Truebill Review: What You Should Know Before Signing Up? [year]

Truebill is a modern app to help you cut down on your monthly bills. It automatically negotiates lower bills for you and saves you time, which is especially helpful for people with busy schedules.

Truebill offers many of the same services that sites like Billshrink or Trim offer, but it’s more convenient because all of these features are located in one place.

All you have to do is download the app and register your bank account with Truebill by connecting it to your online banking credentials. The next time you log into your banking account, your monthly bills will be scanned by Truebill and it will start working hard to negotiate lower rates for you.

Truebill gives customers a few months free while they test out the service, so head on over to their website today to see if this service is right for you!


What is Truebill?

What is Truebill

Truebill is a highly-appreciated app as it comes up with many great features so far that will also help you a lot in paying your bills with a discount etc. 

It is also possible that you are subscribing to different sites for each month or even ordering a skin care product online, or even paying your internet bills. 

The billing of the subscription will be a lot stressful to you as it might run rampant if you will not be providing any attention towards it for sure. According to some particular studies, a lot of people do not focus on their subscriptions each month. 

People subscribe to the sites a lot, but they usually think that these subscriptions are not affecting them at all, but in reality, these subscriptions cost them a lot more than their think. 

Truebill is one lost important app to be used as it keeps track of everything you are using, but it might also cancel the unused subscriptions. 

More great features of this Truebill app will be much help, and we would surely be reviewing all those features for you. 

How Truebill Works?

How Truebill Works2

You might be desperate to know how Truebill works, right? So we would be letting you know that Truebill can optimize the spending of yours in simple words. 

It can also help you quite easily as they can manage which subscriptions you are using with just simple steps, and they can even lower your bills that will help your financial life. 

Suppose you want to find out how you can use this app easily, so at first, you will be needed to sign up for an account to find out how it looks around. 

They usually fall out in four different major categories that will come in very handy to you for sure, as there are only four of them.

These categories include:

  • Lowering your bills
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Seeking refunds
  • Premium services

Lowering Your Bills:

You might feel that Truebill is a free service that will come in handy to use during signing up, but it is not; however, it also depends on the viewership. 

This is also a matter of the fact that you don’t have to pay the fee to lower your bills, but you might not get away with the savings without Truebill’s share. 

As you would know, you will have to pay the v40% of your savings to Truebill according to its policy on every of the saved bills. 

The fees are only applied when all of your savings are completely secured, and it will be charging you with the fees of a whole one year at one time. 

You will easily get this in this way, so consider a person is saving 500% on his bill on an annual basis so that you will be charged the amount of 200%. 

This is also a fact to consider that you will be charged with nothing if the Truebill won’t be finding any savings of yours. 

It is also a way that you will be needed to do the prompt by the Truebill, which will need you to enter some of the monthly bills of yours in their database. 

Managing Subscriptions and Recurring Bills:

Whenever you are getting the bills of Truebill to get analyzed, the next service will let you manage the subscription of yours every month. 

Truebill will easily monitor your subscriptions without a problem through your card statement or even the bank without any problem. 

You will also easily be needed to easily get the option that will be added to your preferred account via the screen of your dashboard. 

You will be needed to pay attention to yours, especially to the disclaimer of your screen, which will offer you an explanation of why Truebill wants access to your bank account. 

This is also a fact that Truebill will not be able to bill the account in question, but you need to remember that they already have a credit card as they will claim the 40% of your savings fee anyway.   

Seeking Refunds for Fees and Outages:

Truebill can also offer you an offer as they can send the letters to your bank with a request for refunds or the late fees in the connected accounts for sure. 

In this Truebill review, you would be initiated with the dashboard without having any problems after you will be setting up your account. 

This is an important point to consider as Truebill will not be allowed to do all this process without your permission, so the fees should also be tucked somehow.  

Truebill will be tracking all of your activities that may include cable, internet, or even your mobile phone provider and will get all the funds without any problems. 

Although good, it can be a bit difficult to monitor this app’s activity as sometimes you will be away from home, but somehow it is a good perk. 

Premium Services:

Truebill is very helpful for a person and it will be able to provide you with a number of great tools which will help you to set up your finance or monthly budget as well as with them. 

Most of the tools are the ones that one will be able to get from the premium subscriptions only, and one will not be able to use them without the premium subscription.  

These tools might cost you from 3$ per month to an extension of 12$ per month without any problems, which will come in quite handy to you. 

