5 Strange & Downright Weird Ways People Make Money

5 Strange and Weird Ways to Make Money

Being short on money is something almost everyone can relate to and sometimes it feels like you should be earning way more for the hours you work. However, with technological advancements and the emergence of more internet platforms, it’s becoming easier than ever to subsidize your income.

When you think outside the box and get creative, it’s easy to earn some money and you might be able to make a considerable amount if you’re savvy. Here are just five of the strangest and weird ways people can make money:

Make money online auctions

1. Online auctions

Gone are the days when you had to go to an auction house and have to be in a room with paddles; now, the auction comes to you and you could earn some money from the comfort of your sofa. Online bidding sites like eBay are renowned for their snappy deals and chance for people to make a few pounds selling unwanted items.

However, have you ever considered just how lucrative online auction sites can be if utilized to their full potential? The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a yacht that went for a gobsmacking $168m. Do you think you could top that?

2. Gaming

This strange money making opportunity is one for the gamers, who can play their favorite video game and get paid for it. More than 850 million people tuned into watch video game playthroughs in 2018 and this number is only expected to keep rising. The top channels and streamers can expect to make thousands if not millions of pounds.

It might take a few months of rising through the ranks and finding ways to stand out from the competition, but it’s entirely possible to earn money from recording yourself playing walkthroughs.

Also there are games that can help you with financial literacy. Financial Football is a great example, you can read about this game here.

make money eating

3. Eating on camera

You already do it three times a day anyway, so why not get some money on the side? Professional eaters or ‘Mukbangers’ purchase a vast array of food then scoff it down on camera, all for their viewer’s pleasure. Some people have really made a name for themselves in this community, with their YouTube and streaming channels amassing millions of followers and sponsorships.

4. Clinical trials

How does advancing science while also getting paid for it sound? There are benefits to taking part in clinical trials and new paid opportunities crop up every day, but you do need to take the NHS’ advice.

If you have a specific gene, trait, or condition, you could be paid a large chunk of money to take part in the trials so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities. Some trials might span over a month or even a year, which is the perfect chance to write that novel or develop your business plan, all while getting paid.

make money taking pet pics

5. Snap photos of your pets

Let the world know just how adorable and unique your pet is, and get paid for it too. Media companies are always looking for well-trained animals to star in adverts or pose for a marketing photo, so sign up to some website and give your pet its spotlight. Don’t forget to buy your furry friend some treats with the earnings.


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