The 12 Best PayPal Alternatives

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PayPal is probably the most well-known and reliable online payment service for individuals and companies around the world to quickly and securely send and receive payments electronically. You can use it to send money to family and friends, buy products online, or receive payments from individuals and online companies or websites that pay you for services you provide or tasks you do.

Although it is easy to get started on PayPal, you may need a PayPal alternative for various reasons. For example, you may need services like PayPal if PayPal is unavailable in the country that you are currently in, you or your customers have had a bad experience with PayPal, or you want to reduce costs. Your PayPal account could be blocked or suspended too. So, if you need services and apps like PayPal, below we will look at the 12 best PayPal alternatives that will make your life easier.

12 Best PayPal Alternatives

Although PayPal is one of the most popular online payment services to send, request, and receive money, if you or some of your potential clients cannot, or will not, use PayPal, you may need other online payment services like PayPal. Let’s get started.

1. Venmo

If you are looking for a fast and reliable peer-to-peer payment solution, Venmo is one of the best options out there. It is typically used by people to send money to their contacts.
You can use Venmo to accept payments from peers and quickly transfer those to your bank account(s) or debit card(s). Collecting your money in your bank account is free, but for instant transfer, you will be charged a 1% fee. You can also leave money in your Venmo account.

Perfect for:
Venmo is best for you if you are only interested in looking for a personal payment service online.
It is free to send money from your bank account or collect money in your bank account. But, if you pay with your credit card, there is a 3% fee.
Do they have an app?
The Venmo app allows you to send and receive payments by any mobile device.

2. Dwolla

Dwolla is a U.S. only online payment system that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations in the U.S. to send and receive funds. Payments are sent to recipients’ bank or credit union accounts via Same Day ACH deposits.

Senders can send multiple payments to multiple banks or credit union accounts, using the mass payment feature of the Dwolla platform. When someone sends funds to you, Dwolla transfer the funds directly to your connected bank account.

You can receive money from someone using Dwolla even if you do not have a Dwolla account simply by using an email address. But, to claim the money, you need to sign up for a Dwolla account and then link a bank account to it to move the money from your balance to the connected bank account.

Perfect for:
Dwolla is best for payout companies/platforms and marketplaces to make payments via Same Day ACH credits, or from their Dwolla balance.
Transactions under $10 are free. All transactions above that cost only 25 cents, making it one of the cheapest online payment services.
Do they have an app?
Dwolla does not have an app, but it has a while label ACH API that enables their business customers to build payments into their own app. Their customers can integrate it with their applications.

3. Google Pay (formerly Google Wallet)

Google Pay is a fast, easy and secure way to send and receive money online, and buy items online and in stores. Once you add a payment method, like a debit card or bank account, or any other payment method to Google Pay, you can use Google Pay to send or receive money, make purchases in stores using your phone, buy items in apps and online, and buy Google products or services.

You can receive money from your family and friends or get paid by your customers if you have an email address or phone number. Pay your friends and family, or make payments to your supplier using their phone number or email address even if they do not have the Google Pay app.

After the first time you accept money sent to your email address or phone number, you can link the email address or phone number to your Google account. Add a debit or credit card to your Google account you want to transfer the money to. All payments sent to your email address or phone number in the future, are automatically sent to your default payment method.

Perfect for:
Google Pay is best for people living in the US and UK to send or receive money or make purchases online and in-stores.
Google Pay charges no fees if you send money to individuals such as friends or family, or receive occasional commercial payments, like collecting rent or accepting payments for services. However, there is a 2.9% fee for using it with a credit card.
Do they have an app?
You can send and receive money with ease and manage your account in the app on your smartphone.

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is an online payment platform available in over 210 countries around the world. It is more like a bank and has gained popularity worldwide. Once you sign up for a Payoneer account, you can apply for a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard to receive payments from the leading online marketplaces.

