Get Your Paycheck Early With This Online Bank Account

Worried about your bank account drying up before your next payday?

Wishing you didn’t get paid on a Friday?

Getting your paycheck early, up to 2 days before payday, can give you the wiggle room you need to be financially secure or even help you budget before the weekend.

Curious? Well here’s the secret:

How to Get Your Paycheck Early

There are in fact a few online banks that pay a day early. Which means, they know that you’re about to get paid and give you access to those funds ahead of time.

But there’s only one online bank that gives you access to your direct deposit two days earlier: Chime Bank.

Their “early payday” feature will give you a 2-day head start over the rest of your coworkers.

The ability to get your paycheck early isn’t the only feature that makes Chime a great choice. They also offer the following to their customers:

  • No fees (they don’t even have an overdraft fee!)
  • They offer 1000’s of fee-free ATMs you can use across the country
  • Your debit card (Chime card) works like a cash-back credit card

One thing to note is that not everyone will qualify for the early payday. It depends on your employee’s financial institution. However, I personally haven’t met or talked to anyone who has a Chime bank account and DOESN’T qualify for the early direct deposits.

Even if you don’t qualify (you won’t know until you try), Chime bank’s other features make it worth using.

Want an early payday too? Signing up for a Chime bank account is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

Other Ways to Get Paid Early

Chime isn’t the only way to get your paycheck early.

There’s an app called Even that claims you can get paid WHENEVER you want.

Walmart partnered up with Even to allow all their employees to use the app. Walmart wanted to give their employees the ability to plan ahead for bills and savings goals.

However, if you’re not a Walmart employee, it’ll cost you $3/week to use Even. That’s $156 a year!

Even, of course, offers more than just an early paycheck. But unless you need their other features, there’s no way I would pay $3/week to access my paycheck couple days earlier. Especially when I can do that with Chime for free

I hope this helped you figure out how to get your paycheck early.


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