Is 750 Credit Score Good Or Bad? [year] Guide

If you’re thinking about applying for a loan, such as a mortgage, personal or car loan and you have got a credit score of 750, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s talk about the 750 credit score and how it will impact you.

Those who want to borrow money generally have their lenders check their credit score. If your credit score is around 750, then it is considered a very good credit score.

The higher your credit score, the less risk your lender has that you will default on the loan. So, should you care if your credit score is low or high? It’s important to understand what those things mean and the impact they may have on your future financial plans, but does it really matter?

Here is an overview of what happens when your credit score is 750 and how much this will cost you in fees, interest rates, and penalties.

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According to the FICO score, 750 credit is below average and is considered a low credit score. So, how can you get a personal loan with a 750 credit score? 

If you have a credit score below 579 that means that you don’t have a tidy credit history and that you are not making your payments on time, which ultimately reflects on the credit score range.

From 300 to 579Very Poor
580 and belowPoor
580 to 669Fair
670 to 739Good
739 to 799Very Good

Credit Score Table

If your credit score is 580 and below, your credit will be considered “Poor” and you will have difficulties getting approved for a loan.

Luckily, there are lending services and independent lenders that offer credit and loans for borrowers with bad credit and low credit. That means that you can still get approved for a loan with a 750 credit score.


What causes a 750 credit score?

There are many reasons why someone may have a 750 credit score. One reason may be that they have not been using credit long enough and have not had time to build up their credit score.

Another reason may be that they have made some mistakes in the past and their credit score has suffered as a result.

Sometimes, people’s credit scores can be affected by things outside of their control, such as job loss or illness. Whatever the reason, there are steps that can be taken to improve a 750 credit score.

How your credit affects your lending possibilities?

Your credit score is one of the most important factors that lenders consider when you’re applying for a loan.

This three-digit number is a reflection of your credit history and borrowing behavior, and it can have a big impact on your ability to get approved for a loan and the interest rate you’ll pay.

If you have a low credit score, you may find it difficult to get approved for a loan at all. And if you are approved, you may be offered a high-interest rate that will significantly increase the cost of your loan.

Conversely, if you have a high credit score, you’ll likely qualify for the best interest rates and terms available.

Your credit score is also taken into account when you apply for a mortgage or car loan.

Can I get a loan with a 750 credit score?

Yes, you can get a loan with a 750 credit score. However, the options of lenders may not be as many as you would get with a 800+ credit score. You may also be required to put up collateral or have a cosigner.

Lenders are more likely to approve a loan for someone with good credit because they are seen as less risky borrowers.

If you have a 750 credit score, it’s important to shop around and compare interest rates. There are some good lenders who specialize in loans for people with a 750 credit score.

Lending platforms such as Zippy Loan operate as free open markets for lenders where borrowers are matched with lenders who can approve their loans with bad credit, all based on their application forms.

Borrowers can be approved for a loan even with bad credit, as there are lending platforms and independent lenders who specifically offer cash advances, lines of credit, and personal loans to borrowers with bad credit.

Can I get a personal loan with a low credit score?

A personal loan can be a great way to cover unexpected costs or consolidate debt. However, not everyone qualifies for a personal loan, and those with low credit scores may find it especially difficult to get approved.

There are some lenders who will consider lending to people with low credit scores, but the interest rates and fees will be much higher than those offered to borrowers with good credit. It’s important to shop around and compare offers before applying for a personal loan.

Borrowers should also be aware that a low credit score can have other consequences, such as making it more difficult to rent an apartment or get a job. Improving your credit score is always a good idea, and there are several things you can do to improve your rating.

Can I get a personal loan with a credit score of 750?

A credit score of 750 is on the lower end of the spectrum, which could make it difficult to qualify for a personal loan.

Most lenders want borrowers with scores of at least 600, and some require scores as high as 700 or 800. However, there are a few lenders who may be willing to work with you.

You’ll likely have to pay a higher interest rate than someone with a better credit score, and you may not be able to borrow as much money. But it’s still worth applying for a personal loan if you need funds for a major purchase or to cover an emergency expense.

To increase your chances of being approved, try to build up your credit history by using a credit card and paying your bills on time. You can also get a copy of your credit report and check for any errors that could be dragging down your score.

Can I get an auto loan with a 750 credit score?

Yes, you can get an auto loan with a 750 credit score. However, the interest rate you’ll pay will be much higher than someone with a good credit score and also you will be limited to which lenders provide you the loan.

You may also be required to put down a larger down payment. Lenders view people with low credit scores as a high risk, so they charge them more for loans.

Subprime lenders offer credit and loans to borrowers who are not eligible for a loan with traditional lenders such as banks.

Subprime lenders are likely to approve auto loans for borrowers with a 750 credit score. You will still need to have regular income to be approved for a loan without credit checks and with bad credit.

