Credit Card Refinancing vs Debt Consolidation? | [year] Guide

You might be wondering what is the general difference between Credit Card Refinancing from Debt Consolidation.

Here we are going to share all exclusive and required details with you.

One needs to understand and keep in mind that debt consolidation targets to turn and transform a large number of debts all into a single debt.

By doing so, you will be able to save money. Furthermore, this approach of consolidation makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your debt.

On the other hand, when it comes to credit card Refinancing, then it is seen and noticed that it optimize and balances your existing debt.

It does so by replacing it right with debt linked and connected with more favourable terms.

Your other debt packages get linked to that debt package that shows and is accompanied by lower interest rates.

All in all, both of these approaches, manage to accomplish and process themselves with the same goal. But their way of operating is very different.

You need to decide whether you want to go for a lower interest rate or if you wish to pay off the debt of your credit cards.

Below you can check out more of the details and extensive pack of data about this piece of the topic:


What Is Credit Card Debt Consolidation?

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Credit card debt consolidation, is all and generally about moving all of your credit card balances and then transforming them into a single loan.

No matter, how many numbers of loans you have, you only have to make a single monthly payment.

Most importantly, the Consolidation approach is pursued by those people who have taken a personal loan.

What they do is they transform and shift a bunch of their small credit card balances to just one credit card that is accompanied by a very high credit limit.

As all of you are aware of this fact that personal loans tend to stay commonly and typically unsecured.

They offer users fixed interest rates. On these loans, you get fixed monthly payments.

Upon consolidating them, you are allowed to make some monthly payments and that too at the same interest rate until and unless the loan is fully and completely repaid.

If you wish to eliminate and wholly get rid of credit card debt, then it is recommended to go for a debt consolidation approach. It is marked and considered a more effective strategy.

The best part about this approach is that in debt consolidation, you are going to pay off your loan all in the end-term zone.

But in credit card refinancing, you will immerse yourself in the hectic revolving of payment processing.

This refinancing approach potentially gives you no benefits.

Pros of using the approach of Credit Card Debt Consolidation


Firstly, you will get a fixed interest rate. This is the most important benefit and plus point that is offered by this approach.

For a few of the personal loans, you might be offered and provided with variable interest rates.

But all in all, a large number of personal loans, do offer users fixed rates. It means that your interest rate will ever and ever go up.

So, if you to enjoy the benefit of a fixed interest rate, then opt for this approach.

You will be given a lower interest rate. In other words, if you have got strong credit, then the user is allowed and permitted a lower interest rate.

Moreover, you can get your personal loan rates in all of the single digits. There is another benefit of enjoying a fixed monthly payment.

From this plus point, you need to assume the fact that your payment mode is going to remain constant until and unless your respective and specific loan is fully paid by you.

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The last benefit and major advantage that will be experienced by you, it is getting a definite payoff term.

You can pay back your loans in a fixed term and then it will be easy for you to pay back your whole debt at the end section of the term.

It is for all of these reasons that credit card debt consolidation is identified and marked as an effective method for paying personal loan tends and also to pay off revolving debt issues.

Cons of using the approach of Credit Card Debt Consolidation


This approach does come with a few drawbacks and negative aspects as well. The first one is that your payment process never and ever drops.

Like, if there is a $10,000 loan on your shoulder and it is a must for you to play around and about 400 dollars on a monthly basis,

Then this payment will remain to stay to be $400 until and unless the balance amount is paid down up to $5,000.

Furthermore, while opting for this approach, you need to pay some origination fees. The amount of these fees totally and wholly depends on your credit.

It is generally and commonly seen that this origination fee amount range between the figures of one and six per cent.

If you are planning to use this approach of debt consolidation, then you have to be aware of the fact that this whole process is in detail.

It needs a lot of processing. You have to show much more involvement in this process.

As you know that while applying for a personal loan, you have to fulfil the requirements of the formal application process.

You need to submit a credit check, and supply documentation and you have to verify and give proof of your income.

Moreover, you have to give valid proof of your financial assets.

Hence, we can say that lots of nitty-gritty details are involved in following this method.

What Is Credit Card Refinancing?

