Gabi Insurance Review: My Experience Using Gabi 

In this modern world, insurance has become a necessity more than an option as it provides users with an offer of money back if anything goes wrong with any of their possessions.

However, in older days, a person might need to research the best insurance coverage plans on his own or might have to take the help of the brokers to do the job for him.

And by following this traditional way of comparing different insurance coverage plans, most people get frustrated and exhausted by this difficult operation and therefore end up settling for a substandard insurance plan, just because it tends to be relatively cheaper than the other plans.

With an approach towards modern technology, some of the best platforms have been created which not only allow you to compare different type of insurance plans for you, but also tends to provide you with the complete information about how you can sign yourself up for these plans.

And having said that, allow us to introduce you to the most innovative insurance broker app “Gabi”.

A detailed review about Gabi is being provided below that covers everything about this masterpiece and would surely provide you with a profound experience.


What is Gabi?

What is Gabi

First this first, what is Gabi? Gabi is a company that was formed in 2016 and is currently based in San Francisco.

Since the time Gabi came into being, it has managed to create quite a fandom of its own among the brokers and people who seek an effective platform that allows them to compare different insurance plans easily within no time.

The purpose behind coming up with gabi was solely to save as much money for the people as possible and find them the better and cheaper insurance deals for almost everything.

Though many online insurance comparing platforms are easily available on the internet, what counts to be the best feature of Gabi is that it comes in handy with a less expensive policy for its customer whenever their contract renewal period tends to get over.

According to the brains behind Gabi, the customer who signs up for the services of Gabi, for example, gabi car insurance, would be able to save around 70 percent of their savings, which means they would be able to save around $961 per year.

Features of Gabi:

To provide its customers with the best possible experience, Gabi provides users with tons of features. With that being said, some of the best features of Gabi are being provided below:

Not a Lengthy Process:

Not a Lengthy Process

What counts to be the best part of Gabi is that while signing up, a customer doesn’t need to fill out lengthy questionnaires that tend to make a customer irritated or frustrated.

Instead of this, a customer can get started with gabi effortlessly within no time and can search through the deal like gabi car insurance with ease.

Link your Current Insurance:

On the positive side, that you may already have an insurance plan by your side, then you would be getting an option of linking your current insurance on the platform of Gabi.

Once you are done uploading or linking your current insurance account on Gabi, the platform will run its algorithm and come up with a similar insurance plan for you, that too at much cheaper rates.


On the off chance that you may have used any other insurance comparison platform, you may be aware of the fact that how much time does this average app takes to come up with a quotation, that too which is of no use to you.

However, this isn’t the case with Gabi.

For example, if you search for a gabi car insurance field, then a quote would be generated for you by Gabi within the span of two minutes.

In addition to this, the quote you would be getting would be coming from different vendors so that you can opt for one that suits best with your preference and tends to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Although it may take up to 28 hours to get your current insurance policy to get uploaded on Gabi, however in 7 out of 10 cases, the quote you would be receiving would surely be lesser than the amount you are looking forward to dish out, and hence makes up for the drawback.

For Those with no Insurance:


Another thing that makes Gabi stand out from the rest of its competitors is that it has got covered by the consumers who do not own insurance plans for themselves lately.

It generates the premium type of quotes for such customers, just by asking some general information from them,

But the list of features doesn’t end here.

Gabi also provides its customers with a streamlined way to customers looking forward to making some amendments to their existing insurance policies.

It also has got the people covered who are just window shopping for the prices of insurances that are currently prevailing in the market.

How to Sign Up For Gabi!

sign up for Gabi

SInging up on the platform of the Gabi tends to be super easy.

All you need to do is to visit the website of Gabi, look for the option which states “Sign up,” click on that option, and you would automatically be directed towards the form which will require you to fill out your personnel information such as name, date of birth, etc.

As soon as you are done filling up your form, your account is now created at the Gabi; get started with it instantly!

Mobile accessibility and customer support.

Customer Service:

What counts to be the premium feature of the company is that it comes in handy with premium customer support that vouches for the respected customers of the company 24/7

Hence, if you ever find yourself stuck in the platform of Gabi, or come across something that you aren’t aware of or familiar with, feel free to approach the customer service of the company.

