Fidelity vs Robinhood | [year] Ultimate Comparison

There are many brokerage accounts on the present market today but Robinhood and Fidelity are probably the most popular among them all. 

Mostly Robinhood and Fidelity are the best platforms that are known in the market as they offer great tools, insights, and even capabilities too offered to beginners are new. 

Robinhood is one that is said to be a newcomer because there are the old brokerage legends that are still available in the market including fidelity. 

The impressive track record and the best occupation for the younger generation for their first investing experience make Robinhood a better choice. 

Fidelity is a widely known brokerage account that is probably both well established and well-built among them that offers mostly the same as Robinhood. 

Talking about the customers, so Fidelity wins comparatively most of them as they are experienced and are usually involved in the day-to-day management of the portfolio. 

If you need to know more about Robinhood vs Fidelity so you will have to read this complete article in order to clear out the confusion in your head. 

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Robinhood vs Fidelity: Fees Compared:

Robinhood vs Fidelity

The comparison of fees between Robinhood vs Fidelity are mostly similar in the structure of fees and both of these brokers offer you commission-free trades. 

This is also a fact that Robinhood was said to be a pioneer once in Free trading but there are many types of investments that are offered by Fidelity. 

Fidelity only charges one with 0$ for the investments of stock and the trades of ETF and an additional 0$ plus 0.65$ for the options per contact. 

The pink sheets, bonds, and even mutual funds can also be easily purchased by the fidelity easily however they also welcome international visitors also. 

Robinhood is said to be a top broker that allows you great discounts and it has widely eliminated the fees of stocks by pushing-wide the industry. 

The stocks and EFTs free commission were considered legendary until most of the brokerages adopted the structures of fees in the month of October 2019. 

Their offerings became a little bit less competitive because they usually trade in ETFs and stocks so they don’t work for the investors who usually don’t need anything else. 

There are no options for contact as the investors do not pay for the commission of stocks ETFs and the other options with Robinhood so far. 

There are no mutual funds for Robinhood either and its investors are not needed to access the low margin rates which are usually 5% for all of the accounts. 

If one is thinking of joining Robinhood so there’s an option that includes a 5% fee and is named Robinhood gold which is simply a greater opportunity. 

Fees and Commissions with Robinhood:

  • There is no minimum balance of the account
  • The ETFs, stocks, and other options are completely commission-free
  • There are 0$ contract and 0$ leg options 
  • If one needs to join Robinhood gold then the lower margin rates are 5%
  • There are no futures, forex, mutual funds, or even international trades

Fees and Commissions with Fidelity:

  • There is no limit to minimum balance
  • There are no EFTs, stocks, options, or even mutual funds that are commission-free
  • It also offers you pink sheets
  • It allows you with international trades
  • US Treasury, municipal and corporate bonds are available 

Robinhood vs Fidelity:

Fidelity vs Robinhood

Both Robinhood vs Fidelity are comparatively great options to be occupied for both the new and even the seasoned investors as they both are letting one trade and are commission-free. 

They are also providing one with a variety of great features that cannot be neglected but it is crystal clear that this simply depends on one’s choices too. 

It is a fact that the research platforms of Robinhood and even their customer services are also not that much enhanced as the other brokerages that are out there. 

The services are not too bad as one can access enough of the critical information that will make one feel much more comfortable while transacting. 

Robinhood lets you with a clean layout of the app that is not confusing at all and it would often be a bit exhausting the data dumps that the other brokerages push on to their customers. 

It just simply lets itself focus on the app’s simplicity and design that would be coming out with a contrast that has been criticized much because of the layout of their web. 

Fidelity is perfect but it just lacks in sleekness as it is made up of the information and their reputation but it is still the best one so far. 

Fidelity allows the investors with an in-depth analysis without any problem as it is necessary before because it is a bit professional and one needs it in order to make bigger transactions. 

If you want to know more about them so you will be needed to consider which type of investment you are needed to do as they are both on the top of the list. 

If one needed to invest in Cryptocurrency then it is recommended to use Robinhood as it would be suitable for you and will surely love it for sure. 

This is a fact that if you are an active trader who is planning for his retirement with the index funds or even the mutual funds too and you are in need to get the assistance so Fidelity is simply the best choice. 

In clearer words, you will be having a little risk for sure because they are both free trading platforms but it does not have much of a risk so it’s worth a try. 

If you think that you will be investing later it will make a difference so there’s no such thing but if you want to know much so you are needed to try out both and see which one suits you the best. 

Investment Selection:

While comparing Robinhood vs Fidelity to fidelity is the one that has the best reputation for low-cost investing and it would be great if you like the other options including the mutual funds so far. 

This platform is the best one as it is great for investors of retirement, commission-free trading, active traders, and the premium research of investment. 

Offers of Fidelity:

  •  Stocks
  •  OTCBB/Pink Sheets
  •  Options brokerage
  •  Complex options
  •  Commission-free ETFs
  •  Mutual funds
  •  Bonds

This is a clear fact that there are a lot of investors who want to select the best brokerage account for themselves which would be helping them in the future too. 

Fidelity makes sure that you are getting the full service of the brokerage that would be helping you ease for your future of yours which you will also be loving. 

This is the best offer so far but if you want to even work with a broker however it would be costing you. 

During the comparison, Robinhood is pretty much simple and it would be focusing on mainly the investments that are the best ones for the traders of today including:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Complex options
  • Commission-free ETFs
  • Cryptocurrency

If one is a long-term investor or is a person who is planning for retirement and enjoying their mutual funds so Robinhood will not be the best choice for you which is not recommended at all. 