Payoneer also offers receiving bank accounts via the Global Payment Service. You send customers the details of your receiving accounts which allow you to receive local bank transfers from companies and marketplaces in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Mexico directly to your Payoneer account.

If you are a service provider or supplier and cannot use or will not use PayPal to collect payments from your potential customers, you can invite them to register on Payoneer. Your customers will then be able to pay via credit card, an e-check, or the customers’ Payoneer account. Or, if you want to make payments to your potential service providers or suppliers who cannot or will not use PayPal, then you can invite them to register on Payoneer by simply entering their email. The service providers or suppliers will then be able to register and collect their payments.

Perfect for:
Payoneer is the best online payment service for online freelancers and online sellers. Sending and receiving payments between Payoneer users are completely free of charge, so it is best for those who want to save money on online transaction fees.
If you have a Payoneer account, you can pay other Payoneer customers or receive payments from other Payoneer customers anywhere in the world for free. There is a 3% fee for processing payments via a credit or debit card.
Do they have an app?
You can manage your global payment options on the go with the Payoneer mobile app.

5. Skrill

Skrill is one of the best PayPal alternatives for those people who cannot (or will not) use PayPal to send and receive payments. Skrill allows you to receive funds from anyone directly into your bank account, mobile wallet, or Skrill wallet. You can use your email address, mobile number or bank account details to receive money from your family, friends, or clients. Skrill is fairly quick to set up and easy to use.

You can receive payments, send money to other people, and make purchases online with Skrill. To send money with Skrill, all you need is an email address or mobile number. You can use stored cards linked to your Skrill account, or your account balance to make payments. Users from EEA countries can apply for Skrill Card (Skrill Prepaid Mastercard). They can use it to have instant access to their account balance, use it abroad anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide.

You can move funds from your Skrill account to your bank account instantly or withdraw money from your Skrill account to your Visa card or Mastercard, depending on your location. People can send money to a bank account in 45 countries.

Perfect for:
In many countries where PayPal is unavailable, Skrill is considered as one of the best alternatives to PayPal for freelancers or online service providers to collect payments for tasks they do. It is also best for people who cannot or will not use PayPal to make payments to freelancers or suppliers.
The fees are low compared to other online payment options. No transfer fee when you send money directly to a bank account. If you use the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, there is an annual fee (€10), 1.75% ATM fee, and 3.99% foreign exchange fee.
Do they have an app?
You can access your money wherever you are using the fast, secure and easy-to-use Skrill app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

6. Payza

Payza is an international payment service that allows you to send or receive instant payments. Using Payza, you can get paid by your clients or customers for tasks you do, make payments online, instantly send money online, and shop online. You can send money to anyone in over 190 countries and 25 currencies using your credit or debit card, or your Payza e-wallet.

Want to sell online? You can then integrate Payza payment buttons into your website to accept payments online quickly and securely from your customers. Payza shopping cart modules allow you to accept easy and secure payments. Send invoices to your customers using their email address for an item or service to get paid online, quickly and easily.

Perfect for:
If you cannot use PayPal or other better PayPal alternatives like Payoneer and Skrill, Payza can be the best online payment option for you to send or receive money or shop online.
Sending money online is completely free. There is a 1.2% fee if you want to receive funds in BTC. If you want to pay with a credit card, there is a 3.5% fee. Payza does not charge any activation and yearly fees.
Do they have an app?:

7. 2Checkout

Whether you want to sell physical or digital products or services on a one-time or recurring basis, 2Checkout is a great global payment option you can use to accept payments from your customers worldwide.

You can have payment buttons similar to PayPal on their e-commerce website using 2Checkout. 2Checkout is available in 15 different languages, making it one of the best online payment platform for international users.

You can accept one-off payments as well as recurring payments (e.g., for subscriptions).