A customer representative would look for your concern and do anything possible to provide you with a profound experience


One of the things that makes Gabi the user’s priority is the user-friendly interference it comes in handy with.

No matter if you don’t have experience of using an insurance platform prior, you can eventually get started with Gabi easily within no time. 

Each and everything on the platform of Gabi is placed in an evenly ordered order so that a customer can differentiate between the numerous options present on the platform with ease and go through with their operations effortlessly.

Pros & Cons:

Just like every other insurance comparison platform out there, Gabi does some ultimate features along with some little drawbacks,

Hence details pros and cons of getting along with Gabi are being provided below to inform you fully about why and why not you should go for Gabi.


7 Out of 10 People Save More:

The brains behind this company claim that it has helped its customer to save around 70 percent of their savings annually. In addition to this, the company believes that due to its enhanced set of deals, the company managed to provide users with a profound experience.

With that being said, for insurances such as gabi home insurance and gabi car insurance, the company believes in saving up to $961 of its customer annually.

It’s Easy to Sign Up:

On the off chance that you are one of those people who hate to fill out long forms while signing up to an online insurance comparison website, then Gabi has got you covered.

Signing up to Gabi tends to be a matter of a few minutes, and I would be able to avail myself the services of this masterpiece within no time.

Very User-Friendly Interface:

When you are surfing the web for the best insurance comparison platform, you may notice how it is, to begin with, them and how many tools a customer may need to remember to use the platform with ease.

However, this isn’t the case with Gabi. Gabi comes in handy with a user-friendly interface that can easily be used even by someone completely new to insurance comparison platforms.

With that being said, using Gabi to generate quotes or search for services isn’t hard to get started with.

All you need to do is search your respected field of quotation, for example, gabi car insurance, insert the amount that you need your insurance for, and a quote would be generated instantly.


You Still Have to Sign Up:

As stated above, this is true why signing up for Gabi, and you won’t be dealing with long hefty questionnaires which come in handy with tons of questions for you.

However, while signing up for Gabi, the process does include a form that a customer may need to fill out to get his account created on Gabi.

However, just a few personnel questions will be filled out on the platform, and you can get started with Gabi within no time. 

Privacy Concerns Still Exist:

While signing up for Gabi, you would need to answer tons of personnel questions which include your personal details such as telephone number, your email address, etc.

You shouldn’t provide your personal details on the internet, no matter how many promises a company makes not to use it for their personal reference.

This is one major drawback of getting started with Gabi, as you would have to take the risk to provide the company with your personnel information.

Customer Chat was on the Slow Side:

According to some of the current customers of this Gabi platform, they believe that the customer support of the company does; ’t tends to be the finest one.

If you really need to talk to a customer representative of the company, you would have to wait for a while, which happens to be quite a frustrating fact for some people.

Alternatives to Gabi:

Though Gabi happens to be the one-stop solution to all your insurance-related problems,

However, due to some reason that you don’t find Gabi too helpful to you, then don’t need to worry.

As some of the Alternatives of Gabi is being provided to you below, they come in the same operation as the Gabi, and would surely provide you with a profound experience.

Lemonade Insurance:

Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade insurance comes in handy with a mixture of simplicity, transparency, and technology that promises homeowners and rentals quick and hassle-free insurance quotes.

Lemonade Insurance charges people with a few dollars as their services charge for providing users with a quote within a few minutes.


Another great alternative to Gabi is none other than Policygenius.

This is a licensed insurance broker company that matches users with the best insurance plans by looking over the profile and preference of its customers.

Just like gabi car insurance, the services policy genius provides to the people includes but is not limited to pets, renters, long-term disability, health, etc.


While wrapping it all up, on the off chance that if you are not familiar with basic insurance technology, then Gabi can prove to be a great platform to get started with.

Though starting by using the help of a professional broker tends to be a good option for you.

However, why you should get into so much trouble when you can approach gabi and get your desired quote within no time.

Being a hassle-free insurance comparison platform, Gabi is a highly recommended platform from us!