How to Do Your Own Taxes-A Beginners Guide

how to do your own taxes

Taxes can be something that almost we all detest and want to get over it. But it is a time that we all have to face and file the taxes on time. It is only a matter of time that the process seems to be overwhelming. But it is not as hard as you might … Read more

What is Box 12 on a W2 And What Does It mean?

What is Box 12 on a W2?

Taxes are complicated and filing them can get really confusing. What makes it worse is that sometimes there are boxes on the W2s that don’t really need to be used at all. When you’re doing taxes, the last thing you want is to spend forever figuring out the intricacies of tax codes. The IRS is … Read more

Free Tax Filing For Low Income

How to get free tax filing for low income households

Until last year, doing my taxes was always a time-consuming, expensive, and annoying experience. I was filing my taxes by hand and mailing them via snail mail. Why was I putting myself through that hell? Well, because all the “free” online tax filing software wanted me to pay close to $20 to file my state … Read more

What is the W-3 Tax Form?

what is a w 3 form header

If you are not an employer, you can stop reading now. You don’t need to file a W-3 Form if you’re a wage or salary-earning employee (that’s a W-2 for work and a W-4 if you want to claim deductions). But if you have any kind of traditions employees (excluding contractors) then you’ll need to … Read more