The offers of these premium subscriptions include:

  • It provides you with Balanced Syncing.
  • It offers you Premium Chat.
  • It provides you with the cancellations of concierge
  • It offers you the Custom Categories
  • It provides you with Unlimited Budgets
  • It comes up with Smart Savings Plans

The new subscription will provide you with automatic, but one will cancel it at any time.

Is Truebill Safe to Use?

Truebill Safe to Use

Many of you guys mustn’t want to get their personal information leaked, so they are a bit conscious before providing their information to the financial apps. 

Whenever it comes to important or private information, one has the complete right to be sceptical because no one can trust an organization blindly. 

In this Truebill review, we will tell you that even though many people trust Truebill, many people are tricking innocent people into getting enough money out of them. 

Then they vanish, so taking precautions is necessary. Even Truebill also recognizes that people are a bit sceptical due to some security reasons because it is a little bit of risk. 

This is also very important to consider the Truebills with ease. It is a very reliable application to be used, and it consists of a security title that will clear your questions. 

You will then be needed to hand over the account’s keys with complete satisfaction, and you won’t be having any further difficulties for sure.   

The most important points which are to be considered concerning security includes:

  • It provides 256-bit encryption of the bank-level to protect one’s data.
  • The financial institutions can be connected to Truebill with the help of plaid services.
  • You won’t be asked for the bank’s credentials to be given to Truebill because of the use of Plaid.
  • One’s data is not sold to third parties at any cost from the Truebill app for sure.
  • Truebill hosts the data itself on the Web series of Amazon, which is also used to store the data for several other departments so far.

Is Truebill safe or not is the main question for now! So the answer completely depends upon the person who is in need to use it. 

This will be one’s choice to trust these security measures or not with the personal data yours.  

Truebill vs Trim:

In this Truebill review, most people are getting confused about the main big difference between both Truebill and Trim financial app. 

They are very much easy to confuse as they have similar features, but they are a little bit different from each other. 

Yes, most of the applications of these apps indeed are the same, including the detection of potential savings of a person, Managing one’s subscriptions, or even lowering his bills. 

Suppose we talk about the competition, so both of them are very tough competitors as they come up with more than 15000 financial institutes so far. 

It is also one of the most common similarities that the name of both of these applications is that they start with the same alphabet, which easily confuses them. 

While comparing both of these financial apps, the major points that really compare both of them include:

  • Both of these charges each of the companies for the savings, so Truebill charges 40% approx while Trim only charges a little lower of 33%. 

Some of the secondary differences between them may include:

  • Truebill requires a premium subscription to cancel the unused subscriptions, but Trim uses it for free.
  • Truebill offers you free Android and even iOS apps, too, while Trim is not able to provide you with any.
  • Trim lets you with a debt program that can let you run $10 per month.

How the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rates Truebill?

Truebill probably has got red flags in its boundaries. As the profile of a better business bureau for sure. 

You must know that the better business bureau does not even accredit Truebill for the sake of some good reasons. 

This tells you that Truebill comes up with ‘F’ because it has many applications so far because it can score the business between 0 and 59.99. 

It is rated on the grade slot as ‘F’ on the BBB because of its scoring, and you can say that the ‘F’ means it is the worst score that is mighty possible. 

The better business bureau comes up with almost three of the reasonable keys for the failing grades that include:

  • The failure of responding to the complaints that are being filed against the business
  • More or almost 20 Complaints are being filed against the business.
  • The length of the estimated time at which the business has been operating

It is a fact that the reviews of the Truebill are not very much better as it is also a matter of the fact that the company only has a one-star rating out of five.  

Some of the complaints are surely not satisfying as there was a complaint that we were reading and stated that it was a nightmare. 

The person subscribed as Truebill was claiming that they will be able to provide 40% of the savings will be the share of Truebill. 

Their customer was able to negotiate with their provider to the Truebill, which was then able to negotiate with the provided bundle of cable/internet or phone. 

The costs were said to be lowered, but somehow the plan of the customer’s phone was completely changed, and they didn’t even ask for their permission. 


No one likes to pay their bills, but it’s something we all have to do. Whether you’re dealing with utilities, housing, student loans, or anything else, paying your bills can be a huge hassle. And if you don’t pay them on time, you’ll end up paying more than what you owe.

We hope truebill will help you to with your financial goals whether it is to pay your bills, set reminders or keep track of everything so that you never miss a thing. You can download the app today and learn how true bill is changing the way we deal with our bills forever…