Top 14 Best Paid Survey Sites to Try Out in [year]

So here’s the secret about making money with surveys:

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Most survey sites are crap.

Lots of survey sites won’t pay you the money you’ve earned, are super spammy, or are complete scams.

This is why whenever I see a long article titled something like:

“25+ Free Survey Sites That Will Make you $X per Month”

I can’t help but die a little inside. 80% of the survey sites in articles like that are complete crap. They only recommend them because they make commissions off all of them.

That’s not the kind of site I want to run. I’m here to help YOU make money with surveys, not to just help myself.

With that out of the way, let me tell you another secret:


There are Legit Survey Sites Out There

Yup. There really are great survey sites out there that pay out on time and don’t screw you over.

Don’t let the crappy sites deter you from trying to make money with surveys.

A word of caution: if you expect to make a full-time income from taking survey’s then be prepared to be disappointed. Doing surveys for cash is a great side hustle to earn some extra money but will never replace your full-time job.

If you’re looking to earn some money while you have a free minute or want to multi-task while watching Netflix, then taking survey’s could be the perfect side hustle for you.

The best way to get started is to sign up for all three different survey sites below and try them all out.

With the list of the best survey sites below, you don’t have to worry about signing up for a spammy site. I’ve personally used and vetted all of these sites.

If you’re ready to jump in and get started earning money with surveys, here’s the quick list of the 3 best survey sites:

Continue reading if you want to see my review of these survey sites:

The 3 Best Survey Sites You Should Use to Make Extra Money:

1. SurveyJunkie: Consistent Survey Opportunities and High Payouts:

SurveyJunkie surveys with time and points

This is probably my favorite survey site and many other people’s also – since they have over 3 million users and a TrustPilot rating of 8.9/10.

Like all other survey sites, SurveyJunkie is free to join. And it takes only a few minutes to sign-up and start earning money.

Their survey selection is huge. They have short and long surveys about pretty much any retail products (even music!). Normally, the longer the survey the higher the payout.

Each survey rewards you a certain amount of points. Once you have 1,000 points you can redeem it for $10 cash via PayPal.

One of my favorite things about SurveyJunkie is that each survey opportunity you qualify for tells you approximately how long each survey will take and how many points you will earn from completing it!

This means, if you want to maximize your time, you can calculate how much each survey is worth.

I’ve seen recommendations that you only do surveys that give you at least 5 points per minute. To calculate the points per minute, just take the total amount of points you would earn and divide it by the total amount of time the survey takes.

Interested? Sign up for a free SurveyJunkie account here.

2. Swagbucks: the Gold Standard of Survey Sites:

Swagbucks surveys sort by best

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known survey sites out there.

Of course, if you’ve heard of Swagbucks, you’d know that they’ll reward you for more than just doing surveys. You can download apps, play games, search the web, watch videos, and much more. They’ve paid out more than $195 million dollars to their users!

The first thing you need to know is that if you sign-up here, you’ll get a $5 dollar sign-up bonus! Don’t say no to free money.

Once you create an account, you click the “Answers” link on the left-hand menu to get to the surveys.

Once you’re there you’ll see a large list of survey’s you qualify for. You can even sort them by the amount of “SB’s” (their version of points) that each survey gives.

This makes it really easy to find surveys that are worth doing. I recommend finding surveys that have a point-to-minute ratio of at least 20.

Remember, to calculate the points-to-minute score for each survey, just take the total amount of points the survey gives and divide it by the time it takes to complete.

What I really like amount Swagbucks is that it has one of the lowest redemption minimums out of all the survey sites. Once you earn $1 worth of SBs you can redeem it for a gift card for multiple different retailers. You do have to earn $20 worth of SBs to redeem it for cash via PayPal, however.

Click here to claim your $5 sign-up bonus!

3. Inbox Dollars: Get Paid to Take Surveys:

Vindale Research Surveys

Last, but nowhere close to least, is Inbox Dollars.

