Tremont Lending Loans [year] Review

Tremont Lending is a lending business that operates as an online platform specializing in bad credit loans. Tremont Lending focuses on providing financial services for borrowers with bad credit and low credit scores, as well as borrowers who usually can’t be approved for traditional loans.

In case you have bad credit or a low credit score, and you wish to be approved for a loan quickly, you can apply for short-term loans with Tremont Lending.

Is Tremont Lending a good service and what types of loans can you get with Tremont Lending?


What is Tremont Lending?

Tremont Lending is a financial company that focuses on providing lending services to borrowers with low credit scores and bad credit.

Tremont Lending’s online platform is owned and licensed by the Big Valley Band. The Big Valley Band is owned by Pomo Indians, which is a Native American tribe recognized federally by the US government.

The speciality of this Native American business that operates outside of the reservation borders is instalment loans with short-term repayment periods.

Tremont Lending Pros and Cons

Direct funding to your bank account the next business dayD-rated with Better Business Bureau
An easy application process that doesn’t take more than a few minutesAPR varies and is not transparent until you get offers from lenders who can approve your loan
Get connected with lenders who can approve your loan in minutesHigh APR and short repayment periods
Minimum eligibility criteria for getting approved
No credit checks are needed for application screening 
Loans are offered even to borrowers with bad credit 

Tremont Lending alternatives that we recommend

If you are looking for alternatives to Tremont Lending, some of the top-reviewed lending platforms with a similar business model are:

Zippy Loan

Zippy Loan is a lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders for a quick approval and fast application process, while borrowers with low credit scores and bad credit are also welcome.

You can apply for a personal loan in minutes with Zippy Loan and apply for up to $15,000. You will be matched with lenders who can approve your loan for the amount you are looking for, or you may be offered a different amount to have your loan approved.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans also operates as a lending platform that acts as an open market for lenders where borrowers are matched with lenders based on their application form.

The platform doesn’t guarantee that you will be approved for a loan but doesn’t charge for its services. You can get anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance offers M1 Borrow products for investors who had invested at least $10,000 to borrow up to 40% of their holdings.

M1 Finance has very competitive rates that are some of the lowest and most cost-effective in the market, ranging between 2% and 3.5%.

Unlike the case with Tremont Lending, Zippy Loan, and Bad Credit Loans, you will be borrowing directly from M1 Finance, so all rates are disclosed before you are approved for a loan.


OppLoans offer loans from $500 to $4,000 even for borrowers with bad credit as OppLoans doesn’t base decisions regarding loans exclusively on borrowers’ credit scores.

The lending service also offers OppLoans Turn Up Program, which helps borrowers find the best loan offers with the lowest interest rates among OppLoans lending partners.

OppLoans doesn’t apply any origination fees and also doesn’t charge prepayment penalties, making it a perfect choice for personal loans.

What type of loans can I get with Tremont Lending?

Tremont Lending company offers:

  • Short-term instalment loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • No credit check loans
  • Cash advances
  • Payday loans

Borrowers with low credit and bad credit can easily and quickly get approved for a cash advance without the need to disclose their credit history.

When should you use Tremont Lending loans?

Home repair expenses

If you need some extra and urgent cash for home repairs, Tremont Lending can get you quickly approved for a cash advance without credit checks and the need to disclose your credit history. All credit scores are welcome, so you can apply in minutes and get approved in seconds.

Medical expenses

You can get quickly approved for a loan or a cash advance to cover your medical expenses. Most borrowers with low credit scores have trouble getting approved for cash advances by banks and credit unions. Tremont Lending offers services for borrowers with all credit ranges and asks for no credit checks.

Improving your credit

Build your credit faster and more effectively with Tremont Lending personal loans. Paying your loan on time can help you improve your credit score. You can always opt for less expensive loans with banks and financial institutions to improve your credit score as Tremont Lending has a higher than average APR on all loans.  This case may make repayment of the loan much more difficult.

Car repairs

If you have a car that needs some urgent repairs, you can get approved for a personal loan with no credit check with Tremont Lending. Applying usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes, while you can get approved in seconds and have the loan deposited to your account near-instantly.

Overdue bills

In case you have some overdue utility bills that keep piling up, you can apply for a personal loan with Tremont Lending to cover the bills. When you don’t have the cash to cover your utility bills, Tremont Lending short-term loans can be a perfect solution.

Can I get urgent loans with Tremont Lending?

Tremont Lending targets borrowers with low credit scores and bad credit, as well as borrowers in urgent need of cash.

You can easily apply for a personal loan or cash advance with no credit checks, while Tremont Lending will aid you in covering your financial emergency.

As with all urgent loans, such credit is more expensive in comparison to traditional loans and has short-term repayment periods.

Can I apply for Bad Credit Loans with Tremont Lending?

