15 Ways To Invest $100 and Grow It To $1,000 In A Hurry!

Do you want to know how you get the maximum return of the money that you have invested so far?

Well, there have been so many people around the world who invest $100 make $1000 a day just to become rich. If you think that this is a scam then you are completely wrong with this concept!

There are so many profitable ways with which you can make investments at a huge level without any emergence of facing risks or harm to your invested money!

Do you want to know how?

Well, let’s guide you with some interesting ways to invest $100 make $1000 a day as a beginner?

1- Opening of a Savings Account:

Opening of a Savings Account

An opening of a savings account can be one of the boring investments by any person but at the end of the day, it is safe to do. 

You don’t need to put all your investment into the savings accounts for the whole life. You just need to add it into the savings account until and unless you do yield into the higher investments. 

You need to look for the banks which are offering you the online savings interest rate which is equal to those of the local community mortar banks. 

If you are not willing to put the whole of your investment to invest $100 make $1000 a day, then the best approach would be to start with the investment with $100 which can slowly rise to $1000.

You might be in want to have the liquidity if the emergency has taken place.  There are so many other ways that will allow you to pull back your investment of $100 if you are in a need of it. 

Once you feel that the investment of $100 is giving you back with some successful results in terms of profits, then choosing to invest with $1000 should be your next step.

2- Betterment:


The next most important method is about the betterment which is about having a class of specific investment advisors.

They will be providing you with basic portfolio management as online without any need of getting into human interaction. 

You can easily get in touch with the Robo-advisors in which you don’t need to fix an appointment with them or pay them back with the meeting charges. 

You can ask them a series of questions about investing $100 make $1000 a day based on the risk level and your tolerance. 

3- Stash:


Next, we have Stash which is an investment platform. Through this investment, you will be able to make a monetary investment starting from $5. 

Plus this platform will also guide you about some basics of putting the investment on your own. 

The best part of this platform is that as you will sign up in the free app, you will be getting a bonus score of $5. 

But as the maintenance fee, they will charge you around $1 as per month. For the accounts having an investment less than $5,000 will be charged with 0.25%. 

If you are fond of any company or if you have been thinking about putting enough of your bets on them, then choosing the platform of Stash is the best option for you. 

4- Lending Club:

Lending Club

The next we have the platform of lending clubs! Lending clubs is known as peer to peer lending based service.

As it is evident from the name, the whole concept of this service is about lending to another person.

Ordinary people will be lending and borrowing from one another just for the sake of making some profits.

Lending Club is known out to be the biggest online market which is connecting different borrowers 7 investors. 

Besides, this club has even increased its minimum deposit which is around $1,000.

The great news about this platform is that you will be able to make investments that are not more than $25. And in return, you can acquire some excellent profits. 

Hence, all in all, this is the best platform from where you can start your journey to make some small investments at any hour of the day to invest $100 make $1000 a day.

5- Your 401(k):

Your 401(k)

401 k plan is one of the easiest and yet the simple methods to make a handsome investment.

You can get your money out through the paycheck and have it invested into the 401 k plan.

This plan normally starts its way to invest $100 make $1000 a day. This is such a simple method and so many people have acquired successful results from it.

The most important vital thing which you in all likelihood want to look at is to determine the common earnings return which has been given away with the help of the inventory market in the ultimate few years.

This wishes to be around 8% or not. Knowing about the exceptional 401 k plan is one of the nice and best methods with which you can get a concept about how you can make money.

With the help of this plan to invest $100 make $1000 a day, you can even appear in advance to make sure investments in the structure of primary mutual dollars which can provide you some minimal vary of 8% returns.

6- Real Estate Crowdfunding:

Real Estate Crowdfunding

This might be surprising for some of the people but you can choose the platform of real investment to put all your investment in it without enough money. 

Right through this platform of crowdfunding real estate, you can invest $100 make $1000 a day.

Hence you can also work as in a form of the team where you can get in touch with some real estate investors, pool up to your money, and then purchase some real estate. 

In this way, you can call yourself as a partial owner of this whole real estate property.

You can make some handsome profit and invest $100 make $1000 a day over the scenario by selling your real estate property or by earning some income all through ongoing rents. 

7- Increase your Leverages:

In case if you have been wondering about growing your general profits in one year, then you want to assume about boosting your all leverage.