Perfect for:
2Checkout is best for international users, especially physical goods retailers and buyers worldwide. It is also best for online services and software and SaaS sellers.
Although 2Checkout is more expensive than PayPal, it has better security features than most other payment providers, making it a very reliable online payment solution for both sellers and customers.
There are no monthly fees. 2Checkout offers three different plans at different price points. Exchange rates are generally higher than the bank’s rate.
Do they have an app?:
2Checkout mobile app allows you to monitor your account and manage your online business on the go.

8. WePay

WePay is a hassle-free way to collect payments online from multiple payment methods such as credit, debit, ACH, and Chase Pay. WePay provides online merchants, non-profit organizations, and other businesses a complete integrated payment solution to accept payments online, covering secure payments and refunds.

Using WePay, you can collect payments from a website, or send online invoices to your customers. To withdraw your funds, you can link your bank account to your WePay account. Once the bank account is added, the funds are sent automatically to the linked account. If you want to make payments, you can make payouts daily, weekly, or monthly.

Perfect for:
WePay is particularly best for donation campaigns, especially beginner non-profits.
WePay charges a 2.9% fee on all transactions, plus 30 cents for each credit card transaction. They do not charge any monthly fees.
Do they have an app?:
You can download the WePay app to accept credit and debit cards in person with an iPhone.

9. ProPay

Using ProPay, businesses of all kinds can accept credit card payments and process ACH processing, or pay their suppliers and affiliates in more than 180 currencies across 35 countries using payment methods like debit cards, ACH, and more.

If you run a business, you can make payments quickly to your employees. If you are a service provider, affiliate marketer, or sales representative, you can accept funds from clients and transfer the funds directly to your personal bank account. The funds are withdrawn with a ProPay Prepaid Mastercard or can be transferred directly to a US checking account.

Perfect for:
If you are an affiliate marketer, ProPay can be a better PayPal alternative to accept payments online.
ProPay charges flat low annual fees for different plans, starting at $39.95 (annually). There are no minimum monthly purchases.
Do they have an app?:
ProPay allows its users to accept credit and debit card payments anytime, anywhere by using their free, easy-to-use app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

10. Intuit

Intuit is the parent company of QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint, specializing in small business accounting and personal financial management services. It also offers payment solutions via Intuit QuickBook Payments.

There are many ways to get paid by QuickBooks Payments. It allows you to send invoices online and accept credit card payments and ACH bank transfers.
You can also take mobile payments by keying in your customer credit or debit card numbers to take payments from anywhere or accept payments on the go by using a free mobile card reader that lets you swipe and accept credit and debit cards. You can also accept recurring payments.

Perfect for:
It is best for small businesses and professionals to invoice clients and accept payments online, by phone, or on the go with a smartphone.
There is a monthly fee, starting at $20 per month.
Do they have an app?:
You can use the QuickBooks app to accept online and mobile payments.

11. Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash)

Cash App is a peer-to-peer mobile payment system developed by Square. It enables anyone to send money with an email, phone number, or $Cashtag (it is a unique identifier of individuals and businesses using the Cash App). Cash App is free to send and receive money.

If you want to get paid by a customer, the customer simply needs to send you an email. To accept the payment, you need to enter your debit card number, and the money is directly transferred to your bank account. You will automatically receive funds to your debit card thereafter from your customers.

Sending money using Cash App costs nothing. You can make payment to anyone even if they have not signed up with Cash App yet. Once you sign up, you can apply for the Cash Card Visa debit card that you can use to pay for goods and services from your Cash App balance.

Perfect for:
Cash App is the best PayPal alternative for small businesses to accept credit card payments with an iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Cash App does not charge a fee to send or receive personal payment from a debit card or a bank account. It does not cost anything to make a standard deposit. There is no hidden fees and no long-term contracts.

It does, however, charge a sender a 3% fee to send a payment using a credit card and 1.5% fee for an instant deposit to a bank account. You just pay 2.75% for every payment. There is a 2.75% fee for each swiped transaction and a 3.5% fee and $0.15 surcharge for each transaction that is entered manually.

