28 Creative Ways to Make $100 in a Day

24 Creative Ways to Make $100 Dollars A Day

Avocadoughtoast is reader-supported. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through our links.  Need to make 100 dollars in a day? There are hundreds of legit reasons for needing to make an extra $100. Stuff happens. It’s very common for people to have unexpected expenses – anything from a broken-down car or an … Read more

Get Your Paycheck Early With This Online Bank Account

Get Your Paycheck Early With This Online Bank

Worried about your bank account drying up before your next payday? Wishing you didn’t get paid on a Friday? Getting your paycheck early, up to 2 days before payday, can give you the wiggle room you need to be financially secure or even help you budget before the weekend. Curious? Well here’s the secret: How … Read more

Emergency Fund: What Is It? How Much Do You Need? [year] Guide

Emergency Fund: All You Need to Know

Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do money problems keep you up at night?If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone.  According to CareerBuilder, 8 out of 10 people live paycheck-to-paycheck. This can cause huge financial stress and debt if an unexpected expense comes along – and it will.The best way to … Read more

Top 14 Best Paid Survey Sites to Try Out in [year]

best survey sites of 2018

So here’s the secret about making money with surveys: Most survey sites are crap. Lots of survey sites won’t pay you the money you’ve earned, are super spammy, or are complete scams. This is why whenever I see a long article titled something like: “25+ Free Survey Sites That Will Make you $X per Month” … Read more

The Opportunity Cost of Holding Your Money in Cash

The opportunity cost of holding money

Do you have a stash of cash under your mattress? There are many reasons why you could be holding your money in cash instead of doing something else with it: You’re not sure how to start investing You think you may need the money soon You don’t trust anything but cold hard cash Or one … Read more