All in all, this is one such approach that may not be beneficial for you to carry effects in simply much less time so you want to stay composed and calm for positive profitable matters to come throughout in the front of you.

A time segment of one 12 months would be a higher alternative to come across some changes. 

As plenty quicker you will start, the extra rapidly it is predicted to carry profitable consequences for you. 

There are two sorts of people present nowadays i.e. one which is experiencing the stage of leverage and 2d is one who is growing it. 

Well, it relies upon on you which kind you want to come up with any of the two. Be cautious with your selection!

Besides maintaining yourself busy in simply the workplace task, you should take some time out and begin something on your own. 

Starting something new for your self can equally assist you to make more cash and can double your cash.

This new work can be in the shape of a commercial enterprise which you can begin with some new funding chart. There are special facet hustle apps that can assist you with this method.

If you feel that the enterprise is showing you gorgeous outcomes, then there is nothing incorrect to precede it alongside with the job.

Take preparation from gurus and for this reason, originate up with some new ideas.

8- Saving Products with High-Interest Rates:

You need to continually select those products which are a good deal excessive over pastime rates! This is the first-class and the oldest technique of doubling your amount.

Even although if you are not paying the full-fledge amount, nonetheless some CDs and some high-interest based saving money owed will truly advantage you at some factor in your life.  

Possibly these banks will expand your charges as you will invest $100 make $1000 a day on the countrywide pastime which is properly information for all your savings.

9- Putting Investments in Bonds:

Investments in Bonds

Bonds or the shares in which you are investing will say so much about our goals, age, and obstacles to step into the circle of risks.

If you locate yourself unsuitable to match internal a precise profile of making investments over equities, then deciding on the technique of bonds can assist you a lot to double your cash. 

If one bond is giving you a sum of common income of 5%, then conferring to seventy-two rule number, you will be discovering your money more double in the subsequent 14 years.

10- Dividend Stocks:

Dividend Stocks

This is another smartest and best way with which you can pick to double your quantity very quickly as you can invest $100 make $1000 a day

Putting some of your funding in the person shares can convey some nice outcomes for you.

But being the beginner, it is fine to pick out smarter approaches with much less risk.  You don’t want to observe any scientific guidelines to function dividend stocks.

Dividend shares will help you to increase your everyday shares standards however at the equal time, it will help you to set your fee simply earlier than you have your personal on the stock. 

Hence this is an absolutely first-rate way all for the truth that it can assist you to hedge your typical investment.

11- Your Debt:

Your Debt

Debt is considered to be yet another piece of investment that goes out to be poor enough every single time you will hold on it.

In case if you wish to get a high return on your invested amount, then choosing to pay off debt is the best option for you. 

It is recommended to put it over the highest interest rate debt as you owe. 

12- Online Courses:

Online Courses

It would not be wrong to say that reading books is yet a great investment for your future knowledge.

But another way with which you can gain a huge investment is through access to online courses.

There are so many and millions of online courses which will help you to start your earning with just to invest $100 make $1000 a day

You can step into the online course investment as the writer or the speaker as well. Options are completely endless for you. 

13- Roth IRA:

There is just one aspect higher than free money: tax-free money! And that’s why opening a Roth IRA needs to be a priority.

With $100 you can open an online investing account and watch that cash develop and then take it out tax-free at retirement.

The most you can contribute is $5,000, so that’s a bummer when you’re rolling in the dough. But for now, it is an outstanding area to get started!

14- Prosper:


Prosper is some other peer-to-peer lending provider well worth checking out. Like Lending Club, you can make some distinctly exceptional returns.

Again, like Lending Club, you can make investments as little as $25 and there is no account minimum.

15- Starting Your Own Business:

The last major method to invest $100 make $1000 a day is to start your own business! 

You can start your own business if you are having enough investment with you and are expecting to make some extra investments as the return profit. 

There is no such scheme which can show you excellent results in just one night. To have realistic results, you need to wait for some time and make sure you stay calm and composed. 

Try to search for the investments which are realistic and safe. 

You need to stay calm and composed at the time of starting your own business and make sure you choose the business professionals in which you are enough interested. 


So this is the quite guide about how you can double your money as you will invest $100 make $1000 a day!  

All the methods are quite tricky for the newbie so make sure you are fully aware from the strategies and techniques to deal with these methods one by one!

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