White Rock Loans [year] Review: Personal Loans Up To $5,000

Can’t catch a break? Drowning in bills you can’t pay? Need to fix your car so you can get to work?

According to TransUnion, 27 million Americans have taken out personal loans to pay for unexpected expenses, consolidate debt, or pay for home repairs.

If you don’t have a credit card, can’t get a cash advance, and don’t have an emergency fund especially in unprecedented times like covid, then you may need to resort to a payday loan or personal loan.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of financial institutions that provide loans to people with a bad credit history. One of these companies is White Rock Loans. 

Before you start your loan process, you should check your credit score and if required you should check it. Start here!

WhiteRockLoans.com can you get a personal loan up to $5,000 in minutes.


Our White Rock Loans Review

What is White Rock Loans?

First, you need to know that WhiteRockLoans is NOT a loan lender or a bank.

They are a platform that connects you with different fast cash lenders so you can choose which one best fits your needs. They say that they can get someone with ANY kind of credit score a short-term loan from $100 all the way up to $5,000.

They specialize in small loan amounts.

Who is eligible for a Payday Loan or Personal Loan?

Basically, if you’re over age 18 and have a verifiable source of income, you can put in a loan request at White Rock Loans.

These are the specific requirements you need to meet to eligible:

  • Be employed at your present job for at least 90 days.
  • Be a US citizen or a permanent resident and over the age of 18.
  • Have an income of around $1,000 per month after tax deductions.
  • Have a checking account (basically you have to have a bank account for them to deposit the cash).
  • Provide a valid telephone number.
  • Provide a valid email address.

You’ll notice that they don’t mention a minimum credit score. That’s because they claim that they can find loans for anyone, even if you have poor credit, filed for bankruptcy, or have a few missed payments in your past.

Do They Charge a Fee?

No, WhiteRockLoans just matches you with loan or payday lender. They don’t charge you a fee, though the loan lender might. WhiteRockLoans get’s paid by the lender for referring you to them.

Is WhiteRockLoans.com Legit & Safe, or is it a Scam?

Is WhiteRockLoans safe to use?

It may look sketchy because they ask you for your personal information and social security number, but all loan providers and platforms that find personal loans for you require that information. It’s needed to do a credit check and get a credit report from Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, or one of the other credit score companies. WhiteRockLoans.com uses standardized security measures and your personal information is encrypted.

Is White Rock Loans a scam?

No, they’re is a very real company. Some personal loan (or payday) lenders can be a little sketchy. But WhiteRockLoans is not a loan lender, they just connect you with lenders based on your criteria and qualifications.

How Does It Work?

Starting the process to get a personal loan through WhiteRockLoans is fast and easy.

  1. Click here to get their website.
  2. Fill out the online form (only takes a few minutes)
  3. They’ll email you (usually within an hour) with your loan options.
  4. Once you pick what lender you want to go with, they might request more information (dependent on the lender).
  5. Within 24-48 hours (next business day), your loan application will be approved and your cash will be deposited into your bank account.

Should You Use WhiteRockLoans to Get a Personal Loan?

Getting a cash loan in the form of a payday loan, short-term loan, personal loan, or title loan is something you should not take lightly. Lots of times, it’s much easier to use an existing credit card to pay for unexpected expenses. However, there are a few benefits of getting a personal loan. 

  • Personal loans usually have lower interest rates (annual percentage rate) than credit cards. So if you know you can’t payoff your credit card in the same billing cycle, you may want to consider getting a personal loan instead.
  • Getting a personal loan may be your only option if you have an unexpected expense
  • Starting the application process is completely free and you are under no obligation to accept a loan. This gives you plenty of time to read the loan terms, your state laws regarding personal loans, and uncover any red flags about the lender itself.

Here’s the deal with WhiteRockLoans. Lots of personal and payday loan lenders are sketchy. WhiteRockLoans has a few red flags but nothing out of the ordinary. While they may not be the best platform for finding a personal loan, they’re definitely not the worst. 

White Rock Loans Phone Number & Address

Sometimes, getting in contact with a loan provider can be quite the hassle. WhiteRockLoans is no different. 

Here is WhiteRockLoans.com phone number, company address, and contact info:

Phone number: 866-971-7538

Address:  Springates Building, Lower Government Road, Charlestown

Nevis, Saint Kitts And Nevis

👉 Click here to start comparing loan lenders and figure out your personal loan options.


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