Credit Card Refinancing

Now, moving to the explanation of Credit Card Refinancing. You may have known and heard about it with the name of the balance transfer.

Most noteworthy, this is a kind of process in which credit card balance is going to be moved from one credit card zone to another.

Your balance gets to shifted and transferred to that credit card that shows and displays more of the satisfactory and favourable pricing structure.

As an example, you can move and shift your $100,000 balance right on that specific credit card that simply and only charges around and about 19.9 per cent interest from you as compared to using a credit card that simply charges 11.9 per cent.

Most certainly, there are a large number of credit card companies out there.

You will be surprised to know that these companies offer a 0 per cent introductory rate. What you can do is to utilize this incentive.

If you have chosen such a company that charges an 0 per cent interest rate, then it will be better if you move all your balance to that specific credit card.

Hence, we can say that this approach of using Credit card refinancing, is all about lowering and bringing down your interest rate.

It is seen and noticed that it is not that effective as compared to debt consolidation.

If you really want to come out of the debt zone, then this is not an effective method to be utilized by you.

It is so because this approach only moves and shifts a loan balance simply from one credit card to another credit card and that is it.

Pros of using the approach of Credit Card Refinancing


Firstly, you will be offered a 0 per cent interest rate right on all of the balance transfers.

To all the credit card lenders out there, this is a suitable and appropriate approach to be used by you.

If you are eagerly seeking an interest-free credit line, then this is a useful approach for you.

You will be in a position to make substantial and effective temporary savings in the area of your interest expense.

This is the kind of method named Credit Card Refinancing that allows you to experience a quick and seamless application process.

There will be no pressure on your side to apply this approach. In addition, it does not require paperwork.

You do not have to give any verification and proof of your income.

Thus, for this specific and subject credit card application phase, you need to fill out the form only once.

Besides, upon considering this approach, you will get a better interest rate.

Likewise, if you are replacing your credit cards with one another, this mechanism will give you a better and improved interest rate.

This is one of the most tangible benefits that is offered by this method.

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So, you can go for the option of credit card refinance as you will be officially receiving and delivering with a lower interest rate. It depends on the situation.

You will either get the temporary 0 per cent all-to-go introductory interest rate or you will be offered a lower permanent interest rate.

The last plus point of this approach is that you will be allowed to re-access your credit lines in any manner you want to.

As we all come across with this latest advancement that credit cards are fully and completely showing revolving arrangements.

Once you will pay off the balance, then you will be allowed to access it later on and it will be going to appear for you in the form of a new source of credit.

Moreover, you will get the entire balance the minute you will pay off your debt wholly and completely.

Cons of using the approach of Credit Card Refinancing


There is a negative side to using this Credit Card Refinancing approach too.

Most importantly, there will come a time and moment when your 0 per cent interest rate will all come to an end.

Then at that time and moment, this approach will no longer be attractive and beneficial for you.

In addition, there might be a chance and have this common possibility that you will be asked to pay for the permanent rate.

And this interest rate might be higher.

Besides, with this approach, you will get and be experiencing variable interest rates.

It only happens in the mechanism of debt consolidation loans that you are offered with fixed rates.

But whenever it comes to credit card refinances, they carry and keep on holding variable rates.

There might a chance that 11 per cent interest rate can go to 19 per cent.

You need to pay for the balance transfer fees if you are refinancing your credit card. It is on every credit card that this fee is being charged.

We have seen and observed that this transfer fee comes out to be three to five per cent of the total and overall amount of the balance transferred.

Without paying these fees, you cannot proceed with the next and further steps. Lastly, this whole approach is based on revolving arrangements.

There is a heavy and big chance that you might not be pay off your whole and entire balance.

You will not be able to fully eliminate and remove your credit card debt as you will always be facing an outstanding loan balance at your end.

Can I Use My Credit Card If I Consolidate?

Use My Credit Card If I Consolidate

You can use your credit card right after debt consolidation. Moreover, this whole and entire decision depend on the current situation as well.

If you have got a good credit line and there is a limited amount of debt residing and existing on your shoulders, then there is no need to close any of your existing accounts and there is no need to consolidate.

But if the situation is the opposite and you see yourself on the risky side while paying debt, then better go for consolidation and use your credit card for a one-time payment of all your loans.