I added them to this list of best survey sites because they’re one of the oldest companies in the survey site world at 12 years in business.

Signing up with Inbox Dollars is easy and once you’re in, they’ll show you a large list of surveys.  Some survey’s you can even take more than once:

Each survey tells you the exact dollar amount you’ll earn from doing it. Some of them will also tell you how long it will take to complete.

This is great because you can decide for yourself whether the survey is worth taking or not beforehand!

Click here to get started earning money with Inbox Dollars.

4. PrizeRebel:


PrizeRebel is one of the best survey sites, in our opinion. Our users have been using it for a long time now, and they have a perfect experience with it for years.

Some of their clients have even made over 2500 dollars, and the best part of PrizeRebel is that they pay all of the amounts within twenty-four hours.

The average person who wants to understand how much they can generate through PrizeRebel is 60 to 80 points in 5 to 10 minutes, which is not a bad option to go with.

The best part of PrizeRebel is that you can get your points redeemed into PayPal credit, Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrency, or direct wire transfer to your bank account.

5. MintVine:


MintVIne is famous for its service quality and the number of surveys.

You can also earn the right amount of cash through MintVine, although it is not that common to make the same amount of 5 dollars in a 15-minute survey.

The average person has to spend at least 10-20 minutes if he wants to earn 0.5 dollars to 5 dollars.

It does sound that is not enough, but we have seen many people gaining and making the right amount of income through MintVine.

The best part of MintVine is that you can also earn through different offers, shop for some locals, research studies, and referral programs in which you have to give other people connected with the company and make prizes in return. 

6. Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the top-earning websites from all of its competitors.

This is a good option for you to try and earn some extra amounts of cash. 

The best part of this website is that you don’t have to waste any time making some money, but you have to spend at least fifteen to twenty minutes on the website to earn the right amount of work.

Ordinary people have been working to make 3 dollars almost.

Pinecone Research might take a few minutes more from your time than other websites, but it is worth compared to the amount paid by them.

This site works by getting into loopholes submerged in the encryption.

You have to find their signs and login through the banners to put you through the whole procedure.

7. Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is one of the pioneers in this survey business.

They are running their website for almost ten years now, and they have been famous for their business.

Inbox dollars was once featured on Good morning America (a favorite TV show), a renowned option people can do from home.

People can work from home and earn from 0.5 to 10 dollars on an average by spending 10 to 20 minutes per survey, which is not a bad ratio, and most of the people can easily do it with the ease of relaxing at their homes.

Filling out different surveys is one of the most credible sources of making online income, and the best part of inbox dollars is that you will get 5 dollars just by signing up. Sounds pretty exciting deal, right? Sure it is.

8. Cashcrate:


Cashcrate is another source from which you can earn online income by only taking out a few to tons of surveys.

The good part of their story is that you don’t have to make some points; instead, you can directly earn in dollars, which is the sign of credibility.

Most of the people earn at cashcrate ranging from 0.5 dollars to 3 dollars per survey. And each survey takes around 5 to minutes.

This is not a bad option, rather a fair amount in just a couple of minutes.

Here the thing gets a bit tricky. Their threshold value to withdrawal is 20 dollars.

You can not withdraw fewer amounts than 20, and you have to keep working until your account reaches 20 dollars to remove the charge.

9. Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy

The average payment that most people working at survey savvy receive is around 1 dollar to 5 dollars per week.

Usually, it takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete each survey, which is undoubtedly a good option and that you can use. 

The good part of this deal is that you don’t have to worry about the payment threshold.

Survey keeps a good record about this, and they pay their workers quickly with 1 dollar, which is a massive plus of working at survey savvy.

10. Univox:


Univox has a good interface that you can enjoy irrespective of the surveys.

They have everything simulating that gives a game-like experience, and most of the people enjoy working there.