All credit scores are welcome when applying for a loan with Tremont Lending as the company specializes in lending money to borrowers who are in urgent need of cash and have bad credit scores.

No credit checks are required and all personal loans and cash advances are normally approved in minutes. Tremont Lending loans are designed as urgent no credit check loans and personal bad credit loans.

The company connects you with lenders who can get your application approved even with bad credit while no credit checks are performed in the application and screening process.  

Can I apply for instalment loans with Tremont Lending?

Tremont Lending offers instalment loans for financial emergencies. These types of personal loans are usually paid in advance to borrowers then later repaid in instalment rates over a determined repayment period.

In case instalment loans are paid out before due time, Tremont Lending may offer a partial refund of finance charges.

What amount can I get with Tremont Lending?

You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $5,000, while you can get up to $1,000 in advance with personal instalment loans.

The lending service doesn’t charge for applying or for connecting you with lenders who can approve your loan within minutes.

The only charge applied is in the form of APR paid on your loan along with the amount of the approved loan. According to Tremont Lending, the type of loan you are offered by lenders depends on the amount you specify in your application.

In case the amount is greater than $1,000, the money borrowed is considered a personal loan. Any amount below $1,000 can be offered in the form of a payday loan.

Tremont Lending terms

Tremont Lending’s terms of use require borrowers to be over 18, have a steady income, and be legal US residents.

Tremont Lending is a free-of-charge platform that doesn’t provide direct loans but connects users to a network of lenders who can quickly approve loans from $100 to $5,000.

Tremont Lending discloses that some third-party lenders may still check your personal information and address credit report agencies and national databases, which may ultimately affect your credit score.

By applying for a loan and agreeing with loan terms, you are providing your electronic signature and consent to electronic communication with Tremont Lending and third-party lenders.

In case of violating the terms of use of Tremont Lending, your account can be terminated by the company without prior notice.

Tremont Lending loan rates

Since Tremont Lending is not a direct lender, the company can’t disclose any loan rates and APR with certainty.

Tremont Lending also doesn’t participate in decisions regarding the approval or decline of your loan applications. Loan rates solely depend on third-party lenders, your personal information, and the amount of money you are requesting for your loan.

Loan rates on Tremont Lending may also depend on the local regulations that apply in your state of residence.

According to previous users of this service and Tremont Lending disclosure, APR is fairly hefty and may go up to 400% with some lenders on short-term loans.

Tremont Lending encourages users to carefully read their loan agreements before finalizing the loan with third-party lenders on the platform.

Lenders should disclose APR, rates, the amount of the loan, and the repayment period, as well as any additional fees that may apply in the case of late payments.  

Am I eligible for Tremont Lending loans?

Tremont Lending connects users with lenders who can approve loans even for borrowers with low credit scores and bad credit. To become eligible for Tremont Lending service, borrowers need to be:

·  Older than 18

·  Residents of the United States

· Employed and have a regular source of income

If you are 18 or older than 18, have a permanent residency in the US, and have a regular income, you are eligible to apply for a loan with Tremont Lending.

All credit scores are welcome as you only need to match this basic set of criteria to be able to apply. You can still apply for a loan even if you have bad credit as Tremont Lending specializes in connecting borrowers with bad credit with lenders who can get them approved for a loan in minutes.

How can I apply for a loan with Tremont Lending?

You just need to visit the official website of the Tremont Lending platform and fill out the application form with basic information.

Once you submit the form, you will get connected with lenders who can present you with loan agreements, including proposed APR and repayment period, as well as the terms of lending money from third-party lenders. You can get approved for a loan within minutes and get your account promptly funded.

How soon can I get cash with Tremont Lending?

In most cases, you will either be approved for a loan or declined within minutes. It may take hours at times for lenders to review your application and make their decision regarding your loan application. Usually, it takes no more than a day to apply, get approved, and have your account funded.

Contact information

Tremont Lending can be contacted at (888) 212-0030, or you can email them at [email protected]. If you wish to send them a mail, you can use the address below.

Tremont Lending
PO Box 82
Finley, CA 95435

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page of Tremont Lending online platform.

In case you can’t find the answers, you are looking for, you can always contact the platform. Tremont Lending is not directly involved in the process of lending and decision-making when it comes to approving and declining loan requests.

However, you can contact Tremont Lending via a submission form on the official Tremont Lending website.  

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Is Tremont Lending a good service?

Tremont Lending is subject to all applicable Tribal and Federal laws of the United States in terms of providing consumers with financial protection.

Tremont Lending, according to its official lending portal, provides short-term loans for borrowers who are in urgent need of cash. Tremont Lending discloses that the company doesn’t offer lending solutions that would relieve long-term financial needs.

Due to the nature of short-term urgent loans, Tremont Lending takes hefty fees while the company is transparent regarding its expensive credit options.

Overall, Tremont Lending is a good service for borrowers with bad credit who need urgent short-term loans and don’t have issues with high APR.


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