A credit card allows you to go for a balance transfer approach.

Even more, you can go for a debt consolidation loan without facing any of the limitations and restrictions.

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What Is the Smartest Way to Consolidate debt?


Below you can check out some of the smartest ways to consolidate debt. We hope that you will find this guide useful for you.

If you have more questions on consolidating debt, then do ask us.

So, if you are thinking and planning to consolidate credit card debt, then make sure you have to keep in mind that it all varies and differs from individual to individual.

This is all dependent on the financial situations and circumstances as well as on your preferences.

Opt for the Approach while Paying off Smaller Balances


We have this effective piece of advice and best of all suggestions for you if you want to consolidate debt, then what you can do is keep on paying off smaller balances.

It is in the first go that you should pay off the outstanding loans and balances that are minimum and little in amount.

After that, you can start hitting and making the payments that come with the bigger bills.

If you are considering this fact and approach of transferring balances simply from one credit card to another, then this is a risky step that you are pursuing.

It will be great and beneficial for you to use only those accounts that are accompanied by a zero balance.

This is how you will not ever and ever see yourself in financial trouble.

Tips Regarding Avoid Falling Into Debt


Most noteworthy, you have to keep all of your balances low. This is how you can easily and completely avoid any additional interest.

Moreover, this is only how you can pay all of your bills on time.

No matter how many in a number of credit cards you have, it is utmost essential and critical for you to manage and make use of them in a responsible manner.

Your credit card report history has to be very much satisfactory.

However, if you have got no history and track of credit cards, then it means you will be considered and marked as one of the bigger credit risks.

There is no need to keep on moving your debt upon following the approach and mechanism of the credit consolidation loan.

It is better if you make a plan and strategy to pay off your debt in a consistent and regular manner.

Moreover, there is no need to become the owner of new credit card schemes. Keep in mind this rule that less is always more.

So, keep a minimum number of credit cards with you.

Though keeping lots of credit cards increase and boost the chance regarding your credit availability, there are associated risk as well.

Keeping more cards, means there is a risk of accumulating and collecting more debt. And one might not be able to pay off all those debts and loans.

More of the Smart Ways Regarding Avoiding Falling Into Debt Zone

Debt Zone

You have to be very much diligent in managing your money in a wiser way and manner.

No matter, what you are facing and experiencing whatsoever kind of financial hardships, you have to remain extremely diligent enough while managing and handling your finances and debt.

People fail to perform this task because of job loss and medical conditions.

If you want to make both ends meet and do want to become the victim of the debtor, then follow this tip and hence one of the smart ways.

You can get in touch with professional creditors or you can contact a legitimate kind of non-profit agency.

They may do credit counselling for you.

This is how approaches like that of consolidated debt help and assist you to reduce and bring down the burden of financial technicalities and stresses.

Moreover, avoid taking any additional debt. You can seek further guidance and help from some reputable credit counselling agencies.

It is all through the help of a credit counsellor that you may get reduced interest rates and you will no longer be a debtor.

It is also recommended by top-notch experts that one should seek and look for extensive consultation with any of the non-profit credit counselling agencies.

As they have years of experience and they will be immensely helpful for you while reducing and not increasing your financial burdens.

For more tips, you can keep tuned and in touch with us.

You can pen down to us your mentioned and crafted tips that how you avoid becoming a debtor.

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So, if you want to pay off the debt of your credit card, then you can try out following any of the above-mentioned methods.

As all of us know that credit card refinancing as well as credit card debt consolidation, they have to turn out to be buzzwords and too big phrases.

For most of the people, they are of this believe that both of them carry and hold similar meanings. But this is not the case.

Both are different terms. And we hope that with the above-mentioned discussion, you have now understood the difference.

One method will be able to give you a lower interest rate and the second approach is going to provide you with a set time so that you can easily pay off the debt of your credit cards.

Hence, if you are one of those individuals who is experiencing severe kind of credit card debt or.

If you are one of the persons who have got a high-interest credit card, then make sure that you follow these approaches.

By doing so, you will never be able to get stuck in any of the never-ending cycle and phase of making payments.

So, go for credit card refinancing or you can opt for debt consolidation and feel free to share your experience with us.