Do they have an app?:
Cash App has an app available for both iOS and Android devices. Using the app, anyone can send and receive money.

12. TransferWise

TransferWise is an electronic payment solution based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is safe and secure. TransferWise has a borderless account which allows freelancers, business owners, and eCommerce store owners to get their bank account numbers and bank codes for 5 currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and NZD – without a local address for free. So, if you are a freelancer, anyone in the US can send you US dollars.

It is also free to get a TransferWise Business debit Mastercard. Business owners can use the borderless account to get paid or withdraw money from platforms like Amazon for free. Ecommerce site owners can use it to receive money from Stripe and Amazon for free.

TransferWise borderless account lets you keep money in over 40 currencies, send money with a bank transfer, or a debit or credit card, and receive money in more than 40 currencies from 50+ countries.

Perfect for:
TransferWise is best for freelancers and e-commerce business owners to get paid with zero fees. If you are a freelancer, you can get your borderless account for free without a local address to receive Great British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, and New Zealand Dollars with zero fees.

Business owners can use it to pay invoices, buy inventory, and handle payroll. They can send money directly from their debit card or bank, or make payments from their account balance. Ecommerce site owners can get a free multi-currency business account from TransferWise to pay global suppliers and receive payout/money from Stripe and Amazon for free.

TransferWise is significantly cheaper than PayPal. There is a small fee to convert currencies in your account, or when you pay or send money in a currency that you are not holding in your account.

Do they have an app?:
TransferWise does have an app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can get the app to make new transfers or track your transfers on the go easily.

Which Online Payment System is the Best?

If you want to know which online payment system is the best for you, it depends on your particular circumstances.

If you are a freelancer and looking for the best PayPal alternative, Payoneer is a great option for you. For personal payments, Venmo is probably the best choice.

If you are a business owner, TransferWise may be a better option than others in the list of PayPal alternatives for business transactions. For eCommerce payment transaction, 2Checkout is the best choice.

So, which online payment system is the best depends on what you want to use PayPal alternatives for. Whether you are a small business owner, online seller, or self-employed professional (e.g., a freelancer), I hope this list of the 11 best PayPal alternatives will give you an idea about what each option has to offer.

Best PayPal Competitor for Business?

TransferWise is the best PayPal competitor for businesses because they are much cheaper than PayPal. Business owners can get a free business account to send, spend, and receive multiple currencies with the real exchange rate. You can pay invoices, buy inventory, and handle payroll with the real exchange rate in more than 40 currencies. International payments are up to 14x cheaper than PayPal.

You can also get your own UK, Eurozone, Australian, New Zealand, and US bank accounts for free without a local address to get paid or withdraw money from platforms like Amazon for free.

TransferWise Business Mastercard allows you to pay business expenses and spend online or in-store all over the world.

Best App like PayPal for Minors?

PayPal does allow anyone under 18 to open an account. But, there are still options for teenagers or minors to manage finances using services like Google Pay, FamZoo, and Bluebird.
FamZoo is a very user-friendly and the best app like PayPal for minors. Kids can only spend the approved funds available on the card – they cannot spend more than they are authorized to spend.

Using the FamZoo app kids can make a money request, parents can approve funds, set up automated allowance or chore payments. Kids can learn money management using the app.

Best Alternative to PayPal for eBay?

Although PayPal is owned by eBay, it is not the only means of payment on eBay. The biggest online auction site eBay offers several alternative payment options to buyers and sellers.
Skrill, Paymate, and ProPay are accepted on eBay to make payments without registration. Escrow is another payment method accepted on eBay. It is commonly used and recommended to use for high-priced items. Another option is merchant credit cards. Pay on Pickup and Certain other payment methods are accepted by eBay in some cases.
So, if you are interested in selling online via eBay, but you cannot or will not use PayPal, there are options out there. Some of the most popular alternatives to PayPal are Payoneer, Venmo, and Square.


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