They do not even come close to the offerings for the brokerage but it is probably large on purpose and has probably made a point that would be catering to certain types of investors. 

If one is getting the option of investing so it would be providing you with 0$ per contract and 0$ per leg selection of investment so Robinhood will be helping you to save a lot of time of yours. 

It is a good platform but without the tools, robust and different strategy options it is probably nothing for sure and you might not even regret using it. 

In addition to it, Robinhood crypto is probably a new experience that would be providing you with certain customer offers in some specific states. 

It would also be letting you trade in Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and even Litecoin too. 

Overview of Robinhood and Fidelity Investments:

Overview of Robinhood and Fidelity Investments


  • It is a very simple platform that is the best for mobile traders
  • The EFTs, stocks, and other options are completely commission-free
  • Without any of the research tools or even streaming quotes, the investors would be needed to look somewhere else for the resources
  • It offers comparatively a lower margin than every of the other brokerage at just 5%, but you will be needed to pay 5$ per month for the subscription of Robinhood Gold

Fidelity Investments:

  • A platform robust with hundreds of resources for the streaming of data, education, news, and the research
  • The EFTs, other options, stocks, and the mutual funds at the 0$ fees of commission
  • Lets you with the selection of investment with the easy access of the trades that are associated by the brokers and full access to the market orders
  • It lets you with customer support of 24 hours with the help of email, phone, and even live chat too

Trade Experience and Security:

Trade Experience and Security

The main difference between Robinhood vs Fidelity is the speed and the accuracy of the execution in the trade so far which is an important point to look at. 

Fidelity is said to be commended before because of the improvement in its price and most of the trades usually got the improvement in its price due to the execution of the trade. 

One can also use the Active Trader Pro which is comparatively an advanced platform so far which would be trading on the streaming of data and even the customizable charts too. 

Fidelity is spiffed up and is the best platform that would provide much more guidance and the necessary contextual help for sure. 

It can be a bit difficult to understand or even complicated and the brokerage will genuinely be helping the beginner investors learn more about their selections and which would be the one for the purpose of trade. 

Robinhood in the place has a bit different approach than the others as it usually expects more from its visitors than what they want to trade in. 

It is probably a bit simple as one would be needed to get the stripped-down approach that would be working if one would be looking for budget-friendly trades. 

It is basically a very easy-to-use platform that offers you free commissions on every one of its products so you won’t need to worry about any fees at all. 

It offers you both a website and mobile app that would be helping you to send the market orders more quickly and it also lets you have the options for trading with different capabilities based on your strategies. 

Besides, it is not that robust as compared to Fidelity whenever it comes up to dig into the different options so far and it will have all your trades entered manually. 

Both Platforms Offer Secure Logins:

In the terms of security, Robinhood and Fidelity’s investors are completely protected with the help of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) with completely secured logins. 

Robinhood is usually the first choice for investors that are beginners and with the best research or streaming tools, it would be easy for them to enter the trades that won’t be paying off in the end. 

In comparison, Fidelity usually provides investors with the best information on management from every type of risk with tips to increase their chances to earn more. 

Fidelity even lets you easily place the trades on the stock exchanges which are international and it is probably an advantage. 

One can even easily play the marketers in the 25 different markets so far and it is probably a significant advantage over many of the different brokerages. 

Not just Robinhood, it would also be providing you with brokerages that are typically shy from the foreign markets. 

Online Advisors and Educational Offerings:

Online Advisors and Educational Offerings


  • It does not come up with screeners
  • It does not come up with advisors
  • It comes up with the basic education that teaches how to use the app
  • It comes up with charting but lets you with only 5 years of pricing
  • It is the app that will not be helping you with the education or research


  • It lets you with multiple screeners for mutual funds, EFTS, stocks, fixed income, and options
  • It lets you have a look at the profile pages of the snapshot to see the social responsibility signals and data
  • It lets you with the streaming of the available quotes and the charts that are customizable and with the real-time data
  • It comes up with the available custom charting package from Recognia
  • It offers you additional education tools and even the testing tools options that would be helping the investors a lot in learning more about the different methodologies about trade

Does Robinhood or Fidelity Provide the Best Stock Research?

Robinhood does not provide one with any of the stock research and without even the streaming of quotes or data, you will only be having the available news feed with watchlists. 

When it comes to research you will be shocked because fidelity is a whole beast whenever it comes to the research. 

It is a fact that the brokerage easily excels in stocks which makes it easier to manage with a large variety of tools that would be useful for you. 

You will easily be analyzing your portfolio with the research from the 20 different providers including McLean Capital Management, Recognia, Ned Davis, and Thomson Reuters. 

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Final Thoughts!

Whenever it comes to comparing Robinhood vs Fidelity so it is always a difficult choice for sure but there are many differences between them. 

The major difference that Fidelity comes up with is that it just charges the least while it is usually offering you as many resources as it possibly can. 

It is basically a discount breaker and it provides you with as many services including the resources, education, screeners, and even much convenience than the stripped-down platform of Robinhood. 

Robinhood is said to be the platform that lets you handle the most popular types of investments but fidelity offers you way more possibilities for long-term investments and even the beginners too. 

In this article, we have provided you with every possible piece of information available that you need to know about Robinhood vs Fidelity so you can easily read it to get a brief description. 

If you are having any trouble related to it or any questions so just comment below as we will love to answer you for sure to clear your confusion.