users need to is enter their email address and answer a questionnaire that will qualify them for solving the surveys.

The questionnaire itself is very basic and will ask you personal details such as our home address, employment status, and homeownership status, and it will also ask the users if they own a car or live with children in their household. 

The answers to your questionnaire will set the route for you.

The answers you provide will set the criteria for survey voices and it will further connect you to the surveys that you qualify for and once you are done, you can get paid.

For instance, the creator of the survey may want to target people that own a house or live in specific locations.

This is why answering the questionnaire rightful is very important as it will be the basis that survey voice will use to match you with the surveys. 

When you click a link to answer a survey on survey voices, you will be taken to a third-party website.

From there, you will have to follow the guidelines of that website and fill out the required fields on the survey to complete it.

This is where things get complicated; Survey voices will not pay the people taking the surveys directly;

The users will have to manually trace their rewards for each site on which you have completed a survey on and the users will have to follow the website’s cash-out procedure. 

“Survey voices” do not take any guarantee that you are going to be paid for the completed reviews either. 

Is Survey Voices Legit Or A Scam?

Is Survey Voices Legit Or A Scam

There is no evidence to label Survey voices as a scam. However, there have been some reviews online that might say otherwise.

To be fair, survey voices do not charge any money for signing up a user and mention it very clear that they are a survey aggregator and do not provide paid surveys directly. 

Having said that, Survey voices follow some questionable marketing techniques that prove rather misleading.

When the users click on the button to sign up, The platform mentions that you are going to be able to earn the first $300 or more within a month. 

Contrary to the website’s claim, you will have to work 40 hours for a week and earn at least $3 each hour to reach the milestone of $300.

Obviously, this is not going to be easy and quick, regardless of the wild claims from the website. 

Some people also have privacy concerns with the sign-up process as the platform requires you to add your full name and residential address to get on board.

The platform will also ask for other personal information such as the contact number and date of birth of the users. 

This is why being cautious on the user’s end is highly recommended. Make sure to go through the fine print on the registration.

Once you sign up with them, you are consenting the platform to send you emails, phone sales calls, and text messages. 

A fairly huge amount of users have complained about receiving a lot of emails and texts from Survey Voice’s marketing partners.

However, this site allows the users to be able to revoke their access to share their information with others at any feasible time. 

If you do end up sharing your information upfront and the platform has already shared your information, you will need to contact each marketing partner individually and back out from their promotional messages and emails. 

Legit Survey Site Alternatives to Survey Voices:

Legit Survey Site Alternatives to Survey Voices

If you are not satisfied with Survey voices and want something to come in direct contact with websites that offer paid survey opportunities, then we have listed some options for you.

Once you sign up with one of these you will be able to manage the reviews instead of roaming around multiple sites to avail themselves.

The alternates to Survey Voices are below:

Branded Surveys:

This is one of those sites whose main focus is providing online surveys in exchange for money. Signing up with this Platform is pretty simple and all the users need to do online surveys is to fill out their profile. 

This service instantly provides you 100 points once you create your account with this platform.

This service also provides you points in return for every survey that you will take.

The 1000 points on this survey platform are equal to 10 dollars.

These points can either be redeemed for gift cards or they could just transfer the money via PayPal or Direct Deposit. 


The payment method of SwagBucks is also similar to the platform mentioned above. On Swagbucks, the users earn points in return for every survey that they complete.

Starting working with this service is pretty simple as well as all the users need to do is sign up. 

The users will have to watch videos, take surveys, and shop online. The points earned via this service can be traded for gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes. 


This is also one of the platforms that provide you with paid online surveys. All the users need to do to work with this Platform is sign up.

The users can either take surveys, watch videos, and do other activities. Unlike the other options, you can also play video games or shop in online stores. 

This online platform gives real cash rewards and has no concept of rewarding points. When you sign up with this platform, you can get a $5 bonus.

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Survey Voices Review Summary!

To conclude, Survey voices might prove useful for you if you want to avail numerous opportunities from a single place.

Nevertheless, Survey voice has its downsides.

Claiming rewards with Survey voices is very difficult and not to mention, you get a lot of marketing emails, texts, and sales calls from the partners of Survey voices

Considering the reasons above, we feel that you are going to be better off just by being in direct contact with online platforms such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars.

These are all legit survey websites that will allow you to earn money by answering surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and doing activities alike. 

Signing up with these websites is straightforward and usually, a lot of them will also throw in a reward!

However, regardless of what survey website you choose, make sure to do your homework beforehand and verify the reputation of the platform on Trustpilot, Reddit, or the BBB  before you decide to sign up with it.