Long workers have been earning 0.5 to 2 dollars per survey on an average, and it takes only 10 minutes to complete one survey.

this is undoubtedly easy extra money that you can have in your pocket.

You can withdraw your earnings after the 25 dollar threshold, and in case you find yourself stopped on the surveys, you can always shift your game towards offers, which is an excellent part of the deal.

11. Branded Surveys:

Branded Surveys

A branded survey is another golden site that can be used to earn an excellent contribution to your annual income.

They have a comfortable and user-friendly website that almost everyone can use without any problems. 

They have an excellent navigation o their site, and you can quickly sign up.

The good part of working with branded surveys is that you will receive 50 points only by signing up to their account, and on average, you can earn from 0.5 dollars to 4 dollars by investing 10 t o15 minutes of your time on each survey.

12. Lifepoints:


Lifepoints is one big group of influencers and companies that pay a reasonable amount to their workers.

Last year lifepoint has awarded around 28 million dollars to their workers around the world.

This is a premium survey site, and when you compare the premium survey sites, it is quite challenging for you to get enrolled in their network, but that is not the cast that you can see here.

It is relatively easy to get in life points as told by their long time workers.

It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete a survey, and you can earn up to 5 dollars, which is not a bat offer in its package.

13. MyPoints:


This survey site is similar to inboxdollars; you will not earn real money here; instead, this would help you a lot with a gift card and other prizes by only filling out some surveys, watching videos, or playing games.

The best part of the MyPoints is getting a bonus on the first sign up, without completing any offers. All good things come with a price, so here is a catch. The thing that can be a little frustrating is navigating through MyPoints; you might be taken to third-party sites.

14. Opinion Outpost:


Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost is a company that has a low threshold and easy, simple rules. You don’t have to worry about the interface either.

It is one of the best sources to initiate your career.

Opinion outpost works on the point system, which can be credited into PayPal, gift cards, or online shopping—making it a flexible option because of several transfer methods.

The good part is that if you work for them, you can have several different online surveys each day; this increases your odds to apply and become eligible for one survey if you are looking to know the cash out threshold that is also not a lot.

You can simply ask for a withdrawal for 5 dollars.15. Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research is one of the most glared sites for surveys online.

The least value for each survey is 3 dollars, and you might be able to get a chance to test products; this is always fun.

The bad part is that not everyone is welcome in their network.

Pinecone research only allows people based on certain factors that keep on changing depending on the conditions.

You should also know before hitting toward pinecone research because they have a limited number of surveys, and there are chances that you only get to have a few surveys each month.

Why Should You Be Taking Online Surveys?

Why Should You Be Taking Online Surveys

This is one of the fundamental questions that might pop into your head while you continue to search for the best online surveys, but the answer is pretty simple.

These surveys are easy for a quick way, to sum up, a lot of information. 

This piece of knowledge would be helpful for your business, participants, and researchers.

Even more importantly, this information would be more accurate and honest because of legit people answering it.

You can analyze all the information with ease, and you don’t have to worry about any redundancies in the procedure. 

The best part that can be observed in taking online surveys is the number of options you can choose.

You can easily take things in the way you require.

In simple words, online surveys are simple, precise, and hassle-free information that can be obtained in no time at cheaper costs.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Premium online surveys will not make you enough amount of money.

You will not be a millionaire over midnight, although these surveys can make you enough passive earnings.

You can calculate the actual amount of the money earned through surveys, but as a rough estimate, these surveys pay around 5$ to 20$ per survey.

Although most of the monetary surveys range is at the lower end of 1$ to 5$.

If you have the potential to take plenty of surveys in a day, then you can earn a good income in a month, but that is more of your luck.

Although most survey companies do not pay in hand, they can decrease your overall expense.

These companies can give you different kinds of products that you can use in your daily life to reduce your total amount significantly.

Some of the companies can also enter your name into their lucky draws.

It feels quite absurd most of the time as you are not getting any reward right away, but sometimes it can be even more rewarding if you are drawn out for a valuable product.