You may get approved for a personal loan that you can use to buy a vehicle. Borrowers can apply for up to $10,000 and $15,000 with Zippy Loan and OppLoans.

In case you are matched with a lender that can approve your loan for the amount you are looking for, you can get funded quickly and purchase a new vehicle.  

Can I get a housing loan with a 750 credit score?

A credit score of 750 is considered above-average credit score and most lenders will approve a home loan for someone with that credit score.

If you have a credit score of 750, you should start by shopping around for lenders who are willing to work with borrowers who have “non-exceptional” credit scores.

You should also be prepared to provide evidence that you can afford the monthly payments on the loan. This may include documentation of your income and assets, as well as your current debts and expenses.

Our recommendation is to improve your credit score from 750 to at least 800 before applying for a housing loan with the banks that will give you the best rates and terms.

Higher credit will increase your chances of getting approved for an FHA loan. Taking a smaller personal loan for other financial needs may also help you boost your credit score.

What type of loan can you get with a 750 credit score?

With a 750 credit score, you can apply for several types of loans:

Car loans

Subprime lenders are most likely to approve your application for a car loan with high-interest rates and a short-term repayment period.

Alternatively, you can apply for a personal loan via a free market of lenders on lending portals such as Zippy Loan and OppLoans.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Otherwise known as HELOC, this type of loan allows borrowers to use a line of credit for various expenses, including consolidation debit and credit cards.

A great number of lenders will approve HELOC for borrowers with bad credit.

Credit Cards

Credit cards provide borrowers with a line of credit that can be used for cash advances, purchases, and transfers.

You are given a line of credit that you can spend on your terms, while you are paying off the credit in monthly instalments.

Personal Loans

Borrowers with a 750 credit score are most likely to be approved for a personal loan with lending services that match borrowers with independent lenders.

You can specify the amount you need to borrow and provide your personal information with trusted services such as Zippy Loan and be approved for a personal loan within a single business day.  

Instalment loans

Instalment loans usually come with fixed monthly payments of a lump sum that had been borrowed and paid to the borrower at once.

You may be eligible for instalment loans with multiple online lending platforms even with a 750 credit score.

Best loans for someone with a 750 credit score

If you are looking for a quick and reliable way to apply for a loan and get approved swiftly, these are some of the top lending services where you can find the best loans for a 750 credit score:

Zippy Loan

 Zippy Loan is an online lending platform that connects borrowers to lenders who can grant them loans up to $15,000. Most borrowers who apply get approved for a loan despite bad credit, while many lenders don’t require credit checks.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance offers a financial product called M1 Borrow. M1 Borrow allows M1 Finance investors who have invested at least $10,000 through this service, to borrow up to 40% of their portfolio. M1 Borrow offers rather low and affordable interest rates between 2% and 3.5%.


OppLoans offers up to $4,000 to borrowers with low credit scores and bad credit. You can apply easily via a mobile application and get approved for a loan within the next business day.

How to apply for a loan with a 750 credit score?

Borrowers with a 750 credit score are welcome to fill out an application form on any of the top lending platforms where you can be matched with lenders who can approve your loan within a single business day.

Many of these lending services will only ask you to provide basic personal information with your application. You need to specify the amount you want to borrow and make sure that you are eligible to get a loan.

In most cases, you are eligible for a loan if:

  • You are older than 18
  • You have US citizenship
  • You have regular income and/or are employed

Fill out an application form and submit it for review. You will get a response in minutes to hours, and if your application is approved, you will receive an offer with disclosed terms from an independent lender.

If you find the offer attractive, you need to accept the terms and your account will get funded, in most cases, within a day.

How to improve my credit score?

When a 750 credit score is not enough to get financial help for all your needs, you may want to consider improving your credit score. Borrowers with credit scores above 800 are more likely to be approved for any type of loan with multiple lenders.

The majority of lenders use the FICO score to determine the risk of approving a loan. FICO score is determined based on these crucial elements:

· Age of credit accounts

· Credit usage

· Payment history

· New credit requests

· Credit mix

How do you improve your credit score?

· Pay late payments and avoid having late payments on your bills

· Lower your credit utilization percentage

· Pay off old credits and debt

· Pay down revolving credit

Contact The credit people to check your credit history to find out why your score is low. This is the best way to find out the exact steps you can take to improve your credit score.

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500+ credit score is by and large an excellent credit score, and having a 750+ credit score is on the top of the ‘good’ credit scores.

But it won’t be right to say that you have a good credit score just because of your credit report. The credit score is a tool to assess your credit worthiness.

As with any other metric, there is no such thing as a perfect credit score. Much like a 90-120 SAT score is not necessarily the same as being a 5-10 freshman at a community college, your credit score is not the same as having great credit. In fact, you don’t have great credit just because you have a good credit score.

There are three ways that you can improve your credit score:

1) Pay off your balances in full every month.

2) Pay off your credit card balances in full every month.

3) Keep your credit utilization (the amount of your credit that’s used) low.