How To Make $5 In The Next 60 Minutes?


It might sound crazy, but it is a fact that you can earn 5$ in 60 minutes or even less. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, here is a magic trick, some sites allow you to play some games, fill in the required information, or simply just perform some tasks to earn extra amounts of cash.

Now, think about what you can do with some extra money at the end of each year. You can:

  • Have your dream vacation.
  • Pay the lease of your new car.
  • Invest in some business.
  • You can always buy some new gadgets to improve your life.
  • That is all, and you can have all of it.

These survey sites are also one of these many features from which you can be benefitted.

These sites will not make you a millionaire, but you can always have some extra cash at the end of a year.

All you have to do is sign up for your new account at PrizeRebel; you, you have the chance to earn 5$ just by filling up some quick surveys; some people might get up to $7-$9! You have to look at the main page for the available surveys and choose one of them.

Once you select your survey, you have to fill in the questionnaire asked by the website. We advise you to be honest with the questionnaire; this way, PrizeRebel will provide you more chances to work on surveys.

In the next part, all you need to do is to select around 3 to 5 surveys and complete filling them. These surveys will pay you around 263 points, which is equal to about $2.63, and you can do that all in 12 minutes. 

Now, what you have to do is spend the next 50 minutes filling out the surveys, and in the end, you will have more than $5 in 60 minutes or even less.

PrizeRebel stays updated with their list of surveys; they have plenty of new surveys every day, waiting for you to fill and earn extra cash.

Advanced Survey Earning Strategies:

Advanced Survey Earning Strategies

Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can start to earn a fair amount of money through the survey sites.

This is an advanced guide, so if you read the necessary strategies, it will only be beneficial in that case.

If you have not, we will recommend you to go back and read from the beginning.

Step No. 1: Sign up For Most of The Best Survey Sites:

If you are into a network of more survey sites, the more chance of getting the right amount of money; we recommend creating an account on the most well-reputed survey sites.

Not every website will offer a fair amount of cash or products, so you need to have a pocket full of options from which you can earn little and little until it is enough.

Step No. 2: Earn The Signup Offer That You Get:

As you signup, most of the sites will give you some amount of cash, so remember to earn through them first.

These sign-up offers will give you around $25 in the first hour just by tweaking with some of your internet settings and completing some of the suggestions.

Step No. 3: Apply ar Complete as Many Surveys as You Can See:

You will see many surveys in the initial time, make sure to apply on them as you see, after applying complete them as soon as possible, and focus on the highest paid surveys.

If you are going to apply, just keep using it if you are eligible.

You will earn a few amounts of points that will help you get through the survey application.

While filling out the surveys, we will recommend you to go through them honestly but quickly. Your primary focus should be on earning.

Step No. 4:Take a Small Number of Offers and Hard-Work, But in a Regular Patter:

You don’t have to wait for the higher surveys. You should instead be picking on the little ones if there are not any highly paid surveys available. 

Keep searching for the higher ones, but meanwhile, do not let go of the surveys with minimum values.

Keep on filling them on every site you search. It does sound small, but little to little makes a lot. In the end, you will be surprised to see the amount you have earned.

Step No. 5: Redeem Your Points Through Online Shops.

It is wasteful for the earned points if you are not getting anything, so you should continuously redeem the points you make. You can go to different websites or online stores to save your products.

You might come across some offers that pay cashback most of the time, which is a bonus for applying on survey sites.

Summary of The Best-Paid Survey Sites:

So there you go. My top 3 survey sites you can use to make some extra money.

Here are some quick tips to make the most out of these sites:

  • Only take surveys that are worth it (have a high points-per-minute ratio)
  • Use any free moment to do more surveys (lunch break, bathroom break, “Netflix and survey”, etc)
  • Sign up for multiple survey sites to maximize the number of surveys you qualify for

Best of luck with the money-making!

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